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FRESH TALENTS - June 1999 :

(1999 - Waf Produkties)

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)
1. Healty Love-life
2. A Seaman in Tibet
3. Please

Musicians :
- Iwein Segers : bass & voice
- Seppe Vandenhouten : saxophone
- Floortje Vanderlinden : piano & signing
- Maarten van Hecke : drums
- Erna Moutmans : second voice (track 2)
- Rudy Trouvé : shearbass (??) (on track 2)

Recorded at Ghosttown / Hemixem by Geert Vanbever.
Production : Rudy Trouvé

Press Release (band is not responsible for the poor english below : my translation)

WAF-productions presents :

Groep Jezus
with the mini-ceedee : PLEASE
Recorded and mixed at Ghosttown (Hemixem) by Geert Vanbever.
Production : Rudy Trouvé.

A company of four decides to make Autumn music, yet also Spring music, a mix of sobriety and sudden explosions, happy and then suddenly down again.
Their inspiration comes from everywhere, from '80 to 2010, from Hans de Booy to Björk. The grape region (overijse) has become the homebase of this group posing as Jezus. Combined with their passion for good wine, soccer and every enchanting duddelduddeldij they form the resurrection.

Plans :
Groep Jezus has found a home, since they have been signed by label Heavenhotel (Dead Man Ray, Gore slut, Kiss My Jazz, Mitsoobishy Jacson....). We're now very busy with the first full-cd, that will be finished in September in a production of Rudy Trouvé and will hopefully and probably be released in the Spring of 2000. The one and only millenium-album it is.
In October Groep Jezus will be opening for both Daan and Mitschoobishy Jacson. In other words : you'll hear from us.

My Opinion

Quite interesting references Groep Jezus is providing here. Due to the nature of these (Rudy Trouvé, Heaven Hotel) it is quite an obvious jeu-de-mot to say "deus has a son". But wether this will also be the case outside of the name remains still to be seen.
On "Please" there are three rather dark songs, that take a while to get accustomed to and hook up in your brain. The colour of the sound is influenced by a saxophone (Morphine ?) and a wall-tearing fuzz-bass in the exploding choruses. On "Please", the song, the combination somewhat eludes them, but on "Healty love-life" and "A seaman in Tibet" the band is showing a lot of potential.

More about Groep Jezus

Meanwhile, there have been a number of changes in line-up, other singles and even a full-cd. More about these developments at their official site

Tel 02 687 58 20
Tel 0477 5404 13

Here's my review of the full-CD "Turn up Speed or Show me Love"


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