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VOYLORDS "Can't Stop "
(1999 - Five-O Records - 50CD0001 )

Songs (click the -icons for audio-extracts)
1. Can't Stop
2. Shoemaker-Levy9 Remix

Written by T. Goethals
Musicians :
- Jan-Jaak Smagghe
- Tom Goethals
- Nico Goethals
- Jeroen Spitaels
- Maarten Spitaels

Recorded at Magnetic
Production : Wim Arys

Press Release

Who are Voylords?

Jan-Jaak Smagghe and Tom Goethals both study music and used to be in a band called "The Nothing Bastards", but after some 'artistic disagreements' in the band (and the fact that they couldn't play their own instruments), they decided to join Tom's brother Nico in his new band 'Voylords'.

Maybe less known are Jeroen and Maarten Spitaels from Halle, Belgium. Both enjoyed a classical education in music and practiced for years before they were ready to show the world.

Their influences range from David Bowie to Kyuss and Monster Magnet, from jazz to hip hop. What sets them apart from the rest of the Belgian music scene is that they can rock your ass off, but they can still make it sound poppy.

Where does 'Voylords' come from?

The story goes that 'Voylords' was originally a film made by 2 students from the film academy. They wanted to do something new and original with the porn b-movie genre. This was not appreciated by their teachers, so the film was never shown in public. But it was good...

The guys saw the film one time and decided to adopt the name for their new band. The Voylords were born.

The recording sessions

Tom and Laurens had a good relationship with producer Wim Arys from their days with 'The Nothing Bastards', so they decided to ask him for this project. Wim realized the potential this new band had and recorded 4 songs with them. They released their first single on five-o records.

My Opinion

Voylords, the name, sounds like a forgotten episode of Star Trek. Voylords, the music, sound like .. eh .. what ?? The first track seems like a crossing of Sexmachines and Soulwax (to stay in Ghent with my comparisons). On the second track, the "Shoemaker-Levy9-remix", some drum'n'bass storms in and the result is kinda "spacey". Multi-functional talents ??
It might be interesting to know that this single is the very first release on a brand new independent record label from Ghent - Five-O Records - and that this disc is only for sale via the web.

Contact :

- Ordering the single :
- the band bio on the web :
- Booking & Management : tel : 32.(0)476.42.33.20
- Five-O Records, Kerselaarstraat 52, 9820 Merelbeke. Tel : 32.(0)9/231.19.10. Email : Wim Arys.


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