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DAAN "Verboden te zuchten - O.S.T."
(2000, Labels/ Virgin, 7243 850476 2 6 )

Songs (Click the -icons for some small realaudio-samples)

cover, sleeve1.Gare du Midi (opening scene)
2. Diner Delon (restaurant muzak)
3. Contro (main theme)
4. Sons of Grey (trash concert scene)
5. Ocean (pacifique) (hotel chill-out scene)
6. Transport (café jukebox scene)
7. Traum A (Luzie's mobile dream)
8. Convertible Chaos ("dizzy" rave)
9. Lime tree, naked (on the road)
10. Marée noire (unused)
11. Stoemp + worst (unused restaurant, not enough muzak)
12. Lift (introspective scene)
13. Mondeling (parlophone scene)
14. Ni café ni hôpital (unused spiral driving scene)
15. Puces au marché (unused broken guitar scene combined with clochard scene)
16. Converted chaos (unused)
17. Ocean (basique) (unused original 1995 4-track first take)
18. Waves of grey (unused pathos)
19. La piscine (unused after party scene)

Songs : Daan Stuyven (& Shubert)

Musicians :
- Daan (drums, filterbank, upright piano, realistic moog, samples, hagström bass, electric guitars, soundcanvas, vocals, toy xylophone, phillicorda organ, phonorgan, lapsteel, plastic bag, van lier dead saxophone, sonette, e-bow, bath splashes)
and also :
- Amid Chakir, Senne Roefaer, Stephanie Bodien, Stefan Perceval, Kristel Dotremont, Jean-Yves Izquierdo, Gilbert Magotteaux, Robbie Cleiren (statements, voices, dialogs, monologues)
- Wouter van Belle (strings, acoustic guitar)
- Guy Van Nueten (vox contentinental & hammond organs)
- Herman Gillis (chaosbank)

Artwork : Daan
Cover Photo : Michel Baudour

My opinion

A new album by Daan! After the last solo-effort of the man, Profools, this is something worth looking out for. Unfortunately, "Verboden te zuchten" is not this sequel.
The disc at hand is one from the subspecies "soundtracks". And even though Daan wouldn't be quite Daan if he wouldn't colour outside the lines of the genre - in this case by including a number of tracks that were never used in the film and pieces of music that were the embryo's of the tracks that ended up in the film - "Verboden te zuchten" as a standalone cd has most of the disadvantages of a film soundtrack.
As there are : swinging moods that possibly have a function in the movie, but that standalone seem somewhat pointless; a fragmentary nature or abrupt stops to a number of tracks; a number of tracks which carry dialogue from the film, contrasting to the atmosphere the music is building; And the non-understanding of those that haven't seen the movie, which in the case of this film by Alex Stockman is a whole lot of people, as finding a theater that has it on the programme is about as difficult as finding out how the people of Florida really voted.
With a bit of creative use of the program-function of your cd-player, you can however assemble a fine, albeit rather short, album. "Convertible Chaos" is a track that was already on "Profools" (shouldn't you know that album, shame on you), and is - through the use of Filterbanks, Wouter Van Belle and Guy van Nueten also the most "produced" track on de cd. The rest of the songs are almost exclusively Daan in solo-guise, on a amazing array of instruments and other things that produce sound. "Contro" is the not very uplifting but sticky movie-theme and resounds - as movie-theme's tend to do since mr. E. Morricone - through on a number of the other tracks. "Ocean Pacifique" has a naïeve and sweet melody, and "Transport" has a nice atmosphere to it. The next tracks are somewhat less coherent, but "Ocean (basique)" - the original version to earlier mentioned "Ocean (Pacifique)" - and "Waves of Grey" close down the joint in dignified style.
Verboden te zuchten means "forbidden to sigh" in Dutch, but I hope it's still allowed to moan "Pfff, is this there is to it"? But then you listen to it again, and again ... and you're still in awe for how Daan managed yet again to have such effect with apparently minimal effort.

And your opinion?
Did I get it all wrong, or was I spot-on ? Do you want to share your opinion about this cd ? Send it in, and I'll put it up here !

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