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VANDAL X "Songs from the heart"
(Labelman, LM 002)

Songs (click on the -icons for audio)
1. Happy
2. Iceberg
3. It's a God
4. The Residence
5. Kill my baby
6. Bad Mood
7. Congo '98
8. Outrage
9. Bullit
10. Double minded man
11. The president
12. Point blank
13. Secrets
14. On your head
15. The bank
16. Business a use you all
17. I run
18. The Doctor
19. The stud
20. The Boat

Produced by Steve Albini

Musicians :
- Jo B. & Bart T.
Guests :
- Raf W. (piano), Akai HX-A301W

Recorded at "Electrical Audio", Chicago, USA, November 2-8 1998.

Artwork : Nassernico.

My opinion

Incredible what an amount of f*cking noise can be produced by 1 guitarist-singer + 1 drummer. Such as on this cd.
Occasionally, there's a song in between al this f*cking noise, such as on "Bad Mood" (that doesn't contain f*cking noise at all), "Happy" or "On your head". More often however, there's a mean old loud riff with viciously hit drums and angrily spitted vocals. References for this f*cking noise : the groups of their famous American producer Steve Albini (Big Black, Shellac), Rage Against The Machine, Bad Brains & Ozzy Osbourne.
Other points to recapture your breath amidst the f*cking noise are the sampled inbetweenies with dialogs from all kinds of B-movies, language lessons, speeches & the lot. At times these "interludia" are quite funny and colourful (such as on the thrilling "The bank"), and do they tempt interviewer to ask questions such as "when are you guys gonna write a soundtrack ?". A nice change from the usual questions such as "Why do you make such f*cking noise, such as on the tracks "Outrage", "It's a God", "Happy", "Bullit", "Double minded man", "Secrets" and also "I run"and "The Stud"" and "Did you think of the witty title "Business as Use You All" yourself ?".
For those that like a bit of f*cking noise, this cd is without a doubt very OK. In my opinion, it's another bad case of Blues Explosion.

And your opinion?
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This Album in the Press

- Karlien Fluit in Rif-Fraf, March '98 : "Vandal X reminded us with their second longplayer "Songs from the heart" of the use for earplugs. After their debut "Louder than Anyone" they digged in really deep and heard they could get even louder. Armed with a razorsharp guitar, a ruthless drum set and a flamethrowing sample, Vandal X mows you down".
- Tom Peeters in Teek, April 1999 : "Songs from the heart" containts 20 capricious guitarsongs that we'd situate in the liver-area rather than in the heart-region, but at the moment there isn't anything better from the Flemish alternative noise-department for sale. A watertight guarantee to make your ears tingle"
- Kurt Blondeel in De Morgen (March 10, 1999) : "The style "Songs from the heart" is very close to Helmet, Unsane & Albini's own band Shellac : overwhelming hardcore/noise, that received a stripped down yet dynamic sound from Albini, both cold & scorching at the same time".
- Surf-inn : "Vandal X came back from Chicago with an astonishingly rich album, and now is ready to start kicking some serious ass. Twenty poisened arrows with steel rhythms, weird samples, slogans for lyrics and a grinding guitar in the leading parts".

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More about this group :

- Concertinfo and a bit older info on the site of Tout Partout
- Interview with Bart Timmermans & Jo Boes on this cd by Het Belang van Limburg
- Booking : Tel +32 11/25.60.36 - Fax : +32 11/25.30.21 of mail

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