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Period : July 20 - 28, 1999
In this issue : Anna Domino, Snakefarm, Machiavel, Lokerse Feesten, Jef Claessen, The Belpoptop, Marktrock, Neeka, Francofolies.

July 28, 1999

Anna Domino - who had moved to the desert in America and has been teaming up with her husband Michel Delory in the band/project "Snakefarm" these last years, see the newsarchive of April 6-13, 1999 for a brief presentation and some links for this - is coming back to Belgium. She'll be giving a performance in the Ancienne Belgique on September 11th. On that occasion, they will be presenting the album "Songs From My Funeral" with a "Multimedia Live Show", apperently the duo playing/singing live with backing tracks and video projection.
Tickets at FNAC-salespoints or online at the ABsite from August 13th on.

The progrockers of Machiavel will release a double live cd on EMI Belgium on September 6th. On it there will be tracks that the band recorded during the "Very Best Of"-Tour and during the most recent "Virtual Sun"-Tour. There will also be some tracks that have never been released before on the album.
Despite the occupation of two Machiavel-members with Danni Klein in Purple Prose, apparently there will be some time to organize a small tour to promote this live-album. Hopefully somebody will be wise enough NOT to record these concerts, otherwise that loop will never stop ....
More info at the Machiavel-site.

July 26, 1999

The organisers to one of the Belgian Festivals that is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year, "The Lokerse Feesten", have put together a CD-Rom with a complete overview of all these years at the festival.
The CD-rom includes all flyers & posters of the 25 years, a review of almost all the bands (that's over 600 in all), lots of pictures of the bands onstage & backstage, recipies of cocktails and other yummy things that were invented at the Festival, anecdotes & dirty stories and a few video-fragments. The cd will only be for sale during the days of the festival itself in Lokeren, for a mere 250 Bef (that's practically nothing in Euro). And the festival itself is almost free too !!
You can go and see :
- Frank Boeijen (NL), Gotthard (CH) and/or Clouseau (B) on July 31st.
- De Mens (B), Björn Again (Australia) and/or The Wailers (Jamaïca) on August 1st
- Loudon Wainwright III (USA), Ilse DeLange (NL), Soulwax (B) on August 2nd
- The Seatsniffers (B), The Blind Boys of Alabama (USA) and/or Dr. John (USA) on August 3rd
- Wizards of Ooze (B), Orquesta Aragón (Cuba) and/or Femi Kuti (Nigeria) on August 4th
- Arid (B), Richard Thompson (UK) and/or Luc De Vos / Gorki / ?? (B) on August 5th
- a few DJ's on a Dance Night on August 6th
- Daan (B), Arno (B) and/or Hooverphonic (B) on August 7th
- Bram Vermeulen (NL), Will Tura (B) and/or the Clement Peerens Explosition (B) on August 8th.
More info at the Lokerse Feesten-website

July 25, 1999

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the 83-year-old Jef Claessen died in Neerpelt. "A giant leap for the man, a small step for mankind" you might say, but you'd talk different if you knew that this gentleman was one of the Belgian radio-pioneers, that he was the leader of Radio Hasselt (later Radio Limburg, regional broadcaster of the national BRT), that he was one of the founders of the European Youth Music Festival in Neerpelt, that he was the organiser of over a thousand concerts and ... - as far as we're concerned this is the most important feature - that he was the very first one to give Jacques Brel a chance to perform his singing and poetic abilities on the radio. I rest my case, he rests in his.

July 23, 1999

Starting next week, this website will start a new chart : anything goes in it (all musical styles, underground or mainstream) as long as the band artist/band is from Belgium.

For the first edition, I've selected 20 songs that I personally would like to see in such a chart, but the taste of the public can of course be quite different (K3?, Michaels Beatbox?).

You the - many - readers of this poptelex, can help by :
- voting (you can even win a cd, by Neeka, with it) - see below
- spreading the word (whether you're a journalist, webmaster or a fan with many friends. The URL =
- putting prizes at our disposal (tickets, cd's, promo's ...)
- suggesting improvements (mail to )

July 20th, 1999

Spa will host - starting tomorrow - the 6th edition of the "Francofolies" (a partly free festival that will see some 50.000 spectators in the little town in the Ardennes). The programme consists of 5 days of very diverse musical acts, loosely arranged into 'theme'-nights :
- Wednesday July 21st : "National Day", with Gil Bréac, Légitime Démence, Dun Leia (F), Miossec (F), Paule-André Cassidy (Q), Philmarie, Pierre Rapsat, Ravenne, Soldat Louis (F), Les Slÿp's, Teri Moïse (Haïti) and Zo.
- Thursday July 22nd : day "Wallonie Terre d'accueil" with Angelo Branduardi (I), Jérôme Cotta (F), Kamel Ettounsi, Philippe Lafontaine, Ignatus (F), Jo Lemaire chante Piaf, Yvon Mars, Mousta, Cryst@l Palace, Rachid Taha (F), Si ça nous chante (B) and Vincent Venet (B).
- Friday July 23 : "Eurofolies" with Le 3ème Oeil (F), Czerkinsky (F), William Dunker, Marc Gilson, Mata, Killa Tactics, I Muvrini (C), Rival, Dick Rivers, Scandale, Bienvenu'n Sonar, and Zucchero (I).
- Saturday July 24 "Celtic day" with Armens (F), Assam, Ateliers Chanson, les Druides Saumonés (F), E.V. (F), les Hurlements d' Leo (F), Nicolas Peyrac (F), Manau (F), Mario Peluso (Q), Mac Rahl, Perry Rose and Tri Yann.
- Sunday : "Francofolie" day with Bruno Brel, Jean-Louis Daulne, Zoé Gilbert, Daniel Hélin, Sally Nyolo Open, Ripley, Fête à Claude Semal, Sttellla & friends, Les Ti'Tchapias, Zazie (F).
The RTBF and Netbeat propose a number of webcasts in realaudio of some of the gigs, the most intesting being Pierre Rapsat (July 21 at 21:30), Jo Lemaire and her Edith Piaf project (July 22 at 22:00), Perry Rose (July 23 at 19:00) and Jean-Louis Daulne, Zazie and the inimitable Sttellla on July 25 from 18:00 till 23:00. Times are GMT+1.
All other info on the Francofolies of Spa at their website.

Neeka, the charming singer-songwrite-ster who made her debut earlier this year on Oyster Records, is urgently looking for some musicians to complete her backing band (a bass-player and a drummer to be more precise). Contact her management Manta Ray at (+32)(0)2/414.13.33.
The lucky - talented - bastards who will be chosen can immediately get on the stage on such places as the Dranouter Folk Festival, Marktrock Leuven and the Crossing Border Festival in The Hague.

The organisers of Marktrock Leuven - the biggest (almost) free festival in Belgium - today have completed the line-up for their upcoming event. As always, the festival will last three days and has an enormous amount of Belgian (and some other) mainstream rock & popbands on 5 podia all through the little city.
The programme on the main stage will consist of the following bands :
- Friday August 13 : Mozaiek, Bløf (NL), Volumia! (NL), Clouseau, Hooverphonic & Praga Khan
- Saturday August 14 : Das Pop, Soulwax, Ilse de Lange (NL), Purple Prose, Bjorn Again (UK) and Errol Brown (UK)
- Sunday August 15 : The Roswells, Eden, Jessica (S), Apollo 440 (UK), Jovanotti (I), Brand New Heavies (UK), Buddy Guy (USA).
On the other stages, there will be many interesting acts, featuring the names of :
- Dogman, Kamino, Fence, Architecten van de Toekomst, Daan, Frank Boeyen (NL), Fuzzball, Shake the Chicken, Jones, The Congee, Gearbox, The Black (S), The Golden Retriever, Trez Manos, Marjan Debaene, P-Disco Revival, Venus in Flames, Willy Willy's Moody Voodoo, Benvis and his Rockets, Doe Maar Na (NL) and "De Minetten" (Yasmine, Geena Lisa ...) on Friday.
- Q, Bar 8, The Romans, Sarah, Saskia Laroo Band (NL), Yulduz (UB), Boogie Boy, Chaos, Toon Walgrave, St-Andries MC's, Natural Born DJ's, The Apples, Funky Fly, Splinter, Candye Kane, Bram Vermeulen, Groove Grocery, Blues Lee, Jaune Toujours, Dyzack (NL) and Voice Male on Saturday.
- Meklar, The Phillibustas, The Paranoiacs, Kashmir, U-Gene & Oh-Jay (NL), Ozark Henry, Arid, Celluloid, Kite, Neeka, High Voltage, Big Rude Jake (UK), Supersub (NL), Autopulver (NO), Ernie Dexter, Tydal, Orphan, Speaking T, Bloem de Ligny, The Samantha Brothers, Stan Van Samang, L'Ocean, The Whodads, Phonky Boot, Philippe Robrecht Trio, Garifuna Legacy (Zuid Amerika) on Sunday.
The complete who's who and where exactly can be found on the Marktrock-website.

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