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Period : February 14-19, 1999
In this issue : Clouseau, Daan Stuyven, Noordkaap, Zap Mama E@r-Mail, Dildo Warheads, Dutch TV, Werchter vs Beachrock, Popquiz.

Friday February 19th, 1999

The brothers Wauters, better known under the groupname of their band Clouseau, have recently finished a new record. This will be released on March 15th, and has now been preceded by the single "Heb ik ooit gezegd" (a cover of "Have I told you lately" of Van "The Man" Morrison). In Holland another song has been selected as the single : "Niets meer".
The release of the cd will be the starting sign for the group (that meanwhile consists of the previously mentioned Wauters's, guitar-wonder Eric Melaerts and drummer Herman Cambré) to kick off a tour in Belgium and Holland that allready counts 75 gigs and will last 'till November 27th.

Also at the beginning of March (phew, it will be busy then) we can look forward to the first solo-cd of Daan Stuyven, the singer-guitarplayer of Dead Man Ray. Under the name "Daan" (assisted by Guy Van Nueten - known from The Sands - and Dago), he will release the cd "Profools", according to Metro (de Morgen) "a cd that is both catchy and strange, but very much related to the work Dead Man Ray without becoming a carbon-copy of Berchem". Yesterday, the first single of the album, "50 %" , was premiered on Studio Brussel.
On the stage, Daan will debut on Tuesday February 23rd, in "le Botanique" in Brussels.
Info : 02/218.37.32.
Source : Metro, De Morgen.

Wednesday Februari 17th, 1999

The new single of Noorkaap, "Pretentious moi" , was launched on the radio the day before yesterday. On the website of Surf-inn (an initiative of the group where Belang van Limburg - the paper where Stijn Meuris works - belongs to) you can view the videoclip of the single in real-video. The releasedate of the cd "Massis" is still set for March 15th. A "Massis"-tour starts from April 4th.
Meanwhile, The group itself has changed quite considerably once again : from the old Noordkaap remain Stijn Meuris (vocals) & Lars Van Bambost (guitar), but the rest of the band now consists of Wladimir Geels (bass - a Limburger from Maastricht), Anton Janssens (keyboard/hammond - has has played with Soapstone) and Mario Goossens (drums - normally with the Hoodooclub).

Marie Daulne, leading lady with Zap Mama, is busy rehearsing for a "polyphic children's concert", named E@r-mail, which will live it's première 28 april in the Beursschouwburg in Brussels.
From the press-release : "During the auditions for this workshop, about 20 kids (age 10-14) of about 10 different nationalities were selected on the basis of their rhytmic and melodic potentiality. Specially for the occasion, Anita Daulne has written new songs, that travel all across the globe; just like surfing the internet : it goes from Japan to America, from the Orient to the land of the Pygmies and lands, after a detour on the equator, in Belgium. Each culture is represented in E@rmail with it's own specific sounds and rhythms. The result is a transparant pandaemonium of timbres, languages (French, English, Pymie-language) and sounds (birds, smackers and playstation)."
E@r- mail is a collaboration between Zap Mama, BRONKS and the Beursschouwburg. The projects is part of "Parlando", a week of where Dutch language & culture meets the other language communities present in Brussels.
Entrance : 250 Bef, which will be donated to the Supportcommittee "Mensen zonder Papieren".
More info : Beursschouwburg, tel 32 (0)2 513 82 90

Tuesday February 16th, 1999


The Dildo Warheads are busy mixing the tracks of what will be their third album, later on this year.
They have also just released a new single, on the Groovemeister-label, called "Such A Babe" . This catchy song can be heard on the radio quite often already.
I've learnt from their website that this single will not be available in the shops, but only in a limited edition from the site. "The first 50 orders will get the single free, come back on February 5 !!", it says in the News section, but although the 5th of February has now passed, the site has remained unchanged for the past week. "Such A Shame", would've been a better title perhaps ??. Anyhow, probably they are just too busy touring at the moment, cause they open up for De Mens.

For those who should doubt the fact that a number of Belgian groups is seriously popular north of the Belgian border into Holland : set your TV to channel "Nederland 3" (bad luck if you can't get it) and enjoy the music of :
- K's Choice (Wednesday february 17th in Loladamusica, 23:20 hr, with images of the preparations in Kappellen of the new tour, interviews with Gert & Sarah Bettens, a registration of a concert the group gave on January 11th at the Nighttown in Rotterdam ...).
- dEUS (Sunday Februari 21st, in De Plantage, 17:00, guest with Hanneke Groenteman)
- Zita Swoon (Wednesday February 24th in Twee Meter Sessies, 23:19, with the acoustic session the group gave during the Crossing Border Festival in The Hague last October).
Somewhat related is the news that Alter@, the videoclip-show hosted by the brothers Dewaele of Soulwax, can now also be viewed on the Dutch version of TMF. In Belgium this show (with "alternative" videoclips and some Belgian rocker too) airs Fridays at 20:30 hr, or Sunday evenings at 21:00 hr.

Sunday February 14th, 1999

Gazet van Antwerpen revealed last Friday that there's a fight over a Belgian group going on between the organisers of Rock Werchter and Beach Rock in Zeebrugge, two of the three major summer festivals in Belgium. The "victim" this year is dEUS. Last year, K's Choice chose Beach Rock after a similar battle.
From the article : "Herman Schueremans, organizer of Rock Werchter (previously Torhout-Werchter, but earlier this week it was announced that it'll be a single festival from now on, in Torhout there will be an "alternative" festival - note dh) did the first proposition to the group to feature on the line-up early July. Mark Klein, who is setting up the competing festival Beach Rock at the end of July, has also tried to sign the Antwerp rockers by offering them more money and a more prominent placing. ... After that, Herman Schueremans has proposed the group to feature not only in Werchter, but also on the new festival in Torhout. There dEUS would top the bill, and get a hand in choosing the other bands on show as well."
The management of dEUS says they will pick the festival "that seems best for the career of the group. With all respect for Belgium, but the goal this time is to start scoring big abroad as well". In Belgium the reception of the first single is quite good : "Instant Street" entered de Afrekening at number 7 in it's first week.
Source (dutch only): Gazet van Antwerpen.

FANFARE HEILIGE FAMILIE presents their 5th Popquiz on Saturday May 1st in Cultureel centrum Zwaneberg, Heist o/d Berg, Belgium.
teams of up to 4 persons. Great prizes.
Registrations & inquiries : Jan Bellekens.

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