nov 6 2006

Test windows live writer

Windows live writer screenshot

Program: Windows Live writer


Install: No probs, although it did not detect this blog running on wordpress, that was easy to adjust manually.

Up ’n Rolling: Edit your post as it appears in the web layout, WYSIWYG. Clean!  Powerful! Much easier to insert links, quotes … than the web-editor in the wordpress interface. Even the trackbacks, post-time, and all the other properties of the post can be filled in right from the interface of the program on your PC.

Cons: Assigning categories to the post is in an awkward spot, in the menu bar, and I don’t see how I can add a category from in there. Each post/draft is a new window (I would’ve thought MS knew about the power of tabs by now).

Things missing: a way to import your drafts from the blog to the local environment. Back-up of posts to the local environment. Maybe: features related to comments (administering, editing, notifying…).

All in all: I think this is a great tool, even in it’s current beta form! Keeping it.

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I think you should have a look at “Performancing”, a free solution to post from Firefox browser. Works great!

Comment by Will — 21 november 2006 #

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