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Famous (world-famous in Belgium) charm-singer of the seventies.

  "Rozen voor Sandra"
59,0 sec. - 116 Kb.
song : Billy Sikes, Wayne Walker, Nelly Byl.
Year : 1970
Record co.: Philips

Started out as a beat and yy-singer in the sixties. Tried to make it in France with "Souffl", a cover in French of "Breathless". When the breakthrough didn't happen, he came back to Belgium and tried a whole new direction.

His biggest hits are "Zo mooi, zo blond en zo alleen", on which he is accompanied by the J.J.Band (see Jess & James). The second most famous (infamous ?) song is "Rozen voor Sandra", a cover of "Roses to Reno" written by Billy Sikes and Wayne Walker.

Made a comeback in the early nineties, when he recovered from cancer (leukemia) and picked up his grain from the increased popularity of the Dutch schlagers with the arrival of the commercial television station VTM.

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Hits in België (found in Het Belgisch Hitboek 1959-1989):
- Ik geloof (1967, highest position n 14)
- Zo mooi, zo blond en zo alleen (1968, high : 2 - 15 weeks)
- De zevende hemel (1968, high 11)
- Als een kus naar tranen smaak (1969, high : 2 - 15 weeks)
- Goodbye my love (1969, high : 11)
- Stop / Het meisje zonder naam (1970, high : 19)
- Rozen voor Sandra (1970, high : 1 - 19 weeks)
- Laat mij alleen (1971, high : 15)
- Meisje van mijn leven (1971, high : 6)
- Niemand weet hoeveel ik van je hou (1974, high : 10)
- Pappie n 2 (1974, high : 10)
- De smaak van je lippen (1975, high : 12)
- Naar de zevende hemel (1976, high : 17)
- Yet I know (1980, high 2 - 13 weeks)
- I Don't know why I love you (1980, high : 12)
- Substitute (1983, high : 29)
- Samen leven (1989, high : 18)

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Jimmy Frey

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