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Below are the CD's that will soon be reviewed. There is already a page for each one, with a tracklist and details, cover, some audio, reactions in the Belgian press (sometimes), pointers to info on the web about it, and a prize comparison. You can also already send in your opinion about these CD's:

K's Choice "Live"

Sarah and Gert Bettens finally took the step of releasing a live album to the general public, after a few live performances had been put on disc for fans only. With 22 tracks recorded in 4 countries, a hard & a silent CD, this is also kind of a "Best Of K's Choice", that puts all the qualities the band possesses in the spotlight.

Raymond van het Groenewoud "Een jongen uit Schaarbeek"

Raymond is completely in love, and we listen in awe. More so, because his new love is also the producer of this album. One track is sung to emotional heights by Sarah Bettens, the rest is the usual hodgepodge of "veel muziekjes", anger and tenderness we've grown accustomed to in Raymond's music.

Millionaire "Outside the Simian Flock"

Tim Vanhamel is after Mauro the second ex-Evil Superstars that makes us glad with a CD this year. He has put together the band Millionaire for that, and can now be seen as the rightful heir to the wild and wacky part of the Evil Superstars legacy. World class album!

Monza "Van God Los"

After three rather terrific singles "Van God Los", "De Stad Kan Zo Koud Zijn" and "De Ogen van Jenny" Monza now takes a final shot at making us feel sad that Noordkaap is no longer. Stijn Meuris is back in full force, and so proud of his new hobby as a video-director there's also 2 movies on the CD.

Flip Kowlier "Ocharme Ik"

Rapper Levrancier of 't Hof van Commerce en bass-player of My Velma ran into a guitar one day, and this seduced him to making a personal, introverted and funny CD. Willem Vermandere meets De Afrekening, or as he says himself "Urbanus meets Ween". "Ne Welgemeende kust min kluoten", is on there too, of course.

Marc Moulin "Top Secret"

The legendary jazz-label Blue Note invited Marc Moulin to make a synthesis of his past in music (funkjazz with Placebo, ambient on his own, electropop with Telex ...). With the help of jazz-aces such as Bert Joris and Philippe Cathérine he comes close to danceable jazz such as St.Germain. You probably know the single "Into The Dark".

Mud Flow "Re*act"

Two years after their rather impressive debut and a painful change in personel, band from Brussels Mud Flow is back. Re*act is more biting and harder then the first album, there are no more violins. You might know the single "Oh Yeah!", as it is on the playlist of both Radio21 ànd Studio Brussel.

Marka "Avant Après"

Serge van Laeken - once the bass-player of the excellent Allez Allez - has puzzled together 11 songs again with all the genres of music he likes (ska, reggae, raï, punk, chanson ...) and his wit with words. So, time again vor a new, well-humoured Cd of this Ket from Brussels.

Spencer the Rover "Spencer The Rover"

Previously in bands such as Ivan's Land, Niko and Mercelis, Spencer the Rover is a new band named after an English Traditional. The kind of music they make? "Search in between Neil Young, Ron Sexsmith and Crowded House, and ask some bystanders when you get there."

Marc Morgan "Les Parallèles se rejoignent"

3de CD of this french-language songwriter from Huy, who returns from a 5-year abscence on the scene in a much more aggressive manner. Self-produced, self-played, self-published ... but a come-back that can count. As he says rightfully in the first track "Je reviens de loin".

Vanthilt & Cominotto "U nu!"

Marcel Vanthilt (Arbeid Adelt! etc) and Adriano Cominotto (Arno etc ...) were challenged one sunny day to put poems to music, and they finished with a evenings' show filled with beautiful lyrics, wild samples, poetry history, strange beats ... and a cd.

Ozark Henry "Birthmarks"

Piet Godaer rediscovers "the voice" after his excursion with Sunzoo Manley, and comes up with this, his third, album "which can only be described as copious". Momentarily in a limited edition with 5 bonus tracks! You should know the single "Rescue" - n°2 in de Afrekening as I speak.

Kris de Bruyne "Buiten de Wet"

After the Zakformaat XL of last year, Kris de Bruyne is on his own again, althoug he has called in the services of no one other than Mauro Pawlowski (Evil Superstars, Mauro) as his guitar-player. Do at least check out the single "Ik lach me kapot" ...

Gore Slut "Girl + Turtles"

One of the many bands of Rudy Trouvé (dead Man Ray, Kiss My Jazz, dEUS, etc... ) steps formward with it's third CD, as usual filled with noisy and/or introverted gitaren and distorted vocals.

Chitlin' Fooks

Pascal Deweze (Metal Molly etc...) and Carol Van Dyk (Bettie Serveert) were helped into thinking their voices would fit each other and country music very well. A touch of genius of the one who thought of that idea, as indeed, this will even stun Americans.

Dead Man Ray "Marginal EP"

Dead Man Ray puts the trashcan out, and someone at the record company found material enough in there (23 pieces) to put together an very well-filled EP with all that. With a.o. much material from the soundtrack that DMR made for the Bobbejaan Schoepen film "At the drop of a hat".

Jean-Louis Daulne "Jean-Louis Daulne"

Jean-Louis will probably be known for some time as the big brother of Marie - Zap Mama - Daulne, but he has had a career on his own for some time already. With lots of soundtracks, and this as his 3rd, most "grown-up" and chanson-oriented of the three.


Indiana are girly duo Ingrid de Smedt and Viola Furleo, who have - with the help of Paul Despiegelaere (zie The Machines, Sarah) and others - released 10 pieces of cheery pop onto the unsuspecting world "on a good day".

Sunday Afternoon Soundsystem ft. Sue Daniels "Paris"

Mysterious and shy young man with a blond wig to hide and connections in the Antwerp scene makes an intriguing CD with broken musics.

Darling Nikkie ""

After screaming her lungs out in projects such as Shakti, Lords of Acid, CJ Bolland, Milk Inc... Nikkie van Lierop now goes personal and triphop, under the moniker Darling Nikkie. You probably have heard the singles "Sugercane" and "So Easy" already.

El Tattoo Del Tigre "El Tattoo del Tigre"

What happens when you put 30 man and women in the form a of big band up with mambo classics and add lots of enthusiams and feeling for machismo, calòr and sex appeal. Mambo à la Savoy, or rather à l'Ancienne Belgique. El Tattoo del Tigre!

Danaë "Rain"

Danaë van Oekelen could be known to you from her presence as an actress in the VTM-series Wittekerke, but she has a musical side to, and judging by the single "Little Girl in Me" this side doesn't need concealing.

El Fish & Roland "Waterbottle"

El Fish found a way out after singer/guitarist Filip Casteels had left them, by joining forces with "musical adventurer in heart & soul" Roland, and recorded this CD with him in the middle of their succesful tour, almost live, with as most surprising even a cover of "Libertango/I've seen that face before" on it.

Vive La Fête "République Populaire"

Danny Mommens (dEUS) & his girlfriend Els Pynnoo have assembled their band again, and release this 2nd cd filled with nostalgic & sexy retromusic. Music in fashion.

The Dill Brothers "Remedy"

Three years after "Kafou" the Dill Brothers have released a second full-CD, with which they hope to fortify their reputation as the best Belgians ska-band around, whild their recipy also includes reggae, and other "stuff".

Yum "MonoKid"

Yum is a brand new band consisting of ex-Ashbury Faith Reinert D'haene & Dutch-Canadian singer Lennert Busé. You should definitely know the singles "Caught it alive" and "Fake", and be able to tell by those that this is heavy 80's retro.

Starflam "Survivant"

After quite a few excursions and trouble with labels, it finally happened: the second album of this "hardest hitting rap crew in Belgium", now for major EMI. With very nice guest appearances of Marie - Zap Mama - Daulne, Arno, Uman, Shyrock ...

Red Zebra "Last band standing"

20 years after their classic "I can't live in a living room", Red Zebra is still somewhat standing (albeit with a rather heavy case of sinusitis). To celebrate this anniversary they performed in the Stadschouwburg of hometown Bruges, with original new version of their older work. And now also stamped on CD.

The CD's that díd get a review already, can be found on this page, or by browsing to their letter in the alphabet:


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