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FRESH TALENT - November 2000 :

"Lekker ding / Noordzee"

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)


1. Lekker Ding
2. Noordzee

- Wouter Kersbergen (vocals)
- Koen Jacobs (vocals / keyboards)
- Dave Wyns (guitar)
- Pieter Vandergooten (drums)
- Patrick Houthooft (bass)

Bio (band not responsible for the "approximative English": my translation)

PasseVITE is a popband from Schoten, not unknown in the region of Antwerp. They combine funk, pop and rock into a strong live-act.

A passevite is a utensil for use in the kitchen, but the french meaning of "come by quickly", "come and have a look, fast", suits the group better. The band brings a creative programme with songs in Dutch, a good amount of humour and a catchy groove that makes it really hard to keep still to.

The band was founded by Wouter Kersbergen and Koen Jacobs in January 1999 This duo is the driving force behind the five-piece band. Wouter Kersbergen is responsible for the often funny, often sensitive lyrics and vocal melodies, while his friend has the biggest influence on the musical level. These two have a select backline backing them up: Dave Wyns is the guitarplayer and also plays funk in "Double 'U'balls" and a few other cover bands. Drummer, Pieter Vandergooten, is the youngest member of the band and a student at the music Academy. Patrick Houthooft from Merksem plays the bass and has played with Big Trouble, Les Miserables and the Ketnet-band. With these musicians, PasseVITE hase quickly evolved into a dutch-singing popband with its own identy. If it's allowed to be a little different, as they say themselves.

The repertoire of the band consists mostly of self-written material, although the "big names" from the dutch-language music aren't neglected. Doe Maar & Raymond are among the regulars in their stage act.

For a full concert list, you can surf to, the website that brings a complete picture of everything out and about the band, such as video's, MP3's, lyrics and other nice stuff.


My Opinion

Two songs, it ain't much to pass a really well funded judgement, but on the basis of "Lekker Ding" and "Noordzee", it already can be said that PasseVITE holds some promise for the "Flemish song" of the light commercial genre. "Lekker Ding" reminded me in more than one way of the early Clouseau, when Tjenne was still part of it, and "Noordzee"is shuffling country as we know it from the work of Wigbert & co.
The singer sounds like Tom Van Landuydt or some other celebrity singing, ic. someone that has some ability to sing, but still make you wonder if his talent doesn't lie elsewhere. The rhythm section is without defaults, but the thing that holds the songs together is a rather interesting guitar-play.
PasseVite is, according to those who can tell - Schotenaren, Schotenezen? - already a bit PassePartout in Schoten. And now the rest.

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- Info & Booking : D'Eer Management, tel:+477-788736 - fax:+3 8275906



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