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THE BELPOPTOP - November 2001

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artist / song
dEUS "Nothing Really Ends"
After a few years of ominous silence, dEUS returns for a brief while with a newly recorded single - Leonard Cohen style - a compilation of their singles (to be released this month) and a DVD with video's & goodies (next month).
Ozark Henry "Rescue".
After his jazz-like excursion in the project Sunzoo Manley, Piet Goddaer is returning to his main band Ozark Henry. The prelude to his 3rd full CD "Birth Marks" was the single "Rescue", is still going strong.
Mauro "Everybody's Friend"
Mauro keeps on releasing songs from his debut album "Songs from a Bad hat" at a great rate. This one is the most quiet so far, with backing vocals of Carol Van Dyck (of Bettie Serveert).
Millionaire "Me crazy, you sane"
Good news is coming fast from Millionaire, for after the release their terrific album "Outside The Simian Flock" and this second single from it, they were invited by Muse to open a number of nights for them in the U.K.
Hooverphonic "Jackie Cane"
Hooverphonic finally released the most catchy song from the "Magnificent Tree" album as a single. All the previous ones got to the top of this list, will this one also?

Zornik "It's so unreal".
After the success of the debut single "Love Affair", Koen Buysse & co released this new song, which is doing equally well in the Afrekening etc.
Zita Swoon "My heart belongs to someone else (I wish it was mine)"
After the exuberant "Banana Queen" single, Zita Swoon are shifting their gears down with this more subdued and beautiful song, and a CD that was recorded live in the Jet Studio's for TMF.
Fence "Relax"
Another band from Limburg with a new album: "Angels on your Body" is the 2nd full CD and "Relax" the first single. On the downside: their drummer Samuel just left them before the release of the cd.
Coem "Show"
With a second album called "Bandwi(d)thconsiderations" out earlier this year, Hasselt-based band Coem is seeking more attention for its adventurous guitarrock music with the single "Show".


Automatic Buffalo "Beauty Lies"
Luc de Vos is going full steam ahead with his plans to develop a career singing in English besides his work with Gorki. The debut album "Party People" of Automatic Buffalo will be released mid-November, and this single is here to announce it.
El Tattoo del Tigre "Bereebee cum bee"
The most mambo of mamboing bands will go on a new tour of the country in December, and prepares so with a new single from their irresistable debut album.
New songs you could pick to enter the top:
  • Monza "Naïeviteit"
    Vierde single van Monza, en de eerste na de release van het door publiek zeer goed ontvangen maar door de pers neergesabelde debuutalbum "Van God Los".
  • Raymond van het Groenewoud "Macchu Picchu"
    Tweede single van Raymond, niet dadelijk een evidente keuze uit het uitstekende album "Een jongen uit Schaarbeek"
  • Groep Jezus "Knowhow"
    Nummer uit de intrigerende cd "Turn up Speed or Show me Love" van het uit Overijse en in steeds wisselende aantallen opererende Groep Jezus.
  • Neon Electronics "Nice & Sexy"
    Dirk da Davo blaast z'n electronicaproject Neon Electronics (na een lang leven met undergroundkoningen The Neon Judgement) opnieuw leven in.
  • Flip Kowlier "Ik ben moe"
    Veel vernoemd in alle eindejaarslijstjes als de revelatie van het jaar 2001 legt Flippe hier uit what it takes om het te maken in de Belgische pop.
  • Jo Lemaire "A quoi tu joues"
    Tweede singel van het big-band album dat Jo Lemaire eerder dit jaar losliet. Ook aardig: uit een optelling van de resultaten van de laatste 30 jaar "Humo's Pop Poll" komt mevrouw als Beste Belgische zangeres naar voor.
  • Zornik "Hey Girl"
    De cd komt almaar dichter, maar voorlopig moeten de toch wel talrijke fans van Koen Buyse en Co het stellen met de derde single en een puike bijhorende videoclip.
  • Eden "Wonderland"
    Zonder Roos gaat het ook, want Eden heeft een nieuwe CD en dit is er de tweede single uit (na het vooruitgeschoven "Push Up" eerder dit jaar)
  • Vanthilt & Cominotto "Vader zijn bijl"
    Het poëzieproject van "speelvogel van het jaar" Marcel Vanthilt en maatje Adriano Cominotto werpt een tweede single.
  • .Calibre "Calibre"
    Risen from the ashes of former hardcore band Facedown, .Calibre also hits it hard, but does so with lots of intellectualising about what they're hitting on. See their site
  • Clouseau "En Dans"
    Disco anno 2001 with the title-track of the newest album of the Clouseau-brothers.
  • Lunascape "Sequoia"
    Kyoko & Walter have finally found the label that wants to put out their long awaited debut album, and this single is here to warm us up for that event in January (watch out for this one!).

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