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Folk group of the late sixties.

  "Wat heb je vandaag op school geleerd ?"
33,1 sec. - 65 Kb.
song: ??
Jaar :1969
Record co. : Granata

Group that was initially called "The Campground Singers". Under this name they released an EP "Annabel Lee" in 1966 and a self-titled album "The Campground Singers" one year later.

In 1968 they changed their name to "De Elegasten" and joined the record company of Rocco Granata. They also changed their material from from negro spirituals to folk songs and their own poetic and politically inspired repertoire.

Their song "Wat heb je vandaag op school geleerd" (what did you learn at school today?") is the one of the rare occasions where social themes (in this case struggle for a Flemish University at Leuven) were incorporated into popular music in the tradition of the American protest singers. This song is their most release, although it was only released as a B-side for the single "De kabouters".

In 1973 they caused some upheaval with the song "Kathmandou", a song that was 45-minutes long, based on a text of Hugo Verhulst. The song was released as an album and received gold status two years later.

In 1976, they stopped touring live, mainly due to professional reasons. Three of the original members (Herman, Paul, Ivan) released an LP "Madrigals" after that.

Herman van Caekenberghe, better known as Herman Elegast, has toured and recorded solo afterwards. He and some of the other members were also involved in a poetry project and in a cd with Byzantine chants.
Ivan Poppe has written a children's musical named "Locotof" (Wistik Productions).

GroepsLeden :
- Herman van Caekenberghe ("Herman Elegast")
- Riet Bracke
- Paul Poppe
- Ray Poppe
- Ivan Poppe

Albums :
- The campground singers (1967)
- De Elegasten (Cardinal, 1969)
- De wereld van De Elegasten (Cardinal, 1970)
- Kathmandou (Cardinal, 1971)
- Praten, zingen, dansen (Cardinal, 1973)
- Kerstmis (Cardinal, 1974)
- 'n ogenblikje (Cardinal, 1975)
- Madrigals - Herman, Ivan & Paul (Cardinal, 1977)
Compilaties :
- Verzameld (Kleinkunst Reeks - 1993)

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De Elegasten

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