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Period : August 9 - 16, 1999
In this issue : Das Pop, Zita Swoon, Gearbox, Daan, Rudolf Hecke, Kite, Neeka, The Paranoiacs, Eden, Fence, Hooverphonic, Waremme Capitale Rock, Star Industry, Soulwax.

August 16, 1999

Contrary to what we wrote here yesterday, Cornelius will not be the producer of the next Das Pop album. As Jeroen Vereecke of the band's management informed me, there are only some plans to do a few remixes (for B-sides etc). The new single will indeed be "Electronica For Lovers", and it will be produced by David Dewaele (one of the flying Soulwax Brothers). For the full album, nothing has been decided yet.

Zita Swoon's "My bond with you and your planet ... disco!" is not only making it's way in the Ultratop (26th in the official chart of best-selling singles in Belgium), but it's also still well ahead in the second edition of the Belpoptop. In the lower regions there are however plenty of changes, among which two new entries by Soulwax :

1 Zita Swoon - Our bond .. Disco!
2 Arid - Believer
3 dEUS - Sister Dew
4. Soulwax - Saturday meets Billy Jean
5 K's Choice - Cocoon Crash
6 Eden - Party Girl
7 Mitsoobishy Jacson - Mitsoobishy Jacson
8 Daan - Boots
9 Kamino - Donut
10 Hooverphonic - Lung
11 Praga Kahn - Visions & imaginations
12 De Mens - Radiohoofd
13 Kiss My Jazz - Easy Money
14 Q - Jelly
15 Gwyllions - I can hear music
16 Milk Inc. - Oceans
17 Hof Van Commerce - Mag et entwa mjir zin
18 Buscemi - My Suitor
19 Soulwax - Too Many DJ's
20 Neeka - Eve

New suggestions for this week include :
- Arno "In My Bed" (or "Dans Mon Lit") - from "Le European Cowboy"
- Axelle Red "Faire Des Mamours" - 2nd single from "Toujours Moi"
- Kadril "Van Boord"
- Samantha Brothers "Dance To The Music" - from "On the Beat"
- Star Industry "New Millennium"
- Johan Verminnen "De Zomer"from "Vroeger en Later"
If you vote for the next edition (August 29), you have a chance of winning a CD by Neon Electronics.

Marktrock backstage-newsfacts part 2 :
A group that was somewhat handicapped in it's presence at Marktrock was the Antler-group "Gearbox". The reason : their guitar-player had been arrested in London a few days before. The crime : he was trying to climb the wall around Buckingham Palace, stark naked, in the presence of two prostitutes. What was he thinking, since only the 99-year old Queen Mum was residing there at the time ??

Daan was not pleased at all with his gig at Marktrock, due to a bad monitoring system on stage. "Kut met peren, die monitors trokken op geen kloten!" he summarized the situation. He didn't feel that his music is only meant for small clubs though : "It all depends on how stoned the crowd is".
He announced that he is currently working on the new Dead Man Ray-album and said that it will be quite a crazy, nice and varied one. Possibly it might even become a double album. Other plans include a "cd with an old hero he recently met, a cd about agricultural techniques, a cd for children, a cd in French and another solo-album". He will continue touring 'till everyone is fed up with it.
Mr. Stuyven has also co-written the music that will be used for the television version of het Leugenpaleis (Bart Peeters & Hugo Matthysen), to be shown on "Canvas" starting September 2nd.

Rudolf Hecke, one of the "enfant terrible" of the Belgian scene, has teamed up with a new singer, Kristel Rombouts, and their new band, Kite, made it's debut at Marktrock. Hecke started out in the eighties as a experimental one-man new wave band, but took his career to much more commercial grounds in the nineties with his girlfriend Meredith and the sunny popband "Pop in Wonderland".
As the bio says, "The positieve message is still there, and so is the sometimes psychedelic angle. But with Kite the music is much closer to rock than it was with Pop in Wonderland". The band will hit the studio to record an album next month.

Neeka (or Ilse Goovaerts) was very pleased with her presence at Marktrock and Dranouter Folkfestival. Things are going reasonably well here in Belgium (a second single, "Eve", has just been released), and slowly but surely she is making a move to the neighbouring countries. Next week, her CD will be released in the Netherlands, and afterwards she will be going to Portugal, where the cd also will be available and a number of gigs are planned. Her plans for the future also include a number of "showcases" in America.

August 15, 1999

Here are a few bits & pieces of info that could be gathered in the backstages of Marktrock, the open-air festival in Leuven that wished it wasn't this year :

The Paranoiacs, one of the few remaining eighties garage-wave bands, are not only together again, they also are more active than ever. After the single "Back from Nowhere" and the Scabs-like "Dog Day Afternoon", the band is now also close to releasing a new full-cd. The material has already been recorded in July and will be released as "7-day Weekend" somewhere in October. As the singer said to an interviewer "The Paranoiacs are better than ever, and we were already pretty good in the past."

Eden gave a very good gig on the main stage of the festival, and is on the verge of a breakthrough in the Netherlands. The album "Seafood" has been released there a few weeks ago, and especially the new single "Party Girl" is doing very well. The record company has also decided to give the album a go in Germany and France.

Fence - the band that finished second in the last Rock Rally and already has released the interesting EP "Singapore Airlines" - will release their first full-cd in September. It will be called "Return of Geronimo" and will be released on new record label Labelman. "We did our best and it is sounding pretty good. For the time being all is going well with the band, for as long as that lasts we'd better enjoy it", said the guys in a incredible flurry of promospeak." In September/October they will start touring to promote the album.

Das Pop are finishing up the songs for their first full-length CD, under the guidance of the Japanese producer Cornelius. At Marktrock, they played a good gig in front of an uninterested crowd, and announced that their next single will be "Electronica for lovers" (releasedate probably in October). The B-side might be a cover of "Material Girl" of La Ciccone, which they surprisingly performed on stage.

Alex Callier of Hooverphonic told the Stubru reporters that they are doing very little gigs this summer (Dour, Lokerse Feesten, Marktrock), since they are very busy writing the songs for their next album. He said already to have finished 25 songs. He revealed that the album will be very different again from their first two releases. The remix of "Lung" they did is not a indication of the direction the group is taking. Normally, a first single should be released in February, and the album could be for April or May.
Alex Callier has also recently finished a soundtrack for the film "Shades", for which he has written a track they will release as "Nilfisk". Meanwhile, "Jaguar America" has bought the track "Battersea" for their ads this year, while "Eden" is being used on more soundtracks, including a new Jonathan Demme-film.

August 10, 1999

That is at least what the organizers of the Festival "Waremme Capitale Rock" hope for their third edition - September 11th this year. As they say themselves, the emphasis for the festival is "discovering".
This will be done with a few local bands (Bliss and Electro:Lux, the winners of the Belgian leg of Emergenza this year). Then comes Moxie, a band who has recorded an interesting album with "fuck"ed-up guitarpop in California. There's also Cleanse, a heavy rock band from Sacramento, "Curiosity plays The Cure" - who play the songs of Robert Smith & C°.
Headliners to the festival are Sweet Jane (the revelation of the year in the south of the country with the slightly experimental pop on "Little Bird"), Perry Rose (the Irish belgian who has just released a compilation album with his most "celtic" songs : "Celtic Circus") and the English band The Cranes.
Tickets are 300 Bef in presales and can be purchased at their website

One of the acts of the Eurorock-festival of last weekend (which was a slightly less than okay experience for me) was the local band "Star Industry".
This group (Peter Beckers, Marc Haerden, Stijn Kuijpers and Xavier Vrancken) is one of the emerging groups on the Belgian goth-scene. Two years ago, they emerged out of the blue (or was it black?) with their CD "Iron Dust Crush" (on Revelation Records), and the hammering song "Nineties" (which got them airplay from the States to Lebanon).
On Eurorock, the goth-band presented an E.P. called "New Milennium", which contains three of their own tracks and a cover from Killing Joke's "Kings & Queens". A second full cd-release can be expected around the turn of the millennium.
More info at the Star Industry official website.

August 9, 1999

Soulwax will not only be performing a live set on the main stage of the upcoming Marktrock festival next this Saturday, the "Flying Dewaele Brothers" will also be doing a "Deejay-set" during the wee small hours of the morning.
Studio Brussel, who will be covering this three-day festival during their program "All Areas" all through the weekend, will be broadcasting this deejay-set live from 00:30 'till 2:00. Now they have persuaded a number of bars in Leuven to tune in to their station at that time, to make it one gigantic party. And the plans don't stop there : they now have launched an appeal to all Belgian bars to do the same thing. In return, the bartenders receive an "exclusive" t-shirt and a Soulwax-promo-pack, including their upcoming single "Too Many DJ's".
Contact : There will also be a live webcast all throught the Marktrock weekend at

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