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Rap-crew from Liège.


"Ce plat pays II"
63,9 sec. - 125 Kb.
song : Starflam
Productie :ALB/M16/JC CREMERS
Year : 1998

"Bled Runner"
51 sec. - 102 Kb.
song : Starflam
Year : 2000
Rec Co: Warner

"La Sonora"
46 sec. - 94 Kb.
song : Starflam
Year : 2001
Rec Co: EMI


The earliest ancestors of the band date back from the beginning of the nineties in the environs of Liège as the H-Posse. (DJ Mig One, Fred'alabas, Seg en Balo). When this rap-crew merges a few years later with hiphoppers from Brussels (Akro en Mista R.) the band "Malfrats Linguistiques" is born. A few years later Mista R leaves the group for an adventure in France (where he rebaptizes himself to Monsieur R. and raps with the band "3 Coups"). He is replaced by 2 new rappers from Liège : Kaer en Pavé. After this event, they (5 MC's, a bass-player and a DJ) reverse their name to Starflam.


The description of their music : "A headstrong rap act that respects the values of hiphop and is influence by rappers and bands like KRS One, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Gangstarr Tradition, Rakim, Nas, Mobb Deep, Boot Camp Click and the Wu-Tang Clan. Apart from that there are also influences of Salsa (the DJ is Columbia), reggae, soul/funk, hardcore en even lyricists like Léo Ferré or Jacques Brel."

Steadily, the gang builds itself a solid live reputation as front-runners for bands like Urban Dance Squad and The Goats and well-received performances at the Dour-festival. After an appearance on some rap-compilations ('Fidèles au vinyl', 'Fat Unda Compil' en 'Calmage') the band finally signs a record deal in march 1997 (with Discipline Records).

A first maxi (12'' vinyl) was released in july 1997, half a year later a full CD is ready "filled with 12 fresh sounding hip-hopsongs on which old-school influences flawlessly intermingle with poignant raps." The song "Ce plat pays" (this flat country), a razor-sharp text loosely based on Jacques Brel's "Le plat pays", manages to get quite some airplay both in the South and North of the country and means the breakthrough for the group.


ALB in an interview with De Mix : "We've waited years for this. We have such a long history behind us already. It may sound naïve, but for us this CD is the ultimate proof that it all makes sense, that we exist." Balo : "For us, everything comes down to two things : rhythm and words. Old School, new school, hiphop ... just try and define those terms. We strive to have some credibility, but we aren't looking for the "ultimate street credibility".

On the Belgian hip-hop scene (De Puta Madre, CNN and on the Flemish side 't Hof van Commerce and ABN). "Three or four rap-records at about the same time doesn't mean there is a scene. Record firms still look at Belgian bands often as a good tax deduction post. The groups from Flanders are a nice new feature, but that's all .. not nearly close to the situation in the Netherlands. In France, rap is successful, but often it is varit-rap, rapping from the wallet. I fear that the most interesting rap-acts in Belgium still don't have a record contract, but don't depict us as purists who hate every successful rapper. As long as you don't loose your integrity as an artist, you can sell a million records. I think Starflam would be a good example of that ;-)".


In 1999, Starflam signed with "major" Warner. A first product of their cooperation was released in January 2000, the song "Bled Runner". Also for Warner, they remix a track on Zita Swoon's "Disco Adventures", and start recording an ambitious album. To shorten the waiting, the band also gets to release "Live & Direct", a recording of a concert at the Ancienne Belgique (with De Puta Madre e.o.). On the way to the release of the album, however, their main contact at Warner dissapears to other horizons, the firm isn't entirily happy with the results etc.etc. which causes the release of the 2nd full-cd to drag on for ages. In the end Starflam change partners yet again, sign with EMI, and released the CD "Survivant" in March 2001.

Aided by a guest appearances of such artists as Arno, Marie Daulne, Shyrock, Profecy, Uman ..., a tour with Assassin in France, the cheerful & poppy hiphop track "La Sonora" , a series of concerts, a nice website and more, Starflam were back at the top of the french scene of the Belgian hiphop-world, and now have a good shot at doing some serious damage on the scene in France.

Band members :
- Fred'Alabas (ALB) - bass / keyboards
- Seg - MC
- L'enfant pavé - MC
- Akro - MC
- Kaer - MC
- Balo - MC
- Fatal - MC
- DJ Mig One (beats)

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Albums :
- Corde Raide (12", Discipline Records, 1997)
- Starflam (CD or 2LP, Discipline Records / Rough Trade, 1998)
- Bled Runner (12" - MCD, Warner, 2000)
- Live & Direct (CD, Warner, 2000)
- Survivant (CD or 2LP, EMI, 2001)

Websites :
-, gone live in April 2001.
- interview with Mao-Magazine (dutch)
- lots of Starflam realaudio on RawBeats

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about Starflam
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Starflam



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