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okt 19 2007

Slideoo: a cool tool for displaying your Flickr-photos

New to this blog: a flash-based banner on top displaying photo’s from my flickr-photostream. It’s on the homepage and on the archive page for this post (so if you don’t see it right now head over there

Was tempted into making this after reading on Mashable about a Belgian startup called Positiveluck, who just launched this service called Slideoo (or is it Slide∞ ?).

Writing a tutorial for this webservice would be quite simple:

  1. Go to

  2. enter a Flickr username (Preferably your own, if you don’t want to go into lengthy arguments with Flickr-users about whether or not an API can steal data)
  3. choose between a photoset or the photostream (newest photos on top) of that user
  4. Customize if you want small, thumbnail, medium or large images, and set options for width and the number of pictures to fetch)
  5. Hit “Create your Slideoo”.

Slideoo then quickly compiles the images into a horizontally scrolling flash-movie. It also provides you with the embed code to integrate your slideshow into the platform of your choice (Typepad, Myspace, Facebook, Blogger … most popular social networks and major blog platforms are represented through the magic of the cool widget-distribution network Gigya.

Cool, ain’t it? It ain’t eyepopping as other flickr-mashups as e.g. Tiltviewer, but I bet that will make you grow tired of it less quickly.

There is still room for improvement in the service, certainly:
The top functionality wanted would be to have a “random” function, so that on each reload the displayed photos would be different.
Another one is to distribute the flash-file, as integrating the thing on your blog now risks slowing down your site in two ways: the flickr-api has got to respond (but that’s taken care of by internet-giant Yahoo), ànd slideoo has got to be able to handle the traffic.
And third: I’m sure some smart kid could write this in javascript + ajax instead of Flash, which could render it more accessible.

okt 4 2007


druppels op een (was- en spinnen-)draad

Dauwdruppels op een wasdraad, dauwdruppels op de draad die een ondernemende spin erover heeft gegooid. Soms moet dat niet meer zijn…

Dewdrops on a washing line, dewdrops on a thread a busy spider has thrown over it. Sometimes these kind of simple things can hold so much beauty!

Tried quite a few shots, but it’s the one with least focus and the smallest DOF (depth of field) that captured the poetry of the moment best.

sep 24 2007

New photo layout

With a bit of css and a bit of niftycorners-javascript, the pics seem to come alive much better. Kewl.

This picture is of a so-called “Pot Marigold” (in het nederlands: goudsbloem), an edible flower for the herb garden.

sep 21 2007

Appel / Apple


– I want one, certainly if looking as juicy as this one (actually it isn’t apple-juice, it’s raindrops after one of the many, many rainshowers we’re having here this season).

– I want one (actually I want two: a Macbook with plenty of RAM to do my photo-editing, and a Ipod-Touch to internet on the couch)

sep 20 2007


Two weekends ago, we went to “Cavaleria”, a family-friendly event around the “Provinciaal Archeologisch Museum” (provincial archeological museum) in nearby Velzeke (home of de Paddestraat).
The setup of this event was a free visit to the museum (well worth it, but we’ll have to recheck it on a less busy day) and an outside spectacle with “historical horsemen”: a number of Belgian & foreign groups mounted their horses in authentic Merovingian, Celtic of Roman style.

Romeinse ruiter (b&w)

A good opportunity to test if I had yet acquired a bit of skills with my camera (a Nikon D80 DSLR, should ya be interested). The results of the day are in my Flickr-set “Cavaleria“. Not really, it turned out. The results of an afternoon of shooting were not exactly spectacular. See for yourself in the color-photos in the set.

Merovingische amazone (b&w)

Not to be dissuaded though. With a bit of black&whiting, cropping, sharpening, brightening, adding a bit of grain and other photoshopping, the results look a lot more dramatic, a lot more authentic, and not half bad I’d say.

sep 19 2007



Ongeïdentificeerd kruipend voorwerp. (zie update onderaan deze blogpost)

Ik weet niet wat het al gegeten heeft of nog van plan was op te gaan eten in de tuin, maar positief is alleszins zijn keuze van kleuren.
Rood en Zwart, dat blijven voor mij immers de kleuren van KFC Winterslag, de club waarvoor ik supporterde in de lagere school (1974-1980), net voor ze hun glorietijd beleefden met de memorabele Europese campagne.
Rood en zwart, dat was het tegengestelde van geel en zwart, het verfoeide Thor Waterschei, een bende jeanetten die niet konden voetballen. Met een rood-zwarte dan wel een geel-zwarte sjaal naar school gaan was in Genk een noodzakelijke en existentiële keuze, en de aanleiding voor heel wat vechtpartijen op de speelplaats. Waar is den tijd?

An Unidentified Creeping Object (UCO) in my garden. Don’t know what it has eaten or will eat, but certainly positive is his choice of colours (black & red, just as my favourite – longtime forgotten – club KFC Winterslag).

update 28 september: thanks to Bart of Eigenwijze tuin, the little critter has been identified as a “Graphasoma lineatum”, dutch name “pyamawants“, english name “Stripes shield bug“. Apparently it is a member of the “Stinky bug” family, and although this member of that family smells of apples and is thus the least foul smelling of the lot, birds still won’t get anywhere near it …

aug 27 2007

Photo: Scharnierplant

Scharnierplant = Physostegia, more commonly known as Obedience Plant or False Dragonhead

aug 23 2007

Photo: Maud eats a magnet


She’s 10 months old by now

aug 22 2007

Photo: Hogweed flower

Flies visiting the flowers of a hogweed (Latin: heracleum, Nederlands: bereklauw, berenklauw).
Avoid contact with the sap of this plant, as it will cause burns on the skin exposed to the sun (phototoxic).
Although definitely a weed: still beautiful!

aug 22 2007

Photo: wooden tractor

Tractor gekocht op de rommelmarkt in Grammene op 18 augustus 2007. Prijs: 70 cent.

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