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(Brinkman Records - BRCD079)


Songs (click the -icons for audio)
1. My Song
2. Even When It Rains
3. What If
4. Bunny Pie
5. Morning People
6. Mow The Carpet
7. Airplane
8. Yellow Pullover
9. Every Time
10. Soccer
11. Yeah Yeah
12. Ballromm Space-Cadet
13. Happy Tune

Muzikanten :
Olivier Elen : Vocals / Guitar
Marc Jacquet : Bass guitar
Luc Lammens : Drums
Steven s'Heeren : Vocals/Guitar

All songs written & produced by Stonedigger

Design : Herman Houbrechts


Press Release

For the time being, Stonedigger (a foursome from Sint-Truiden named after the profession of Obelix) is still the best-kept secret in popmusic of Belgium. But very soon, that will change compeletely. Not because they hang around in the most fashionable places, or have a fab image. But because there is not one single Belgian group that manages to write with such an enthousiasm and with such ease, such a collection of golden melodies. Stonedigger-songs are easy to sing along with, and float on catchy choruses and pretty weird lyrics. They refer to both the sixties and the nineties and just about any song from their recently released debut album is a potential single.

Stonedigger presented themselves to the world during the finals of Humo's Rock Rally (edition 1996). They were "the best in the genre of catchy, happy guitarpop with melodies in between third and fourth brake", said the jury of the contest in their final judgement.
This didn't elude the people of the Dutch record label Brinkman Records, since they offerd the group a record deal. One thing led to another, and with the help of a golden fointainpen, Stonedigger is now on the same label as "connected spirits" such as Nemo and Metal Molly.

In February '98, Stonedigger travelled in the direction of Koningshooikt, where they teamed up with producer Jan De Rijck in the Motormusic-studio's and recorded their self-titled debut.
At the end of July they gave a small taste of their abilities with the single "Bunnypie" (not commercially released). In October that gem was followed by "Airplane", a single that made it all the way to the top of the playlist of a Serbian radio-station (was it the threath of Nato-bombings that did the trick ??).
The full-cd was released at the end of November. First reactions have been very good

To be continued ...


In the press :

- "... Charming and exiting guitarpop. Expose yourself voluntarily to tiny jewels such as "What if", "Morning People", "Mow The Carpet", "Airplane" and - as song written from the point of view of a pullover yet doesn't sound "woolly" - "Yellow Pullover", and realize that your hopelessly lost ..." - Humo, 19 januari 1999.
- "On the barometer of this ex-finalists of the Rock Rally from Sint-Truiden, it's alway summer. Mercury-filled melodies, smart choruses, irresistable hooks and well-lubricated voicework form the trademark of this company" - Dirk Steenhaut in Metro, 2 december 1998.

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My Opinion

There's reason to be happy in Limburg, it seems.
During the eighties, most of the groups that shot up from under the rusty mineshafts were on the depressed and dark side (e.g. Siglo XX, Struggler, De Brassers, PoÚsie Noire ...). But today there seems to be a new sort of bacteria living in the water of this eastern province : one of the merry kind, the kind that drives the inhabitants to writing song about "copulating with a brontosaurus" (Evil Superstars) or "a bicycle called love" (Nemo).
It's in that little row that Stonedigger fits in : as far as nonsens go, songs like "Bunny Pie" (Bunny Pie in the oven now, I've got ..), "Mow The Carpet" (I'll mow the carpet, when you're gone), "Yeah yeah" (I will catch your mouse, before it really eats your blouse) score very high on the scale of Pawlowsky.
Quite juistified is that the cd comes with a warning sticker "This cd contains a high amount of Happy Tunes". And it's also no co´ncidence that the record was released on Brinkman-records (the Dutch firm that realized that "laughing with Belgians" can take a completely new dimension when you sign groups such as Metal Molly, Nemo, Mitsoobishy Jackson and Stonedigger).
When depressed, consume in doses of three per day, for all others turning it once a day will do. In short : what a load of utter nonsense, this album. Beautiful, catchy and good-humour-giving nonsense, that is.

And your opinion?
Did I get it all wrong, or was I spot-on ? Do you want to share your opinion about this cd ? Send it in, and I'll put it up here !

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More about this group :

- I haven't found anything on the web concerning Stonedigger
- Contact :
Management & Bookings :
L&S Agency, Postbus 5, 3800 Sint-Truiden.
Tel : +32/(0)11/67 17 01 / Fax : +32/(0)11/67 33 31
Group :
email :


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