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Busy devil-does-all whose never-ending anger and experimental drift has brought him to far across the boundaries, playing with groups as Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Schriekback ...


"The Ship"
38,5 sec. - 76 Kb.
song : Luc Van Acker
Production : J-M Aerts.
Year : 1984
Record co. : EMI

47,7 sec. - 94 Kb.
song : Van Acker, Domino
Production : J-M Aerts
Year : 1985
Record co. : EMI

30,9 sec. - 61 Kb.
song : Revolting Cocks
Year : 1992
Record co. : Wax Trax


Starts his career with the songs "The fear in my heart" and "Jump and shout" which were released as a 12 inch and became quite successful on a cult level. His first solo album was "Taking Snapshots", which he recorded in his home and distributed it himself by driving around Europe with several hundred copies in his car, begging record stores to buy as many as possible. This was followed by the noisy mini-album "Zas Budhist".


He joins the Belgian group Arbeid Adelt! with which he has maintained an off-and-on relationship throughout his career. He also performs studio-sessions for Red Zebra, Jo Lemaire and Polyphonic Size.

He met Dave Allen after a Schriekback concert, played him some of his music and ended playing guitar on Schriekback's album "Jam Science". Together they started what was to be a dance studio project called "Noise Abroad".

For his second solo-album "The Ship", he teams up with Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedo Moon), Anna Domino, Brian Nevill (Pig Bag), Kevin Mulligan (Talk Back) and Jean-Marie Aerts (TC Matic). The result is a very strong album with a very modern kind of soul and rock'n roll backed up by wild rhythm patterns. The biggest hit of the album is the cooperation with Anna Domino "Zanna". This song has a status of a "classic recording" now. In 1998, e.g. there was a "sampling competition" on Studio Brussels that took this number as the basis for all remixes.


After the release of "The Ship", Van Acker put a live band together and did 56 concerts in Europe.

Although the success of the album and the tour is big and touches even the "mainstream" audience, he soon grows tired of the "sailor"-image. In 1986, he teams up with Richard 23 from Front 242 and Al
Jourgensen of Ministry, in the exciting "sample-guerilla" The Revolting Cocks with which he tours the United States extensively after the album "You goddamned son of a bitch". The band cooperates with a great number of artists (including Trent Reznor, Chris Connelly and even Timothy Leary) and operates on the "industrial" music scene.


Revolting Cocks has always actively sought the controversy, both in music (industrial taken to the extreme) and in performance (Tory-MP Teddy Taylor asked the minister of Foreign Affairs to put the band on a blacklist and forbid the concerts of the group on UK-soil - the reason being a sex act on stage involving a mechanical bull and a flame-thrower)

Controversy has always been a trademark for Luc Van Acker, as is proved by two other products of his : Mussolini Headkick (album cover showed a corpse on a swastika, which gave the album some attention by neo-nazis. Stickers with a mention of the picture being antifascist in purpose were then attached) and Lords Of Acid (See New Beat) where the album "Sexplay" got banned in the U.S.A. and Japan for having a too explicit adult material on the cover.

Luc Van Acker also tours with Ministry and forms "World Domination Records" with Dave Allen. Another side-project is "Danceable Weird Shit", a collaboration between himself and TC Matic's guitar player and Belgian producer Jean-Marie Aerts.

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Albums (solo) :
- The fear in my heart (12'' - EMI - 1981)
- Taking Snapshots (artist's release (ZAS) - 1982)
- ZAS (12'' - 1982)
- The Ship (EMI - 1984)
compilation : Catalogue (World Domination - 1992)

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Albums (with Revolting cocks) :
- Big sexy land (Wax Trax - 1986)
- You Goddamned son of a bitch (Wax Trax - 1988)
- Beers, Steers and Qveers (Wax Trax - 1990)
- Linger Fickin' Good (Sire - 1992)

Albums (Mussolini Headkick) :
- Themes for violent retribution

Albums (Danceable Weird Shit)
- ... Here's the CD! (World Domination Records - 1990)

Websites :
- Most groups Luc Van Acker has played in during his career are covered on the "Luc Van Acker Industrial Music Site".
- There are also a number of homepages in honour of the now defunct Revolting Cocks of which "the Unofficial RevCo page" is the best.

Forum :
- Read the messages/questions about Luc Van Acker
- Add your message, question, cd- or concertreview ... about Luc Van Acker


Luc van Acker


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