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Period : March 5 - 11th, 1999
In this issue : Lowlands / Downsall, Hoodoo Club, Marino Punk, dEUS, Werchter, Studio Brussel, Praga Khan, Neon Judgement.

Thursday March 11th, 1999

Tomorrow night, March 12th, there's gonna be a big third birhtday party of the record labels Lowlands & Downsall (known from acts such as Buscemi, Kretek, Dubtales, DJ Eavesdropper en andere ...), at the Antwerp-based "Café d'Anvers".
On this "Lowlands Downsall Plastics night" there will be performances of BNX (Bordeaux), Tim "Love" Lee (Engeland), Kretek (DJ-set) and Buscemi (live-gig) from 23:00 onwards. A special treat is the fact that the first people entering the hall will receive a free copy of the compilation cd "Downsall Plastics", with on it recently released or future work of the acts from the label. (initially the number of 500 was mentioned, but there will probably be a lot less left by tomorrow evening).
Entrance : 400 BEF. Info : +32/3/226.70.08
More (outdated) info on the label at their homepage

The Hoodoo Club (finalist Rock Rally 1996, 2 CD's out already) is scheduled to appear at the internationally renowned South by Southwest Music Conference & Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.
SXSW is one of the most famous "showcase"-festivals, where groups gather to present themselves (more that 800 of them will play a gig during the three days of the conference), and where record firms, journalists and talent scouts mingle to socialize & discover new acts. The Hoodoo Club will perform on March 20th.
Other good news about the band is that they will retire into the studio shortly with producer Jean-Marie Aerts, to record a new CD that will probably be released in this year's Fall.
More info : The South By Southwest site

Wednesday March 10th, 1999

Marino Punk, the accordeonplayer from Menen with the red punk mohawk, has recently released his first CD. The opus was baptized "Extravanganza" and contains his owns compositions with traditional accordion music, tango's tango’s, musettewaltzes, java’s & marches.
You may know Marino from the posters for the Gentse Feesten of last year, on which he featured proudly showing his instrument.
The CD (independent release) is being offered for sale during his gigs (in youth café's etc.). More info : +32
Source : L!nk

Tuesday March 9th, 1999

Good news for dEUS-fans (although it might be bad news for non-Belgian dEUS-fans) : next week (March 16th), the magazine Humo will contain a free dEUS-Cd. Unfortunately it will not be "The Ideal Crash" itself, but a promotional disk that has to point the attention to this new release .
Completely in concordance with the mega-launch of of K's Choice's "Cocoon Crash" (something Humo itself condemned in their review of this CD, because it would raise the expectations so high that the record itself was bound to be a disappointment!) there are bits of music from the new CD, some video footage and publicity for an internetprovider. Better news is the fact that there will be three "previously unreleased" songs on the disc as well.
More info : Humo extra.

A bunch of new names for the Werchter Festival were announced today. For the time being, the program looks like this :
Friday(evening) July 2nd : Techno-night with The Chemical Brothers and others.
Saturday July 3rd : in a big tent : Suzanne Vega & Zita Swoon. On the Main stage : Soulwax, Monster Magnet, Marilyn Manson, Skunk Anansie, Texas, Bryan Adams en Metallica
Sunday July 4th : in the tent Orbital, on the Main stage : Placebo, Manic Street Preachers, Robbie Williams, Faithless, Lenny Kravitz en R.E.M.
Still more names will follow.
Source : Belgacom On-Line With Rock.

Jan Hautekiet's, musician, radio-dj & the new manager for Studio Brussel, the youth station of the Northern part of Belgium, today has announced the renewed programmation that will start from April 1st. The changes are quite numerous, but the main new programs are :
- each weekday between 11-13 "Republica" with culture & life-style.
- each weekday between 13-14 "Class-X", which moves from the late evening.
- each evening between 19-21 : "Puls", a music magazine with demo's, sessions, interviews etc ...
- Hallo Hautekiet is being replaced by two programs : Ronny Mosuse with "FAQ" and Libelia de Splenter with "Arrest", an "interactive musical program for naughty young kids".
During the week-end, the main newcomers are :
- Saturdays between 14 & 15 : "Hank The Dj", freehaven for dj's.
- Saturdays between 18-20 : "Club Brussel", live on location with guests from other media, politics or the musical world.
- Sunday afternoon : the return of Studio Kafka + the return of Het Leugenpaleis (from May)
- Sunday night 24-06 : Nox, a nightly meeting about life & music.
Hans Otten remains in place. However, Stefaan Ackermans has to go.
More complete info : here (press release) or here (surf-inn)

Monday March 8th, 1999

After the good reception of last years "Pragamatic"-cd, Praga Khan seems eager to push on : he & Olivier Adams are already finishing up the new Praga Khan-cd, that will be called "21st Century Skin" and is scheduled to be released on April 26th. The first edition (limited) will contain an extra bonus-CD with on it some live tracks ("Phantasia") and a few remixes of classical PK-songs such as "God of Abraham".
Source : The Praga Khan website.

According to the people from Frontstage-magazine, the 80's-90's electronic band Neon Judgement has finally split.
Although "Daszoo" received quite a favourable press last year, the sales figures were on the low side. Troubles with the record firm (KK-records) meant the end of the band.
According to the same source, TB Frank will continue with a project called Bonjour Micro and Dirk Da Davo will start with something completely new.

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