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Period : March 30 - April 5, 1999
In this issue : Axelle Red, Boogietown, Buscemi, Zita Swoon, dEUS, Ronde van Vlaanderen, BasSta, Red Rock, Kloot Per W.

April 5th, 1999

AXELLE RED hits n°1 spot in France
Axelle Red's new album "Toujours Moi", which came out about two weeks ago, is taking France by storm. The album entered the album charts in that country on the n°1 spot. This is a feature which apparently no other Virgin record has ever done in France.
In a reaction to Studio Brussels programme "Nox" (in which she presented her favourite records), she said that gave her quite a kick, but she also said she was unsure of what would happen next.
Currently, the singer is looking for a good nurse to look after her newborn child Janelle (no, Louise W. - no need to apply).
After that, Axelle will kick off a six-week tour of Latin-America to promote the "Con solo pensarla"-album. At the moment she's also planning a number of concerts in Europe in the fall. In Belgium she'll give a concert in "Vorst Nationaal" (capacity 8,000).

BOOGIETOWN announces 6th edition
Boogie Town Festival, the most important blues-festival of the French-speaking part of the country, has the following interesting line-up ready for the 6th edition, which will take place on May 1st at the "Tennis Club du Parc" in Louvain-la-Neuve :
11.15-12.00 Bob Brozman
12.10-13.00 T-Model Ford
13.25-14.25 Southside Johnny
14.50-15.50 Andre Williams
16.15-17.15 Fred & The Healers (Belgian blues band, already quite high on the line-up)
17.40-18.45 Jason & the Scorchers
19.05-20.05 Rory Block
20.35-21.50 The Gourds
22.20-24.00 Ten Years After
Entrance is 850 (in presales), 950 BEF at the counter. Tickets in all stores of Caroline Music, Fnac ( tel 0900 00600), HVH Megastore, Music Mania and Connecticket (070 345 543).
More info : Tel 0032.6.855.11.67, E-mail or their website

BUSCEMI did best version of "My Suitor"
A jury (actually a televoting + a jury consisting of Jan Hautekiet, Peter Vermeersch, Chantal Pattyn, Jan Sprengers & Simon Rigot) has chosen Buscemi as the winner of de Basstaard.
This contest (which was reported on earlier here) was between 7 new groups (Buscemi, Vive la Fete, De Bossen, The Nothing Bastards, Cinerex, Das Pop, Boenox/Wineguns) doing their own version of the charming song "My Suitor" by 80's Brussels-based group Bernthöler.
The prize (apparently a sort of tattood pig by Wim Delvoye) was handed out during the first broadcast of "Club Brussel" from the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.
There are other signs that things might be going well for Dirk Swartenbroeckx (the man behind the group) : he even was asked to do a bit of programming on Axelle Red's latest record "Toujours Moi". She said about him "I like his record a lot, especially the south-american influences in it, so when I heard that it was done by a guy from Hasselt, I had to ask him".
More info on Buscemi : his official site.

April 3rd, 1999

ZITA SWOON zoekt dansers
Stef Kamil Carlens and C° are looking for a number of people to play a role in a videoclip they'll be shooting soon. For that purpose, they are organising a casing, today, April 3rd, between 14:00 and 16:00 o'clock in de "Monty" in Antwerp.
The profile they are looking for : know how to dance, between 16 and 18 years of age and resemble (somewhat) to the band members of Zita Swoon. Good luck.
Other recent Zita Swoon news is that the group now also has been signed for the Dranouter folk-festival this summer (and in doing so is without a doubt the first group to do the combination Pinkpop / Werchter / Dranouter. Only the "Antilliaanse Feesten" and "Dynamo Open Air" seem to elude them).

If you don't catch dEUS now, when will you ?
Just a quick reminder of a number of dEUS-net-events this weekend :
- The internet-broadcast of their gig at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels of last night can be listened to for a few days more (and in better circumstances than the live broadcast) at the website of Planetinternet.
- This evening the first emission of Club Brussel (with in it dEUS, Neeka, Das Pop, Buscemi en Bernthöler). On Studio Brussels, between 18 & 20 o'clock.
- Sunday, the group will perform at the "Östernacht"-fest at the Philipshalle in Düsseldorf (together with Paul Weller, Silverchair, Fun Lovin' Criminals, The Cratrures, The Cardigans, Reef, King's X and Liquido). A large number of these gigs will be transmitted on television later on in the night : The Rockpalast show starts at 1:30 on WDR. Earlier in the evening, there will also be another chat with the band, via the internetpage of Rockpalast
- Surf-inn (the "youth-site" of newspapers Het Belang van Limburg and Gazet van Antwerpen) has just published a nice & exclusive photo-documentary of the adventures of the band during the recent mini-tour of Ireland and Great-Britain. It's here.

April 2nd 1999

This sunday is a big day again : 200 plus cyclists peddle for fame and the eternal glory of a victory in a "Ronde Van Vlaanderen", the biggest flemish cycling classic (if, if there are no more suspicious substances found in hotels between now and then). A fine event for Flanders but - apart from the hooting cars that follow the race, the eurodisco at the finish line and the local marching band - not really a musically edyfying happening.
To change this last bit, César Janssens (known from The Kids, but nowadays an often-heard session musician, eg. on the last Raymond vh Groenewoud) & Ad Cominotto (known from Charles et Les Lulus, Arno and Leuven Centraal) will put up their drums & accordeon gear at the start (in Bruges) and finish (in Meerbeke), to give some added musical lustre to the occasion.
To "het Nieuwsblad" (the organizing newspaper) they declared that "it's the athletes who are important, we aren't. We are there, we play music, and who thinks that's ok can enjoy it. I think it's a good thing that the people will hear live music and not some junk from a box. We will play a lot of songs from the old days, lots of popular stuff ..."
More info (about the sport-side or the practicalities) : the site of the ronde van vlaanderen

April 1st 1999

Might be a bad day to launch such an appeal (beware the fish), but the vivid discussion list about dEUS (and related bands) is in trouble : "Due to the continuous high load on and the congestion of the connection from K.U.Leuven to Belnet, K.U.Leuven has decided to stop non-university related mailing list server activitities." This is the message list manager Serge Goossens got, hence this is the end of the dEUS mailing list at K.U.Leuven (since the university refused to stop the list about geopractical implications of the theorem of Wizslawsky).
Therefore this appeal : if you own or know of any non-advertising alternatives to host such a popular mailing list, contact the current list-owner.

Yesterday was the last day of the old Studio-Brussels programme schedule : today is their anniversary and the start of the new management by Jan Hautekiet (who aired his last show on radio & tv, leaving only one more phone-terrorist to go !). It was also the last presentation of Geert Hoeck, the last Frituur Victoria, but worst of all ... the last "Bassta".
In their typical style, the show said goodbye with three intersting guests in the studio, by the Ghent-based funky rapper Krewcial (has a first cd out), DJ 4T4 (who talked about his cd "Cosmick Relief" by Magik Ballet Ensemble), and Daan Stuyven, who played "Boots" & "Jerk", two songs from "Profools".
All's not lost however : starting tomorrow from 19:00 to 21:00 there'll be "Puls", a "music magazine with demo's, sessions, interviews and live bits".
For the complete overview of what's new at Stubru : see their website.

Wednesday March 30th 1999

Kloot Per W, the busy bee that has been terrorising the Belgian music scene for about 30 years now (with groups such as The Misters, The Employees, De Lama's), has launched an all-out attack on the internet-front : this week will be officially launched.
We're talking about an offensive in true NATO-style : the site is loaded with information, exclusive tracks, jokes, paintings, polaroids, opinions, news (the new milennium will nog be Lama-free, there will be a new record coming soon, KPW has composed the music for the film "Blue Belgium" - about the Dutroux-Nihoul craze - etc.. etc..). The information is only available in Dutch for the moment.
Just about as busy a site as the life of the man himself, but this makes it one of the most complete Belgian musician-sites, in one blow.

Saturday evening, April 3rd, there will be a small but fine festival going on in youthclub 't Bosjoenk in Ostend : Red Rock.
On the billing of this fifth edition are Gwyllions (Punk from Kontich), Spaceman Spiff (Pixies from Bruges) and Arid (hype in the making), with a party afterwards.
Entrance : 300 fr. pre-ordered, 350 at the counter. More info:
On May 1st (the club is part of a socialist youth movement) the same club will also organize the fifth edition of the Red Rock Rally door, a little contest that wants to give starting bands a chance (laureats of the previous editions are the illustrious At Last, Seed and Sower, Jazzlypsy and the much better known Soul Sucker). The line-up for this May 1st-festival has not been finalized yet (the jury is still pondering), but after the beginning bands, there will be a gig by a sort of "superband from Bruges" ... the formation Split Window will play the first role, but will be joined by musicians from a number of local bands such as Arid, Crazy Chester, Red Zebra, Paris Texas, Jazzylipsy, Vippers, Red Rooster, Dynamic Blues Band, Elisa Waut (not confirmed), ... .

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