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Belgium's contribution to soul music

55,0 sec. - 108 Kb.
song: Wando Lam, Tony Lam, Ralph Benatar
Year : 1967
Record co. : Palette

The group is formed by Antionio and Fernando Lameirinhas (alias Tony & Wando Lam). They lived with their Portuguese parents in Belgium, moved to England and caught the soul-virus after playing in a few beat-groups (e.g. Screaming Lord Sutch). In 1967 they return to Belgium and form the J.J.Band.


From "Wit-lof from Belgium" : "A few flops, half a hit ("Half a woman") and the two hits "Move" and "Something for nothing" led Jess & James with the J.J.Band to the top."

After the hits, dissension grew between the frontmen (who wanted to continue to make soul music) and their backing band (who aspired to make music in the style of the American group Chicago). At the end of 1968 their ways separated.

Jess & James then formed a group around Scott Bradford (who later married teen-idol Anneke Soetaert). Later on, they moved to Amsterdam and formed another unsuccessful attempt to make it big again "Sail-Joia".

The J.J.-Band went their own way (in 1971 they changed their name to "Plus"). They evolved to a style called souljazz. Among the member of the J.J.Band and Plus figured people like Francis Goya (Real name Francis Weyer, who later on had a worldwide hit with "Nostalgia" and would have millions of romantic souls dream away on his guitar melodies), Bruno Castelluci (jazz-drummer known troughout the world) etc ...
The J.J.Band also backed up other artists, like Jimmy Frey on "Zo mooi, zo blond en zo alleen".

Members :
- Antonio Lameirinhas (vocals, bass)
- Fernando Lameirinhas (vocals, guitar)
J-J Band / Plus :
- Leslie Kent
- Yvan de Souter
- Francis Goya
- Bruno Castelluci
- Douglas Lucas
- Garcia Moralez
- Ralph Benatar

Records (Jess & James):
- Move (Palette, 1968)
- Jess & James (Palette, 1969)
- Golden Bestseller (EMI Bestseller, 197?)
Singles :
- Half a woman / Nothing but love (Palette, 1967)
- The end of me / Let me go home (Palette, 1967)
- Move / What I was born for (Palette, 1967)
- I let the day go by / Something for nothing (Palette, 1968)
- Thank you Show Biz / Motherless child (Palette, 1968)
- Change / Julie's doll (Palette, 1968)
- Fado / You can't cry everyday (Palette, 1969)
- My name is / Love is a river (Palette, 1969)
- Mrs. Davis / A passing car (Palette, 1969)
- The naked / High (Palette, 1970)

Records (J.J.Band solo) :
- The J.J.Band (Polydor, 1970)
- J.J.Band (CBS, 1971)
Singles :
- Cousin Jack / Nicky's at the PC (Palette, 1968)
- Oh! Mama / Same time, same place (Polydor, 1969)
- Please Mister Sun / Somebody help me (Polydor, 1969)
- Love in them there hills / We've been so happy (Polydor, 1970)
- Get together / Hear my plea (Polydor / 1970)
- Pacific Coast / I'm trough with you (CBS, 1971)
- Somebody help me / Let me ride (CBS, 1971)

Records (Plus)
- Plus (Pink Elephant, 1972)
Singles :
- Kentucky Woman / Change (Pink Elephant, 1971)

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