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Powerpop group of the late seventies.


"Change Partners"
80,3 sec. - 157 Kb.
song : B. Lucas
Produced : A. Falkenbach.
Year : 1978
Record co. : Ariola

56,7 sec. - 111 Kb.
song : B. Decorte
Productie :A. Falkenbach.
Year : 1978
Record co. : Ariola


This band hasn't left a big trail through Belgian rock history, but it is noted for three things :
- The singer was Bert Decorte, who later would join the formation Scooter, O.T.T. (a band together with Patrick de Witte and Fons Symons of The Scabs that has released only one single : "I want to marry you" in 1982), Vaya Con Dios (at the time of their debut single Puerto Rico) and a place in the LSP-band (a collective of Belgian musicians playing good-time covers).   From 1988 onwards, he has devoted himself to a solo-career under his own name. He released a solo-CD in 1994 called "Gebroken hart" (Broken heart), and has left us a few singles (Bij jou zijn, 1991 - Geen weg terug, 1992 - Wild verlangen, 1994 and Wat doet dat goed, 1994).
- The guitar player was Kloot Perwez, who after the split-up of the group went on with solo experiments, would join The Employees, Polyphonic Size, De Lama's, de Kreuners, the Sam Cooke singers and about every other group imaginable.
- The drummer was Patrick De Witte, famous rock-critic and journalist for Humo. He would later on participate in The Skyblasters, Belgium's best but now defunct reggae group.

The Misters themselves have released two albums (and an extra one which has been released only in France) and left us a few singles (Women, Do you want to rock'n'roll and Pour Souls).

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The band was produced by Alfie Falkenbach with his small label Sinus Music, who had big plans with Belgian groups ("Our bands do it full-time and professional. We guide the groups on the business-side and financially and have their records distributed by the big firms", he said in "Wit-Lof from Belgium"), but has had little success. Of his bands, the best known is Hubble Bubble, but that's because their first drummer was no other than Plastic Bertrand.

Band members :
- Bert Decorte (vocals)
- Patrick De Witte / Roy Harlington (drums)
- Kloot Per W (guitar)
- Luc Van Rulst (vocals & guitar on Change Partners)

Albums :
- Change Partners (BMG Ariola, 1978)
- Greatest Tits (EMI, 1980)
- Snakin' out of the dark (Metropole, 1980 - France only)
Singles :
- Women / Change partners (BMG Ariola, 1980)
- Do you wanna rock'n'roll / Look at those people (EMI, 1980)
- Lucille / Pour Souls (EMI, 1980)

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The Misters

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