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Orgasmaddix was a band with a high degree of Ramones-ishness that terrorized the surroundings of Sing-Niklaas for a while during the 1990's.


1'46 sec. - 209 Kb.
song : Stefan Broeckaert
Year : 1992


As with so many of the bands in the rockdepartment of the these Belgian Pop & Rock Archives, the story of this band of Orgasm Addicts from the town of Sint-Niklaas started in Humo's Rock Rally. During their participation in this talent-contest in 1992, the band didn't only get to the finals, but even managed to snatch a third place in it (behind Charlie 45 and the Beautiful Babies, but befóre bands such as dEUS, Nemo, Jef Mercelis and The Sideburns, the later Novastar). Orgasmaddix later haven't given much proof that they were better than all this bands, but they nonetheless provided qualitatively good rock for some time.


In 1991 the band had already released a self-produced and self-published CD called "The Final Frontier", but as weekly Humo would later write : "Luckily "The Final Frontier" has never quite made it's way to the consumer. For it really díd sound like a final frontier, and one that had been standing in the sun too long, with almost no paint left on it".

Within Orgasmaddix there were two songwriters: Stefan Broeckaert ("writes rather dark, Black Sabbathian songs, with stretched-out instrumental intermezzo's in which the guitars inadvertedly pull off a friendly spring. Good, tough, tightly played rock songs") and Jan Van Gavere ("the mand of the melody, of intro's on which you can fry an egg. Metallica meets the Pistols.")

The found themselves as safe haven at JP Van's Boom! Records in Ghent, and could publish their CD "Alien Sex" there in 1993. This DIY-rock label didn't give them much room for any fancy recording time or expensive production, but this wasn't very harmful for the music of Orgasmaddix. As mxp judged : "<Alien Sex> is a low-budget album, and that can be heard on it. THe vocals sometimes sound as if they come from a tin can, and sometimes a guitar note keeps lingering on longer than necessary. But <Alien Sex> is also an album of 12 exciting and original songs. With a nice pair of tits. What are you waiting for?"

Not even a year later, the succesor to this album came about in very dramatic circumstances, due to the death of Jan Van Gavere. "Culture Demolition" was the title, and about this one Humo wrote : "If you did like <Alien Sex>, you'll also love <Culture Demolition> without a doubt: of the raw guitar songs, of the unfinished, bare guitar sound, of the badtempered, from unrest and badly digested boyhood stemming lyrics. It is - sadly - again not an album of world class: that has just as much to do with the cheap production as with the one-way-street-thinking of Orgasmaddix. What makes them a more than acceptable and sometimes even a good band (read: what makes them much better than glitterprinces such as Gonnabee'z or Milk The Bishop) is the sincerity of their songs."

After this album, the line-up had to change, and the singer of the band Deeper (by Jacky Huys of Knack once described as "de dikste nekken van de Belgenrock" - the swollen heads of Belgian rock) joined Orgasmaddix. In this new line-up, the band recorded the cd "Living Dead Girls" in 1996.

After this, it gradually became more silent about Orgasmaddix, and in 1998-1999 the band fell apart. Members of the bands drifter to other bands from the region of Sint-Niklaas, such as Miss Moses, or the "Mike van Raspaarden kwartet".

Members :
- Jan Van Gavere (guitar, vocals)
- Stefan Broeckaert (guitar, vocals)
- Ben van de Velde (bass)
- Klaas Borms (drums)
- Luk ? (keyboards)

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Albums :
- The Final Frontier (CD/LP, 1991, Hageland)
- Alien Sex (CD, 1993, Boom! Records)
- Culture Demolition (CD, 1994, Boom! Records)
- Living dead girls (CD, Boom! Candy, 1996)

Websites :
- The local scene in Sint-Niklaas

Forum :
- Read the messages about Orgasmaddix
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Orgasmaddix in the Forum



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