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Pure pop

The Bet.So laid-back it became boring.
Dirk Blanchart, talented songwriter / producer
Brian, Give and Take.
The Cousins, The Shadows, Belgian version.
Das Pop. Britpop.
The Dinky Toys, sponsored by Bull.
Rocco Granata. Marina Marina Marina.
(Klaus) Klang. Beat it
Lio, perfect bubblegum pop.
The Machines, Beatle-esque pop.
Octopus, Close-harmony slows.
P.P.Michiels, Crazy about Females.
Milk The Bishop, Who's being an asshole ?
The Parking Meters. I hate those machines.
Pas De Deux, All the way to Eurosong.
Belle Perez, Hello world
Pitti Polak, Poor, stupid ànd ugly.
The Pop Gun, Don't shoot.
Pop in Wonderland. Psychedelic plastic popmusic.
The Radios, She goes na na na na.
The Schmutz, Trying to become a hit-machine
Scooter, don't want to be number 1.
Soulsister, Found the Way to your heart.
Vaya Con Dios. Big all over Europe.
Wallace Collection. Daydream.
Won Ton Ton. They lie and they cheat.


Arid. Jeff Buckley meets Freddie Mercury.
The Beautiful Babies, hoping for the Return of Telly Savalas.
Betty Goes Green. Lou Reed is a big fan.
Tom Helsen, sometimes nicknamed "Buffalo Tom Helsen"
Ivan's Land had it "All in Good Time"
K's Choice. Successful even in the States.
Mauro. Ex-Evil Superstars turns seventies rock.
Mercelis. The hopes & dreams of a drunk punk
The Misters. Changing Partners.
My Velma. The Viking-feeling.
Novastar. Joost Zweegers & Co.
The Pebbles. Hit wonder of the sixties.
The Sands. "Sky is blue" in "April and June"
Soapstone. Seventies revisited.
Rick Tubbax & The Taxis. Local Elvis Costello.
Riguelle & Hautekiet, covering quality songwriters
The Scabs, your local Rolling Stones.
Guy Swinnen. Ex-frontman of the Scabs
TC Matic. Arguably the best Belgian band ever.
Toy. One-hit wonder.
The Yeh-Yehs. Could've been a great group.
Ze Noiz "my baby she's alright"
Zornik, contemplating why this "love affair" is "so unreal"

Dutch Rock

Kris Debruyne. Also with Lamp & Lazarus.
Raymond van het Groenewoud.
Bert de Coninck. From folk to rock.
Wim Decraene. Strong dutch songs.
Kurt van Eeghem. TV-presentor coming out.
Gorky - Gorki. What's in a name.
De Kreuners. The moaners
Luk van Kessel. Hotel Paradiso.
Flip Kowlier. A sincere fuck you.
De Legende speelt ten dans
Noordkaap, Busy times in Leuven.
De Mens. Rock-journalist tries to do it better.
Johan Verminnen, Father of the genre.
Spelers & Drinkers, A tribute to Verminnen.
Hugo Matthysen. Hilarious dutch rock.
Wigbert. Ebony blues.
Lamp, Lazarus (& Kris). The unrelenting kisser.

Female Pop / Rock

Angelico, your local Garbage.
Anna Domino, An American in Brussels.
Eden. "Buffalo Tom with Pussy".
Elisa Waut. A group and a girl. What a girl.
Neeka, female singer-songwriter
An Pierlé, hammering away at the piano
Beverly Jo Scott. from Alabama.
Sofie. Singing on lonely heights.
Won Ton Ton. They lie and they cheat.

Electronic Pop / Synth Pop

The Bowling Balls. Band or comic strip?
The Honeymoon Killers
Kuruki. Synth pop and crocodile tears.
Lio. Perfect bubblegum pop.
Nacht Und Nebel. Beats of Love.
Technotronic. Techno hit-wonder.
Polyphonic Size. Synth pop.
Telex. Belgium : 1 point.
Twee Belgen. Funky shit.
Vive La Fête revived the genre in the nineties


Axelle Red, French soul by a Flemish Redhead.
Jess & James with the J.J.Band
Soulsister. The Way to your heart
P.P.Michiels. One half of Soulsister

Flemish Showbizz / Levenslied

Anja. Darling, save the last dance for me.
Guido Belcanto, kitsch as an art form.
Ann Christy Gelukkig zijn.
Clouseau, Take That on a Flemish scale.
Marc Dex. O Clown.
La Esterella. O Lieve Vrouwe Toren
Jimmy Frey. Zo mooi, zo blond ..
K3. Heya Mama, Yeke Yeke.
Jo Leemans. Que sera sera.
Bobbejaan Schoepen, last Belgian cowboy.
Liliane Saint-Pierre, over 30 years in showbizz
Erik van Neygen. Dutch country.
Louis Neefs. Charismatic (but dead) crooner.
Rocco Granata. Marina Marina Marina.
Samantha "Por eso se oye este refrán, Que viva España"
Sandra Kim, won the Eurosong Contest
Yasmine wants girls with girlpower

French chanson

Adamo. Tombe la neige, Inch'Allah.
Marc Aryan, n°1 in the hitparade of romantic hearts.
Axelle Red. French soul by a Flemish redhead.
Marie-Laure Béraud. Arno's girlfriend.
André Bialek, ah la belle gigue ...
Jeff Bodart. Du vélo sans les mains
Jacques Brel, Long dead, never forgotten.
Jean-Louis Daulne, from scat to melodic french chanson
Viktor Lazlo, Stylish haute-couture
Jo Lemaire, The girl, not the group.
Marka, funny & poignant french rock
Marc Morgan, with beret and thick glasses.
Maurane, Jazzy chansonnière
Philippe Swan. French hip pop.

Symphonic & Progrock

Machiavel. Your local symphonic rock band.
Placebo. Not the Brian Molko band, this was jazz-rock in the seventies.

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