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FRESH TALENT - September 2000 :

(2000 - self-produced)

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)

1. Barfly
2. German Hangover
3. Mildew
4. Chinaski
5. Germany mixed

Musicians :
- Stijn Lambert
- Jörgen Masschelein
- Paul Lamont
- Bob Everaert

Bio (band not responsible for the "approximative English", my translation)

The coming of Mildew is quite a story … in the making.

In 1992 the band Nahende Vernichtung was founded in Beernem (Belgium). The goal was to play death & trash, but because of a number of changes in the line-up, the group ended up as treio playing Brutal Punk Core. The line-up consisted of Vandenbruwaene - Maes - Lamont. After a first cd called 'Overture' Paul Lamont, then bassplayer and singer of the band, left.
By coïncidence, a neighbouring group making lo-fi noise called Gonzo Baby, had ended up without a singer. Voiceless group and groupless voice met somewhere in Aalter and decided to form a new band that they named Mildew, at the time consisting of Stijn Lambert, Bart Devreeze, Bob " Backslash Bobby " Everaert en Paul Lamont.

They didn't start playing gigs until February of 1999, but they did it right right-away: after 8 months they have already done 15 shows. In the meantime, they had lost their original drummer. For a while Sven Devriese, guitarplayer of Spaceman Spiff did the drums, but as his group got to the finals of Humo's Rock Rally, he got really busy and made way for one of his friends, Jörgen Maschelein from Wervik.
It's impossible to see it as a local band anymore : Stijn remained in Aalter, but Bob moved to Hasselt, Jörgen lives in Wervik and Paul went to Ghent. Nonetheless they rehearse each week with much enthusiasm.
Between the drummerswap Devrieze/Maschelein Mildew wasn't sitting still, but they recorded theiir first demo. And apparently they did this well, because both a newspaper and Studio Brussel gave the band a fair but positive review. Stubru also made it demo of the week and played a song in "de Bom". Local radio-stations such as Katanga and Kamikaze also reacted positively and spin the demo regularly.

There can be a lot of discussion about the influences of the band : references to Jane's Addiction, Placebo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, dEUS and My Bloody Valentine were heard quite often. Sonic Youth is another name that always comes up. Stubru thought Mildew sounded metal. Wim Verhulst of Katanga heard a new punkwave in it. All these are nice compliments, but no-one of the band has sought deliberately to make the band sound like these. Probably the entire band is a fan of Sonic Youth, and all of them like André Williams and Jon Spencer, but those are the only thing that bind them muscally speaking and not what comes up in their music. Other things they listen to ranges from Penthouse, Bootsy Collins, Wumpscut, Smashing Pumpkins, Trumans Water, New Bomb Turks, Shostakovitsch … and it hardly can be said that these were influences on their music. Strange that no-one has mentioned Jesus & Mary Chain yet.

At the end of August 2000, they will head into a real studio for the first time to record a new song, and after that they'll be playing as much as they can in September & October. Their goal is to play at least 15 more gigs.


My Opinion

First up : the sound. The drums take quite some getting used to, as they seem to have been recorded from behind a cardboard wall, in a house three blocks away. However, the guitars, bass & vocals are tight and full of energy.
Secondly : the songs. "Barfly" is OK, "German hangover" (and the remix) disgusting, "Mildew" a Sonic Youth copy (and thus the best song), and "Chinaski" quite addictive and the song that tips the balance of this demo to positive for me.
Third : the lyrics. Can't understand a word. In Chinaski, i hear "Don't wast your life, on JPEG-girls", but it could just as well be "don't waste your life on sheep and pills" or my imagination running away with me. The inspiration was clearly Bukowski (Barfly, hangover, chinaski), but somehow the sound of the band doesn't fit the image I have of that writer.
Finally : the conclusion. I hate the metal side of Mildew, love the alternative edge they also possess. Choosing a direction could be usefull.

Other reactions :
- Puls (studio Brussel) : " ... The different background of the bandmembers make up for a double sound : in some songs Mildew sounds very Metal, almost 70's, and in other their sound is contemporary rock. THey have a good guitarist and a good voice in their ranks and know how to build up a song ..."
- Het Brugsch Handelsblad : "the promo-cd-demo Chinaski is a disc like a well-aimed hit in your face. It is a bit too obvious where Mildew is getting their inspiration from (Porno for Pyros, Chili Peppers and Sonic Youth), but the rhythm is good and the adrenalin is flowing, that's already something"
- hz in Rif-Raf : "At first "Chinaski" sounds quite firm. Nice riffs, nice build-up, good vocals ... a second spin doesn't leave that balloon in one piece though. Mildew are stealing like a raven. Not that that's in se a bad thing, but they really should try to do something with those influences and have a sound which is their own..."

Contact :

- mail :
- Mildew : Peperstraat 35, 9000 Gent
- Tel : 0497 29 87 58 of 09 233 98 43



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