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FRESH TALENTS - August 2000 :

Bottom's Dream
"Bottom's Dream"
(2000 - self-produced)

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)
1. Gossip
2. Tresspass
3. Me vs. you
4. Mixed up person
5. Loser
6. You give, I take
7. Deep Inside

Musicians :
- Roberto Porco : vocals
- Ludo Teska : bass-guitar
- Rudi Plessers : drums
- Bart Box : guitar

Recorded at studio Grindstone Recordings, Maaseik.


Press Release

Naam : Bottom's Dream, een uitdrukking die Shakespeare gebruikt voor een toneelstuk, of een verhaal, met een einde om van te dromen : a bottom's dream. Muziek spelen is voor ons de dag afsluiten met een droomeinde (dat onze muziek ooit echt gewaardeerd wordt).

Groepsleden :
- Roberto Porco : zanger
- Ludo Teska : Bas-gitarist
- Rudi Plessers : Drummer
- Bart Box : Gitarist

Genre : Omdat de groepsleden allemaal ongeveer 30 jaar zijn, start de groep met eigengeschreven punk-rock nummers. Met de muziekevolutie 1994-2000 groeide de sound mee richting de metal-rock, soms zelfs grunge, vul het zelf maar in ...

Invloeden (van buitenaf) : Pearl Jam (voor de drummer), Tool, Therapy, The Offspring, Rage Against The Machine, ....

E-mail :


My Opinion

The 7-track demo CD from Genk starts with Jerry Springer announcing "Adult babies. You're about to meet a man who lives his life as if he were a 2 year old baby. He calls the woman he is married to his mom". Looking at the name, or the sleeve, the group itself also seems to not have left the "anal fase" completely, although they take ye ol' Bard Shakespeare to explain their group's name.
The music however is fullgrown and fullblown heavy hitting rock that splits the attention between the new metal bands and older grunge material, ending up somewhere in between Bush and Tool. Soundwise that is, because as far as the quality of the songs go, much more leaves to be deserved, firmly beating the track that was already a beaten. Opener "Gossip", "Me vs. You" and some bits of the closing track "Deep Inside" seem OK to me, but, hell who knows, maybe I'm a "Loser" or a "Mixed Up Person".
Judge for yourself, and don't forget to scream " Jer-ry, Jer-ry!".


Contact :

- Mail :
- Write to : Rudi Plessers, Weg Naar As 354, 3600 Genk - Roberto Porco, Zevenbonderstraat 69, 3600 Genk or Bart Box, Smeilstraat 62, 3600 Genk
- Tel : (Roberto) or (Bart)



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