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Period : February 8-12 1999
In this issue : De Mens, Philly Bustaz, Bluestown, Nekka, Machiavel, Torhout-Werchter, Beverly Jo Scott, dEUS

Friday February 12th, 1999

Today, the new record of De Mens "Sex verandert alles" (sex changes everything) airs for the first time on Studio Brussel. From tomorrow on, the record will be available in the shops.
Two years after a "Best Of", this is an important step back on the good track for Frank vander Linden & his gang. It's also the first album of De Mens for the Belgium "major independent" label Play It Again Sam! (PIAS). According to the firm, the record is "the best De Mens has ever produced", with not only firm rocking songs, but also the triphop-ish "Sex verandert alles" , or the JSBE-ish "Mijn Bloem".

Another threath of a "gangsta-war" breaking out among the crews of the fastly growing Flemish hip-hop scene is rising (after the presumed feud between 't Hof van Commerce & ABN) : this time there might be a row between the MC's of the group from Leuven named Philly Bustaz and the commercial rap-group from Aarschot Krapoel in Axe. The Leuven-posse, who made their debut only a few months ago on the compilation album "Frithop is dood" (frithop's dead), now have an EP out, with on it a song which feature the lyrics :

Dat wordt sterven man, sterven man, bloeden als een lul - that'll be dying man, dying, bleeding like a dick
geniet nog even van de glamour met je mooi-gemerkte pull -
enjoy your glamour for a while with a fancy pull
kotsen en braken, ik mep je op je kaken -
I'll hit you on the jaws
als de KIA-boot verzuipt, terwijl je fake botten kraken. -
when the KIA-boat goes down, while your fake bones crunch.
... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, tellen kunnen ze wel, maar rappen niet die KIA-teven -
they do now how to count, but they don't know how to rap, those KIA-bitches
14 13 12 11 10 9 8, je bent niet eens krapuul, lul, maar halfzacht -
you're not even scum, prick, but soft-boiled.

So, if you read a message in the paper Cliffke has been knocked down in Leuven, the police'll have a serious lead already.

Thursday February 11th, 1999

Tomorrow evening, at 21:00, Live on Studio Brussels : El Fish & P. Van Sant (Peter Vansantevoet, ex-Boxcars now with a good low-budget cd "Me & The Guitarman", Toe Records). The concerts will be broadcasted live from put "The Borderline" in Diest, to celebrate the 250th airing of the "spreading the news about the blues" radioshow "Bluestown".

The traditional culminating point of the year for "the song in dutch", Nekka, this year takes place on the 30th of April in the "Sportpaleis" of Antwerp, after a few years of exile to Ghent.
The central figure of the year will be Raymond van het Groenewoud, according to the organisers "one of the biggest innovators of songs in Dutch and the standard bearer of complete generations of Flemish musicians" Around the central figure, a number of groups are programmed that will "pay hommage" to the artist in question (with their own songs and a cover).
The line-up : Johan Verminnen, Boudewijn de Groot, Willem Vermandere, The Clement Peerens Explosition, De Mens, Geert Hautekiet. On top of that, there's also a duet with Raymond and Sarah "K's Choice" Bettens scheduled, and a suprise guest. Jean Blaute'll lead the band.
Reservaties: Tele Ticket Service 070/345.345

Wednesday February 10th, 1999

The symphonic rock band Machiavel, who were incredibly popular in the seventies, had retreated for almost 10 years, came back twice and regrouped again for their "20 years of existence" in 1996, now have found the energy to record a completely new album. "Virtual Sun" was released onto the unsuspecting world on January 20th and still seems to raise some enthusiasm in Wallonia. North of the language frontier the reaction can be summarized with the two words "So what".
For Fans, or for people who want to get to know the enemy, there's now an extensive official website of the group at
If you go there really fast (before the 12th of February), you can get a coupon for a 100 BEF reduction on the purchase of "Virtual Sun" !!!

In Belgium the news has been difficult to miss, but for those abroad or without radio & newspaper : Herman Sherman have decided that their famous & world-renound double festival Torhout-Werchter from this year on will no longer be a double festival again, but a two-day event that will take place at Werchter uniquely. In Torhout they will host a new, smaller, alternative festival, although nothing more precise has been announced about that.

In the meantime, the two first headliners for Rock Werchter have been announced : R.E.M. & Metallica aren't bothered about the split and will visit Belgium on the first weekend of July.

Tuesday February 9th, 1999

- Beverly Jo Scott has presented her new cd "Amnesty For Eve" last friday night at the AB in front of a select public of journalists, friends & fans (I'm neither - so this is all hear-say again). The crowd was not pleased to find out that there was no duet with Arno on Jean-Baltazaarr , but that's because he is busy finishing up his next album. Bart Steenhaut awarded poor BJ the title of "Ugliest cd-cover" in De Morgen.
- To celebrate the release, there's now also a brand new website at the url, where the Alabamian (alabama-woman, alaba-whatever) greets us with "Welcome to my new baby ! I've had a long standing dream to communicate with as many people as possible during this lifetime and thanks to this wonderful media tool, i can say BINGO !". For the time being, this communication is restricted to a bit of peptalk on the single and the cd, but who knows ....

In the meantime, the song "Instant Street" , the new dEUS-single has lived it's radio-debut today, so we can offer you a bit of this calm song (that steps seriously on the pedal later on). At first sight not a very evident choice of single, but it is certainly a song that keeps growing on each hearing. I'm not sure it'll be a hit, but it certainly promises a lot for the album.


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