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Period : July 12 - 19, 1999
In this issue : dEUS, Zita Swoon, Neon Electronics, Das Pop, Beach Rock, Vandal X, Claude Barzotti, Metal Molly, Telex, Les Nuits Botaniques.

July 19th, 1999

dEUS not only gave an impressive concert at Beach Rock, last weekend, Tom Barman also had some news to announce : In an interview with Studio Brussel, he told that the group will halt all activities next year ("everybody will go their own way for a small year"). This means that the next dEUS-record won't come out before 2001, but it also means that next year there will probably be some solo-projects (there are already some rumours going on about a coöperation Barman-Stef Kamil Carlens).
Tom Barman also said that the group won't attempt to make it in the States ("To tour there would cost too much. I don't think the album will be distributed there, 'cause the record company doesn't exist there anymore, it's now Universal-Interscope or something. I really don't feel like going over there and shaking everybody's hand again. No, we're doing ok over here and that's ok for us").
The group has already done 70 gigs during the first leg of the European tour. The magagement is currently plotting the dates for the second part. It looks like there will be three more gigs in Belgium : currently it looks like 14,15, 16 October at the "Halles de Schaarbeek" in Brussels.

Zita Swoon wil this week release a mini-cd around their song "My bond with you and your planet ... DISCO!" - a song that was released on single about a month ago and that currently resides at n°6 in "De Afrekening".
The cd will be called "Disco! Adventures" and contains 8 tracks, all remixes of that same song by people such as Soulwax, Daan Stuyven and Starflam. There will also be version by Stef Kamil at home, a version by Tom Pintens and a live-version. Lastly the video for the song will also be included.

July 14th, 1999

On July 30th, the group Neon Electronics will make it's live debut in Leuven and on the internet.
Neon Electronics is the band from Dirk Da Davo - ex-member of the famous belgian underground band The Neon Judgement - and Remo Perotti - aka Mad Mix Man Reemoh - aka "het Sjamajee!-mannetje" - who had recently released a first album on a new label - Dancedelic-D. The concert on July 30th will be an invitee-only happening in the centre of Leuven.
Free tickets for the gig can be obtained by buying their album at the Proxis-store, by answering a few questions at this site, or by asking them in a friendly e-mail. Those who can't get in this way, are being promised a live cybercast via the neon electronics-website starting at midnight.
In a press statement, the band promises a "groove crossover of hard techno-beats, housy electroloops, and some weird psychedelica" that will "beat your lazy web-asses to a new dimension !".

July 13th, 1999

Sunday, Axion Beach Rock announced that Das Pop has won this year's "People's Choice" voting for a place at the festival. The votes that were cast by telephone were counted as follows :

1. Das Pop
2. Neeka
3. Vandal X
4. Moxie
5. St.-Andries MC's

This means that the britbelpoprockers will have the opportunity to kick off the festival this Saturday at 10:30. Later on the same Main Stage follow Reef, The Beautiful South, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, The Cardigans, Garbage, dEUS and a 'Tribal Beach Night' with Massive Attack. On the smaller side stages there are interesting danceable acts such as Urban Dance Squad, Les Rhythmes Digitales, Buscemi, Groove Cartel, Rino Size and the likes. The first 55,000 tickets have already been sold out completely, but the organisation is busy enlarging the festival-area and printing tickets. More info can be found at the Axion Beach Rock-site.

In the margins of "Zwemdokrock", last Saturday in Lummen, and the Dour-festival last Friday in Dour, it was made public that the rift between Jo Boes and Bart Timmermans - the two members of the noise-band Vandal X - is complete and forever. Bart Timmermans will however keep on going with the band and has recruited Davy Schroyen - the former drummer of Evil Superstars - as a new ruthlessly stickwielding drummer. Those present have testified that there was absolutely no decline in volume from the old Vandal X.

The frenchspeaking charm singer Claude Barzotti - best known from his magnific slow "Madame"of 1980, but who has continued in the Walloon showbiz since, for instance as the writer of the Belgian entry to Eurosong 1992 "Nous, on veut des violons" - has recently been acquitted by the Brussels Court of Appeal in a trial for rape that was being held against him.
Barzotti was accussed of this crime by a fan (a singer herself) who he had lured to his appartment with the promise of writing a song for her and had ended in his bed. The court followed the version of the facts that Barzotti and his lawyers presented during the trials, so that the singer can now start thinking about his career again after what he claims has been a "real nightmare".

July 12th, 1999

It had been known for some time that the group from Werchter Metal Molly had been reunited after about a year of inactivity. Although the members of the band are still swarming about in all directions (e.g. Cabbage, Mitsoobishy Jacson), things are getting more concrete now : the group has signed a deal with record company Double T (also the home of other fine belgian products such as Noordkaap, K's Choice, Arid, Ozark Henry ...). They will record an album in the fall, but that won't see the light before the year 2000.
Almost the entire band has also recently contributed to the latest album of Dutch band Bettie Serveert.

It's not entirely "official", but rumour has is that later on this year, Telex - the "legendary" belgian synth pop band - will reform : the occiasion for this happening will be a show at "Les Nuits Botaniques", the festival that will be held in Brussels from 21-25th September. During the party also a number of contributors to the "I don't like remixes"-projects will be present (carl craig, buckfunk3000 ...)
Other bands that have already been confirmed for "Les Nuits Botaniques" include David Shea, The Walkabouts, Tindersticks ... but many more will follow (see the site)

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