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Belgian cartoonist, comics-writer, comedian, tv-personality ... and musical artist.


"een klein leger, maar een dik leger"
33,4 sec. - 66 Kb.
song : K.Desmet, De Buck, D'Hont, Soree
Produced : RvhGroenewoud, Kamagurka.
Year : 1981.
Record co.: NVDepuis - EMI


This hyperactive and highly successful artist cannot be confined to one medium to express his anarchic and absurdist humor. Although best known for his work as a cartoonist for the weekly magazine Humo (which you can find on the internet under the url, he also occasionally has made a sidestep to music.

On the right you find the song "een klein leger, maar een dik leger" (a small army, but a fat army) by Kamagurka & de Vlaamse Primitieven (Kamagurka & the Flemish Primitives)  in which he recalls the time when he was trying to evade his military service by losing so much weight he would not pass the medical exam.

een klein leger, maar een dik leger
(a small army, but a fat army)
het minimum gewicht van de belgische soldaat
(the minimum in weight of the belgian soldier)
een klein leger, maar een dik leger
zou honderzestig kilo moeten zijn.
(should be set at one hundred and sixty kilos)

In 1994 Johan De Smedt (his normal musical compagnon) and tenor Guido Naessens, record a full cd of Kamagurka songs. As Humo wrote at the time : "cosmic fear and disgust, no comfort in wine nor Wittgenstein, but : in a good mood. This record is a classic".


In 2000, "Oh Sabrina, what have you done with my moustache", "No, my dear, you're not too fat", "The Homeless Architect" or "There's always something hanging on your face" ... were just some of the (translated) titles on the new release of Kamagurka "De Tactloze Top 30".
The CD, again a coöperation between cartoonist/comedian Kama and his faithfull musical compagnon Johan de Smet, also features two guest-appearances of the other co-stars of the radio-show Studio Kafka that hosts the "tactless top 30" : Herr Seele (rapping on "the hygienic gigolo") and Eddy Wally (in English, please, wow, on "Butterfly", fantastic). There will even be a single from the album, with the tracks "O Sabrina (wat heb je met mijn snor gedaan)" and "De onbaatzuchtige buffel" (the unselfish buffalo).
It could be argued that the best thing about this cd are the wacky lyrics, and for the fans of those, there is also good news, as K plans to publish a book with all his lyrics by September.

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Albums :
- Waar de lampen in de klinken branden (EMI - 1982)
- De pijn van het zijn (Plurex, 198?)
- Kamagurka-liederen - by Guido Naessens & Johan Desmedt (Schaar, 1994)
- "Kalvers" by Kamiel Kafka & the orchestra of Proust Marcel (1996)
- De Tactloze Top 30, Volume 1 (Kassanova, 2000)

Websites :
-, the official site.
- Review of The Tactless Top 30
- none devoted to his music, but several fan-pages of his drawings are available. Just search the major search-engines on "Kamagurka" or "Herr Seele" and you'll be taken there.

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about Kamagurka
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Kamagurka




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