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Period : April 21 - 26, 1999
In this issue : Golden Green , CPEx, Schoolrock, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Suikerrock, Neeka, Help Kosovo, Limbomania, Axelle Red.

April 26th 1999

Golden Green, regular customers of the Rock Rally including ex-Ze Noiz Rik Vermeir and a few ex-The Japs also, already had a few singles on their conto (on which according to the record firm also 200,000 fr. debt). Soon though, they'll attack the world with renewed courage and a full-cd : "Modbeats!" will be launched on Oyster Records in May. If the furious & catchy single "Incomplete! / Run Samantha Run"that was launched as a precursor is any way near representive for the rest of the material, this seems to be an event to look forward to.
Or as the press-release said "tsal pataat in a bakkes zijn !!" ("it'll be smack dab in your face", or something like that - my dutch-english dictionary doesn't have "pataat" & "bakkes").

Vettig Swake, Aertbeliën Sylvain & Clement Peerens, or the Clement Peerens Explositions in full, are not only very angry with the female part of mankind, they also appear to have a few nuts & bolts missing : on what normally would've been a simple EP to sell the new single "Vinde gij mijn gat", these gentlemen have planted no less than nine extra tracks : you'll get the complete "Dikke Lu" and "Foorwijf" CD's for free "because we like you so sympathy", as they say themselves. If this isn't an example for the rest ... ?
I can't tell if it's in any way related to this prize-competition, but "Vindegij Mijn Gat (niet te dik in deze rok)" - which by the way translates as "Don't you think my bum looks fat in this skirt ?" - is starting to pose a serious treat to the realm of dEUS in de Afrekening : is has risen to the n°5 spot already.

Next week (May 1st) at the Sint-Rita college in Kontich : The Seatsniffers, Jane's Detd (remember the punky single "Beaver Fever"), Laberinto (latin-metal from Amsterdam), Buadee & The Walkers (former singer of The Skyblasters, with a second solo-cd coming up) and Head First (dance from Holland). On a smaller stage, you'll also get a number of more modest and louder bands such as Pissing Granny Blue, Humb, Facedown en Gwyllions for the same 400 fr. (or 300 fr. during presales).
More info can be found on the website that was built specifically for the occasion.

April 23 1999

Raymond van het Groenewoud, the musical poet from Bruges, has launched a new single from his most recent album "Tot Morgen" this week : the choice fell on the quiet "In Mijn Hoofd"("In my head, everything is very simple, in my head, everything falls into place, No rot, no stupid ads, welcome welcome, into my head").
Next week, April 30, Raymond will be the central figure of the Nekka-night in the "Sportpaleis" in Antwerp. Around him, a number of bands have been selected who will "pay hommage" (with their own songs and a cover). The line-up : Johan Verminnen, Boudewijn de Groot, Willem Vermandere, The Clement Peerens Explosition, Geert Hautekiet.
Last week, Raymond also invaded the news-colums of the papers, with his action against advertising (and stupid radio-ads in particular). He came to defend his point of view on "De Zevende Dag" (a sunday morning show with a lot of politics) and, according to Het Nieuwsblad, even made more sense than the complete first big election debate there.

Suikerrock, the free festival in Tienen, has changed it's line-up for July 31st : the walloon progrockers of Machiavel apperently have some trouble (they have cancelled their entire summer-tour due to "personal problems of 1 of the band members) and are being replaced by The Bollock Brothers (shitty punkband from the early '80, best-known songs "Horror Movies" & "Harley David Son of A Bitch").
The organizers have also completed the programme for the smaller stage : on Saturday there will be the local bands Oversized, Black Valley & Circle. After which Lt. Sprüdel (disco-tech-house duo known for their song 'Jack the disco'), Lime's (trip-hop) and a 'technonight' with Vaporheadz (junglediscotechno) and G-Force (mix of techfunk & acid techno). on Sunday there'll be local bands High Five, The Sketch and Glorious, followed by Q (alternative rock), Stonedigger (nonsense-rock) & Mark Foggo's Skasters (ska from Holland).
More info :

April 22, 1999

Neeka, or singer Ilse Goovaerts and her backing group that includes Roland and Lange Polle, has just released a second single from her debut album "Neeka". A month or so after "The Gardener" (which did well on Radio 1 but also received some airplay from Studio Brussels), there is now the beautiful "This is not my home".
Or as record company Oyster Records says it in the press release "If the full cd had to carry a title, the titlesong without a doubt would've been "This is not my home". Apart from the fact that the cover picutre perfectly represents exactly what this song is about - or is it the other way round ? - the lyrics of this track are a nice summary of the complete cd. Accompanied by fragile tones, it expresses the intense quest for the warmth of a home, far from all artificiality and cheating."
Those who want to hear her perform on stage can do so on May 14th in Machelen (JH Sjaloom), on May 23rd in Zichem (Den Hemel) and on May 28th in Aarschot (De Knoet).

April 21, 1999


De big fundraising action for Kosovo (that will reach it's culminating point on Monday during a grand finale) now also has gotten a musical part : a number of singers & musicians lend their hands to record a song "Song for Kosovo" under the supervisionn of Kris Wauters. The track - a song à la "We are the world" - was written by Mark Vanhie (see The Bet and the recent cd of Sarah) and has vocals in three languages : Helmut Lotti in Dutch, Sandra Kim in French and Paul Michiels (in English). It should be available in the record stores starting next Saturday.
More info about the action (with also the possility the deposit money online) at the URL The action "" still seems to have some difficulty taking off though.

Limbomania, the talent contest for young music groups from Limburg organised by the provincial government, is nearing it's second edition. A first time it was held 2 years ago, and had Nostoc, Vandal X, Freak Accident and Debris as winners and Chief Joseph, Ernie Dexter, It, Lokkiwoot, Meklar and Salome as empty-handed-finalists. With the exception of Vandal X (who recently recorded a second cd under the supervision of noise-god Steve Albini) and a collective resurgence during the preselections of the Rock Rally, sadly not a lot was heard of this small dozen. Last year they held Technomania, with Geschmacksverstärker as a winner. I rest my case.
Anyway : with a mail to or by a visit to the website of Limbomania, you can learn all about how & where to send a demo with three songs. There'll be 5 preselections with 50 groups in all, so there's no need to push & shove. The "dénouement" of this exiting event will follow in December. That'll be a good time to see if the "rock-policy" of this province is already bearing some fruits.

I believe it was already mentioned in this telex before, but now there are also precise details known : who wants to see Axelle Red this year on a Belgian stage (your last change this milennium) will have to go to Vorst Nationaal (Forêt National) on November 2nd. Or be really fast, and get a place at the Kosovo-telethon, where she'll perform.
The ticket-reservation for the concert in November is already on the way, says online-with-rock.

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