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Period : June 29 - July 4, 1999
In this issue : Deviate, Q, Helmut Lotti, Walter de Buck, Eurosong, Boerenzonen op Speed, Noordkaap, Move-X Dance Awards.

July 4th, 1999

From Friday to this morning, most of this site was unreachable, due to a hard-disk crash at Simplenet (the company that hosts this site). At this moment, part of the forum-area is still not completely up. Even worse is that message and replies to messages that have been posted between June 28th and July 1st have been lost forever.
We would like to make an apology here, promise that it wíll probably happen again some day or another, and would like to thank everybody who has stuck with us during these difficult moments (that means you : since you're reading this).

Deviate (sometimes also known as DV8), the hardcore-crossover-metal band from Brussels has just released it's fifth album (that's without counting a Japanese live-album and a US-compilation).
"State of Grace" was recorded at the Hautregard Studio's with André Gielen and Lionel KDR, and is out on "I Scream Records". They will present the new album - "the hardest Deviate ever recorded" - at the Dour-festival next weekend, a belgian and Dutch club tour in September a Japanese tour later on in the year.
Tracklisting, some MP3's and more info at the Deviate-website.

July 2nd, 1999

This fivesome from the region of Lichtaart in the Province of Antwerpen has just made it's debut with the cracking single "Jelly".
You might know Q from their energetic performances at a number of talent contests (finals of the European Rock Prize '98 in Athens, 3rd place at Marktrock Podium '99, finals Emergenza-festival) or simply from their steaming gigs in the Belgian and Dutch club-circuit. But now you can also get to know them from their first release - a production of Reinert D'Haene from Ashbury Faith - distributed by the German label CODE-music.
If you'd like to go and see Q live, you can do so with a very short notice in :
- the 7the Heaven, Oudemansstraat in Antwerpen (July 3rd)
- de Gevangenis (the jail), Begijnenstraat in Antwerpen (on July 4th, I wonder what those guys are up to on the night of the 3rd ??)
Later on they'll be at a number of summer festivals (Malmejock in Oostmalle - 30/07, Suikerrock in Tienen - 01/08, Marktrock in Leuven ..)

Today Helmut Lotti and his management team gathered the Belgian press to reveal their plans for the next career move on the road to world domination in the career of this Elvis-imitator, Flemish crooner, light-classic tenor, ideal son-in-law and world celebrity Helmut Lotti zal worden : this time he'll point his arrows to the African continent.
He already has finished a large part of what will be a CD called "Out of Africa" - with a number of African guests. On it will be songs like "Nkosi Sikelele" (The South-African Anthem), "Malaika" (Tanzanian traditional), "Pata Pata" (Miriam Makeba) and "Asimbonanga" (Johnny Clegg & Savuka). - A first single will be drawn from it at the end of august, the release of the full CD has been planned for the end of October. Helmut also plans to fill Vorst Nationaal - Forêt National three times (December 17, 18 and 19) for a live-show around the songs on the CD (tickets : 0900/00.991). Sunday Juy 11th, he will stage a concert at the Casino of Knokke (tickets : 050/63.05.05)
No word from all this on his official site though.

One of the "nestors" of Flemish folk music, Gentenaar Walter De Buck will be celebrated extensively this Sunday for his sixty-fifth anniversary. In "het Volkhuis" (Sleepstraat) there will be a public celebration of th man, with also a number of folky gigs on the agenda from 15h30 onwards. If - at this blessed age - Walter's own "Vlieger"(The Kyte - his best known song) will still fly high, remains to be seen.

Bonfires are being lit, the dioxine-crisis is almost forgotten, a hooray-mood radiates from the faces of each and every Belgian citizen ... next ear there will be a Belgian contestant at the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.
After the rather dissapointing score of Vanessa Chinitor in Israel, it was feared that Belgium lacked 10 points to make it to this year's group of 25 countries to be admitted. In the meantime there have been enough cancellations to guarantee Belgium it's place from the organising committee. This year the french-speaking RTBF holds the honour of picking a contestant (as a successor to Melanie Cohl met "Dis Oui").


July 1, 1999

The witty punkers of The Boerenzonen op Speed - best known from their suprising triphophit in 1996 called "Vliegtuig" - have decided to call it a day.
In a press statement they blame it all on the dioxine-crisis that's still hitting the Belgian farmers ("The ministery of Health fears European reactions and has given an order to destroy"). They will say goodbye to the fans with three free concerts : Thursday July 8th in Vilvoorde, Friday July 9th in Turnhout and Saturday July 10th in Dendermonde. Tom Lumbeeck of Belgian Asociality will also join the farewell- party. The band calls on all their fans to really misbehave for the last time.

29 juni 1999

Although he was showing off in his most ardent manner on a recorded program on Canvas tonight, Noordkaap's Stijn Meuris is feeling rather lowly at the moment : he has been hospitalized due to problems with the pancreas and gall-stones.
Due to his illness, Noordkaap had to cancel a gig at Parkpop at The Hague (in front of 250.000 toeschouwers) and now also the long-awaited gig at T/W next Sunday is getting in dire straits. In an interview with local newspaper Belang van Limburg Stijn was quoted as saying that "if necessary he would go on stage on a stretcher".
Better news is that the group has released the wonderful song "Geweldig Mooi Lied" as a single (after "Rode LED's" has passed by almost unnoticed).

Magazine Move-X - specialised in commercial & club beats - has handed out their annual "Move-X Dance Awards" last weekend in the Antwerp Club Zillion.
Winners were Mackenzie feat. Jessy (best dance act), Milk Inc (best dance single for "Promise me"), Push (best club single for "Universal Nation"), Fiocco (best dance cd), Solid Sounds (best compilation), I Love Techno (best event), M.I.K.E. (best producer), Yves Deruyter (best DJ), Trance 'n Dance (best radio program), MegaDance (best TV-show).
A lifetime achievement award was handed out to Pat Krimson (2 Fabiola, Nunca, Leopold 3 ...).
More info at the Move-X-site

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