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Buy this cd at ProxisCD VAN DE WEEK (Januari 1999) :

(Rowyna Music, 1998 - RW-5027)

Songs (click the -icons for audio)
1. Shake it
2. All of this
3. Are you gonna be the one
4. Kathy Ann
5. Since my baby left me
6. Get it
7. It's about you
8. I ain't gonna mind
9. Sleep
10. Help me
11. A cheat
12. Be there alone
13 Don't gimme that
bonustrack : "Free Beer" ?

Muzikanten :
- Walter Broes : Vocals, guitar
- Roel Jabocs : Sax
- Bop De Houwer : Double & Fender bass
- Piet De Houwer : Drums
Gastmuzikanten :
- Thomas Deprins : keyboards
- Karl Broekaert : keyboards
- Ruben Block : backing vocals, guitar
- Luc Houben : bass
- Wilfried Maes : drums

Recorded, produced & mixed by Carl Broekaert & The Seatsniffers.

Cover art : Sam Dams

Press Release

The Seatsniffers came into being in 1995, although at the time some of the founding members were - despite their young age- already "veterans" in the Belgian clubcircuit.
Although the group was viewed initially as a somewhat peculiar branch on the then booming Antwerp Roots Scene, the band managed to astonish all the sceptics with their debut CD "THE SEATSNIFFERS" of March 1997.
The CD got an astonishing amount of good press, sold like icecream on a hot day and was played on Studio Brussels & Radio 1 for weeks.
In the summer of '97, the band played a lot of festivals (Peer Belgian Rhythm & Blues Festival, Cactus Festival, Marktrock, Lokerse Feesten, Bluesrock Tegelen) and was a support act for The Paladins, Gatemouth Brown, Lester Butler, Nick Lowe, Jimmie Vaughan,…
In June '98, the band released a Limited Edition 10-inch (vinyl only!). The single from that record,  ("Arabian love Call") became a modest summer hit. The band was asked more and more often to play in the Netherlands, and also briefly toured Denmark, Norway, England, Germany and France.

On October '98, The Seatsniffers released their second full release "ALL OF THIS". Many a journalist has tried in vain to characterize the music of the band. You can hear influences from Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, Country & Western, Rockabilly and other American rootsgenres, brought to you with the energy of a pitbull on amphetamines.

Nowadays, a concert of The Seatsniffers is thé "Hot Ticket" to be witnessed on the Belgian stages. In the fall of 1998, the new CD was showcased extensively on "The Seatsniffers Roadshow", a evening full of spectacle on tour in the Benelux. (click here for an Excel-sheet with concert dates for the coming months)

Discography :
"Assembly-Line" CD-single (Rowyna)
"The Seatsniffers" full CD (Rowyna)
"Give your love to me" CD-single (Rowyna)
"UFO" shape CD-single (Rowyna)
"Arabian lovecall" CD-single (Rowyna)
"R & R Covers" 10" vinyl (Rowyna)
"ALL OF THIS" full CD (Rowyna)
"Get it / Help me" CD-single (Rowyna)

Compilations :
"That's the way I like the blues" (Rowyna)
"Pili-Pili / Radio 1" (Rowyna)
"Lowland Blues" (Deep Blue Something)


In the press :

- Humo, December 29,1998 : "Their roots are firmly planted in the fifties, and their hair in good amounts of brilliantine. Nothing new under the sun, but they've never have had to live up to the "not satisfied, get your money back"-promise when playing live. And on "All of This", they've managed for the first time to also live up to that promise on cd."
- Teek, january 1999 : "The blues- & surfrock that The Seatsniffers serve, moans and groans like a wooden floor covered in beer. Oldfashioned as hell, but kickin' on the highway".

Zelf nog ergens een goeie (of slechte) recensie zien staan ? Stuur maar op !


My Opinion

Finally a new cd that has mankind (at least the part of it that's writing this piece right now) shouting "Yippie" once again.
Although "coolness" is high on the agenda of these young men, they've delivered an extremily cheerful mix-up of early rock, r&b, rockabilly and swampblues.

It's a good thing that the cd includes a live-track (Help me), that helps to give an impression of the "rolling mill" that this group is on a stage. In the studio-surroundings, they capture this spirit best on "Don't gimme that" and "Kathy Ann".
The summery single "Arabian Lovecall", and on this record songs such as "Sleep", "A Cheat" en the mighty "Get It" prove that the group can also divert succesfully from the narrow paths of traditional rootsrock.
In short : use this cd as a warming up, and go see them live (see calendar).

And your opinion?
Did I get it all wrong, or was I spot-on ? Do you want to share your opinion about this cd ? Send it in, and I'll put it up here !

Your name:
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Your opinion:


More about this group :

- There's a good (albeit somewhat ageing) page about the group in the excellent Benelux Blues Scene-site.
- Contact and bookings :
Bart De Houwer, manager
Tel +32/3/272.42.59 Fax +32/3/272.44.54
Twinstreet Bookings
Tweelingenstraat 33
2018 Antwerpen / Belgium


Where to buy this CD ? :

You can order this CD from a number of locations (prices researched on Janyary 12th, 1999, but nothing guarantees they still are the same when you read this).

Shop Price of the CD Shipping + other expenses Total
Direct Link
Frontstage 714 50 764 BEF
Azur 724 0 724 BEF  
HVH-Megastore 684 54 738 BEF  
Proxis 646 95 741 BEF

The Lowest price is in yellow, the highest in red. This price comparison doesn't take things into account like deduction of shipping expenses when ordering more than 1 cd, bonus points, differences in guarantees ... Shipping prices are those for customers in Belgium.

Have you seen this record elsewhere, do you own a CD-shop with Belgian products in it, or if there's something wrong with my calculations : let me know.


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