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Miam Monster Miam
"Hey Tank"
2000, Soundstation, SDS008

Songs (Click the -icons for some small realaudio-samples)

cover, sleeve1. Little twinkle and angels
2. About ringing fly
3. A desperate trail
4. Prime minister of moonsoon forest
5. Hungry strike of an elephant
6. Art for Sam's Cake
7. Sad Peter
8. A Magic Ensemble
9. Wat is freundshaft?
10. Burned rings and magic smiles
11. My avant-garde band
12. Operation crossbow
13. A place for Annie
14. An intelligent robot called peter
15. Transformed dreams
16. Mister mango's last trip to Europe
17. Unfinished clock
18. The Tulsa
19. Kittycat's cookbook

Songs :
Benjamin Schoos

- Miam Monster Miam (all instruments)
- Henri Graetz (strings, harpsichord, celesta)
- Sophie Goblet (backing vocals)
- Laurent Horgnies (organ)

Recorded at Telesport studio
Production Miam Monster Miam & Henry Graetz


My opinion

With 19 tracks, totalling only 32 minutes in all, you quickly realize that this album is more of a collection of sketches - or collages such as the ugly one on the sleeve of the album - than a bunch of well-thought-through songs. In reality, it's a concept album, based on 19 dreams, and the songs as they stand on the album are only 1 way of capturing those dreams (for all of them exist also a surrealist collage, they were presented at the same time as the album in the Soundstation in Liège).
As the songtitles witness, the style is absolutely psychedelic and absurdistic. Syd Barret meets Magritte, let's say. It's the sort of album you'd expect of a genius - say Brian Wilson - after he has gone completely bonkers or taken some bad mushrooms. Only, Miam, hasn't quite proven - or is proving here - that he is a genius.
The 19 songs try to avoid to cross to line between childish and childlike, but rarely remain on the interesting side of that equation. Fortunately there are a number of tracks capable of standing on their own, managing to survive outside of the strange and caleidoscopic universe that is "Hey Tank": "A Desperate Trail", "Art for Sam's Cake", "My Avant-Garde Band", "A place for Annie", "Transformed Dreams" seem the tracks to remember.
Unconventional, personal and unusual, that's the least you could say about Miam Monster Miam's "Hey Tank". So.

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This Album in the Press

- Redboy voor webzine Nameless : ""Hey Tank!" est le fruit d'un réel travail, peaufiné et sans aucunes concessions artistiques ; 19 chansons, courtes, enregistrées à la maison, sans soucis de faire sonner cet album comme il faut. Juste un album non formaté, personnel, intègre et passionnant comme il en est rarement sortie de la Belgique francophone. A découvrir d'urgence" (noot : Red Boy speelt in de live band van Miam Monster Miam)
- 6Bears : "un second album qui se traduit par une oeuvre artistique multimédia basée sur une série de petites histoires imaginées à partir de différents rêves étranges. Avis aux amateurs d'originalité."
- Rif-Raf ( : "concu à la maison, cousu main et foisonnant d'accident mélodiques, voici que déboule "Hey Tank!" le second opus de Miam Monster Miam. Il y a deux ans, le liegois seul avec sa guitare faisait sourire, on sympathisait ou non pour de plous ou moins bonnes raisons; aujourd'hui on retrouve Benjamin Schoos en pleine cris de croissance".

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More about Miam Monster Miam:

- The official site (which crashes my browser) is, be sure to check out the monthly enlarged MP3-gallery with live-tracks, demo's or other goodies to discover more about this artist.
- Contact: should be at the site (if it didn't crash my browser i'd know for sure)
-, the club/recording studio/arts centre ... where Miam Monster Miam recorded Hey Tank
- minisite on Nameless about the project


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