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Aroma Di Amore is a group that made a trademark out of their biting and politically inspired lyrics. From the liner notes of the compilation album "Radikal", published in 1994 : "Aroma di Amore have always been outsiders, even within the confinement of the alternative rock circuit. Their peculiar blend of raw guitars, electronics, Dutch lyrics and unconventional song structures was too hybrid for many. Those however who, without prejudice, would lend an ear to the band's music, discovered an energetic, authentic and uncompromising collective that stood above al trends".


"Dobberman" (from the debut single Gorilla dans de samba)
76,9 sec. - 150 Kb.
song : Verlooy, De Boodt, Vandermeulen, Vergult
Produced : Paul Govaerts
Year : 1983
Record co. : Pogo Records

"Voor de dood"
79,8 sec. - 156 Kb.
song : Verlooy, De Boodt, Vergult, Vandermeulen, De Cauter
Produced : Werner Pensaert
Year : 1984
Record co. : PIAS

"Zonder omzien"
63,1 sec. - 124 Kb.
song : Verlooy, Vergult, Vandermeulen, De Cauter
Produced : Chris Reed
Year : 1986
Record co. : PIAS

"Zij is blij"(from Harde Feiten)
64,5 sec. - 126 Kb.
song : Verlooy, De Boodt, Vergult, Van Cappellen
Produced : Ludo Camberlin
Year : 1986
Record co. : Anything But

"Sporen van Lisa"(from the LP Koudvuur)
93,7 sec. - 183 Kb.
song : Verlooy, Vergult
Produced : Peeters & Angst
Year : 1987
Record co. : Anything But


The nucleus of the band consists of Elvis Peeters, the singer, ("who in an inimitable, possessed way delivered his highly original lyrics") and Fred Angst on bass and  later on guitars ("mastering the heaviest riffs as well as refined tapestries of sound"). The band was formed in 1981 when they met Andrea Smits (Ria De Boodt) at a free podium in Mechelen.

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They came to the public eye during the final of the Rock Rally of 1982. Their minimalist new-wave was first released on vinyl with the debut single "Gorilla, dans de samba / Dobberman / Isabella Avondrood" of 1983, but it was only with the mini-album "Koude Oorlog" (Cold war) of 1984 that the band showed it's full potential. It was received by TÚlÚ-Moustique as follows : "Aroma di Amore has chosen the cold war as the theme of their first album. It is right to speak of a somber battle : against the vain lightness of contemporary productions, the group launches seven icy missiles with mechanical rhythms, torturous bass, tormented voice and pointillist keyboards. All that with lyrics that are far from funny." Ahem.

As it is stated in "Wit-Lof from Belgium" : "Aroma di Amore initially smelled a bit like Arbeid Adelt!, but grew out to be a consistent rock-combo that left nothing to the imagination with political and Dutch-language lyrics. Madness, war, cynicism and singer Elvis Peeters at the No-Nukes campaign in Florennes".

A bit later the 12" 'Voor De Dood' followed, a record that now is considered to be a classic. With this one, Aroma Di Amore makes it's mark on the belpop of the eighties. Fred Angst, under the name of Fred A., also released two mini-albums at that time, of which 'Ik en mezelf' (me and myself) features on the playlists of Studio Brussel for some time. He also devoted some of his time to producing other bands, such as Mensen Blaffen or the solo-escapades of Rudolf Hecke.

From the bio : "At that period, AdA also grows up to be a welcome guest on the Flemish and Dutch stages, not only because of the inexhaustible energy the group radiates, but also because of the strong visual elements in their performance".

After another mini-album ("De sfeer van grote dagen") and a 12" ("Zonder omzien"), they release their first full album "Harde feiten" (hard facts) in 1986. In the meantime, Peeters en Angst also release a satire on the Eurovision-songcontest as "Bange Konijnen".

In 1987, the group shrinks to a trio (Peeters, Angst & Wout Dockx on bass), and releases the more extreme second album "Koudvuur". "Despite the fact that Aroma Di Amore think of this album as their most consistent material", the media start to take less interest in the band and the record firm dumps them. At the end of 1987, the group ceases to exist.

Peeters & Angst go on to perform on stage with a music-theater show and continue to tour the low countries.

In 1993, record company Antler releases "Radikal", a compilation and overview of the AdA-career. To celebrate the relative success of the album, the group reforms and go on a highly successful tour. A conflict between Fred Angst and Elvis Peeters however leads to a final rupture.

Elvis Peeters continues his musical career with De Legende.
Fred Angst has joined Buba as a bass-player and also has formed the dance-oriented group Kolk.

Band members :
- Elvis Peeters (aka Jos Verlooy - vocals)
- Fred Angst (aka Gerry Vergult - guitars, programming)
- H.K. (aka Luc Van Cappellen - guitar)
- Andrea Smits (aka Ria De Boodt - keyboards)
- Lo Meulen - Wout Dockx (bass)
- Frits De Cauter (sax)

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Platen  (Aroma di Amore)
- Gorilla, dans de samba (ep, 1983, Pogo Records)
- Koude oorlog (1984, Play It Again Sam)
- Voor de dood (1984, Play It Again Sam)
- De sfeer van grote dagen (1985, Play It Again Sam)
- Zonder omzien (1985, Play It Again Sam)
- Harde feiten (1986, Anything But Records)
- Koudvuur (1987, Anything But Records)
Compilation :
- Radikal (1993, Antler)

Platen (Fred A.)
- Works (1984, Himalaya)
- Ik en mezelf (1984, Himalaya)

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    Aroma di Amore

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