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GLYTH "Redefine Love"
(1999, Exit Recor, XT9914)

Songs (click on the -icons for a small audio-sample)
1. fish and chips
2. cigarette
3. ladybugs
4. the ranch
5. belmondo
6. bleu
7. ming
8. waterpussy
9. cosmostar
10. bulldozer
11. octopus
12. disparue

Musicians :
- Christophe Bailleau : programming, keyboards, vocals, lyrics
- Peter Clasen : programming & arrangement
- Olivier Galand : programming
- Yannick Heeren : keyboards
- Anne Buys : lyrics & vocals
- Arnaud Gsell : violin
- Toon Derison : sampled drumbits
- Manicann : manicann

Produced by Peter Clasen & Glyth
Recorded at the 508.
Sleeve design : hubert de jamblinne (
Digital drawings by Cristophe Bailleau


My opinion

That "le beat Français" has conquered the beats-loving part of mankind cannot only be read from the successes of Daft Punk, Etienne de Crécy, Charles Schillings, Mr. Oizo ... also Glyth seems to be a new form of it.
Initially geared towards the black rock and industrial that was being made in these parts, Frenchman Christophe Bailleau came over here with a breeze from the South, and he hasn't left since. Since then, his music has been evolving from dark industrial noise to a danceable mixture in tune with the wave of french beat that since the breaktrough of Daft Punk has been produced in a steady stream by our neighbours.
On "Redefine Love", the third full-cd of Christophe Bailleau as "Glyth", Peter Clasen of the eclectic Belgian dance-formation Neven was recruited. Apart from a few rare expeptions, the result is a almost completely made up of electronics and keyboards on the verge of slow-motion beats, lounge, disco and some echo's from far corners of the globe ("Ming", "Fish & Chips" ...). The disadvantages of this approach haven't been avoided : the thing has a cold and clinical feeling to it. It also "faceless" music, almost completely instrumental.
However, a number of the songs are of the catchy kind : thus "Belmondo" invites you to a car chase from a fine movie, "cigarette" invites you to the stilishly lighting of a "gauloise bleue", "Waterpussy" and "Bulldozer" invite you to some moronic moving on the dance-floor, and "Disparue" invites to shaking your ass off.
"Cosmostar" also seems to be coming from a movie, and it turns out that this was the case : it is an adaptation of the "Star Trek"-theme (written by Gene Roddenberry himself).

And your opinion?
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