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Period : April 6 - 13, 1999
In this issue : Help Kosovo, Mama's Jasje, DAAU, Kolk, Afrekening, Purple Prose, Krewcial, CPeX, Anna Domino, Snakefarm, Clousau.

April 13, 1999

There is a big fundraising initiative for the victims of the war in Kosovo in the making : six NGO's (non-governmental aid-organisations) & Music Hall (organisers of big entertainment events ... ) have managed to get the competing TV-stations TV1 (public) & VTM (commercial) to join hands for a "grand gala" which should be held at Vorst Nationaal on April 26th.
The two flemish stations (there will also be an event south of the language barrier) will jointly broadcast & present (Ben & Koen ?) a night to raise funds for the war-victims under the motto "Help Kosovo".

April 12 1999

For the fans of Mama's Jasje, the duo that's made a trademark out of covering old Dutch material, there's both good & bad news : the good news is record Company Play That Beat will release a new cd with five "new" songs ("Verdronken vlinder", original by Boudewijn de Groot, "Rosanne", original by Wim de Craene, "Standbeeld", original by Jan Puimège, "Tien jaar", origineel by Johan Verminnen, and "Linda", original by Will Tura or Frank Boeijen). The bad news is that this mini-cd will be released as "Hommages II - Platina editie", so that fans who want the new songs will be forced to buy a second copy of "Hommages II".
The group also has told the press that this is absolutely, definitevely and completely the very very last that we will have seen from the "Hommages"-series, because they will now start working on a new cd with original material that is planned for release before the end of the year. Peter Van Laet also has some plans to make a cd with French songs.
More info : Play That Beat.

This tuesday & wednesday, there will be an interesting clash of cultures taking place in the "Halles de Schaerbeek" in Brussels : the group DAAU (Die anarchistische abendunterhaltung) has scheduled two concerts there. Special about the concerts is that the band of young Belgians will perform together with the gitano's of Alma Flamenca, a gypsy orchestra from Southern Spain. There will be a few new songs brought for the first time, but also remakes of the group's old material.
Angelique Wilkie (ex-singer of Zap Mama who already did a song on the last DAAU-record "We need new animals") will join the party.
Info on tickets : 02/218.21.07

On-Line With Rock has issued a statement that the concert of Arno on June 12th at the Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, will be postponed to October 7th. Tickets will remain valid. 3 days later, there will be a gig at de Vooruit in Ghent also.
The reason : the new album of Arno, "Le European Cowboy", which was originally scheduled for release at the end of May, was recently postponed to August 24. And this because of what's been called "purely artistic reasons".

April 9 1999

"post-dance-, post-rock- & post-everything-cocktail of electronics, guitars and Dutch lyrics with influences that range from Billie Holiday to Goldie, "and everything in between that you can dacne on" : if this description seems like a good one to you, Sony Music is eager to let you know about a group that fits this profile : Kolk.
"Dozens of record firms where trying to sign them, but in the end they chose Sony Music. In silence they worked on the debut-album "Nachtschade", which will be released on May 17, and from which two weeks before a single "Lemmet" (with remixes) will hit the shops. Kolk is coming. To serve you."
More info : Sony Music.

Although dEUS is still gloriously on top in de Afrekening with "Instant Street", the belgian-ness in that hitlist is starting to degrade fast now : on the 30 titles, only 5 of them were Belgian last week, 17% (a month ago this was double):
- 28 (24) : K's Choice "God in my bed"
- 21 (17) : Hooverphonic "Eden"
- 14 (9) : Noordkaap "Pretentious Moi"
- 6 (18) : Soulwax "Saturday"
- 1 (1) : dEUS "Instant Street"
But, there are a lot of new candidates to fill this vacancies :
- "Vinde gij mij gat niet te dik in deze rok", by the Clement Peerens Explosition (very politically uncorrect macho-talk of "Pop-expert n°1" who has recently discovered Protools)
- "The A&L" by Krewcial (hiphop-miracle from Ghent who will be touring on the "Frithop is Dood" tour with ABN & co shortly)
- "Dirty Gold" by Purple Prose (intense blues by "Vaya Con Dios" Dani Klein)
- the wonderful single "Too late tonight" by Arid. Meanwhile also the full-cd "Little Things of Venom" should be in the shops by now.
- "Yupe Yupe", the first joyful African single from "A Ma Zone", the new cd by Zap Mama that will see the light of day at the end of this month.
- "Sex verandert Alles", the second single from the new CD by De Mens.
Ample Choice.
Voting can still probably be done by mail ( - although this is hard to discover on the unpleasantly chaotic new website of stubru.

April 8 1999

"Acid-blues? Folk-funk? Troubadour trip-hop?" : the American music-press is trying to invent some new terms to describe the music on "Songs From My Funeral" by Snakefarm, a new group with a high proportion of Belgium-ness.
The performers on the record are none other than Anna Domino (admittedly not Belgian, but she worked in our country all through the 80's, and songs like "Rhythm" and "Zanna" didn't get much attention in other countries) and Michel Delory (Belgian guitar-player who teamed up with AD in the 1996 in Brussels). These two thought of this new project, Snakefarm, while wandering trough the USA : bringing old-American folk-songs (such as "John Henry", "Saint James Infirmary", "Tom Dooley" ...) in a contemporary wrapper.
The CD (released March 22 on Kleeling Elephant Records) is already for sale in American shops such as Amazon, CDNow ... More Snakefarm info, audio, video ... : Kneeling Elephant, Bugjuice.

CLOUSEAU breaks with MAMA LINDA. MAMA LINDA breaks with the BIZZ.
The day before yesterday, there was a little note on the discussion forum on the Clouseau-website posted by Linda Van Waesberghe, aka their manager Mama Linda : "Nothing lasts forever, not even the cooperation between Koen & Kris & their manager. I worked with love for Koen & Clouseau and have greatly enjoyed your feedback ... I will retire from the world of entertainment. Lost of Clouseau-fun! Linda".
The quarrel (apparently there is one) not only ends a professional relationship of over 6 years between the group & it's management, it also puts an end to a 30-year long career in the world of Belgian pop & rock. Linda van Waesberge has been counseling, supervising, managing & supporting musicians, also with her music publishing company Universal songs, since 1970. From Kris de Bruyne (whose "Amsterdam" was the first success of Universal) to Peter Hoogland (Qui??), they all loose their mama.
More info on "the divorce" : de Showbiss-site, Surf-inn.

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