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Period : August 17 - 30, 1999
In this issue : Hoodoo Club, Krewcial @ The Hop, Zita Swoon, Maanrock Mechelen, Nandrin Festival, Limbomania.

August 30, 1999

One of the lesser surprises we found out returning from our holiday last week, was the news that The Hoodoo Club has split. This band, who was a big promise in Belgian music with a enchanting mix of dEUS, the Triffids & swamp-rock, has released one full-cd : "A just temporary loss in masculinity" in 1997.
Harald Vanherf, frontman of the band, brought the news to Surf-Inn : he explained the situation as "the band members just didn't get along anymore, even though we were busy rehearsing for a second album, which would be produced by Jean-Marie Aerts".

With the new school season, there's also the resuming of the normal programme's on the radio & tv stations. On the radio-waves, there are few big changes, except for one nice surprise that Studio Brussel is bringing : from now on, there is a two hour hip-hop programme, every Tuesday evening between 21:00 and 23:00.
MC will be Krewcial, the rapper from Ghent who made his CD-debut this year (after ten years of bringing out cassettes) and had a minor radio-hit with "The A.L.". At last : my chance to learn the difference between Old School & New School, East & West-Coast ...

August 29, 1999

Zita Swoon's "My bond with you and your planet ... disco!" is still clinging to it's lead in the in the third edition of the Belpoptop. However, Arid is creeping near with "Believer" and Soulwax comes storming into the top three with their newest single "Too Many Deejay's". Further down, there are four new entries (Johan Verminnen "De Zomer", Axelle Red "Faire Des Mamours", Arno "In My Bed", Neon Electronics with "UBThere").
New suggestions for this week include :
- "Bol", the second single from the cd "Herman" of the hiphopcrew 't Hof Van Commerce.
- Kadril "Van Boord"(single from the CD "Eva", to be released on September 15)
- The Samantha Brothers "Dance To The Music" - from "On the Beat"
- Soul Sucker "Ordinary" (second single from the cd "Is Everything")
If you vote for the next edition (September 12), you have a chance of winning a cd of your choice at the Frontstage CD-Store (value 650 Bef, almost 20$!!).

August 22, 1999

There'll be no updates this week (22-29 August). I'm outta here.

If you're so hooked up on Belgian popnews, perhaps you can gather some from :
- BRT-teletext (
- Studio Brussel (
- Surf-inn (
- Webzine Nameless (
- Frontstage Magazine (
- Uptomusic (

Take care. Dirk.

August 19, 1999

A festival that's growing in size fast is the free festival "Maanrock" in Mechelen (Moonrock): for no money whatsoever, you can go and see II-zwaard, De Bossen, The Paranoiacs, Mitsoobishy Jacson, Tröckener Kecks, The Kids, Noordkaap, Janez Detd, De Heideroosjes, Metal Molly & De Mens this Saturday. On Sunday the programma is more mainstream with The Dirty Dogs, Joey's Boogie Woogie Band, Phonky Boots, Mozaïek, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Sarah & Will Tura.
There's also less brilliant news from Mechelen, however : the organizers of the "Dijlefeesten", a much smaller festival in another part the city, received an advice from the police to cancel the Maroccan band "El Adoua" from their line-up. The authorities adviced this because "they couldn't guarantee the safety during that concert, since at the same time De Heideroosjes would be playing at Maanrock and they attract a right-wing audience". Although the dutch punk-band Heideroosjes won't be very glad with that stigma & this argumentation is probably only another sign of how right-wing the authorities in Mechelen have become, The Dijlefeesten have replaced El Adoua with Buadee & The Walkers, a reggeaband. Jah mon, Peace!

Another interesting audio-experience this weekend might be the alternative sounds that the Nandrin Festival (between Liège and Huy) is serving up this weekend :
- on Friday the 20th, there will be a dance-tent with Jack de Marseille, Amon Tobin, DJ Double AXL, Bernard Dobbeleer, Jacknife Lee and DJ Alex Klimov. There'll also be a "Forum Fnac" with Bliss, Essential, Out For Blood, Looking Up, Drowning, Belief, Austin Lace, Flexa Lyndo & Course Of Action.
- On Saturday, the programma is rather more interesting, with Daan, Hooverphonic, B.J. Scott, Les Rythmes Digitales (!), Ellioth Murphy (!), Geoffrey Oryema, Les Gauff' Au Suc, 10.000 Woman Men, Ozark Henry, Moxie, Sweet Jane, Les Slyps, 98%, Austin Lace and Sodascene.
A ticket for the two days costs 900 fr. More info cannot be found at the website of the festival (, since that site is dead.

Limbomania, the talent contest for beginning rockbands from the eastern province of Limburg, has published the 50 names who'll be participating in the preselections of this year's edition. Will perform :
- on Saturday October 2nd at CC Neeroeteren: Agent Orange, Cloud Headed, Grimalkin, Kingsizesmokinmojoslim, Mint, OS4, Speeding Jesus, Tequila Waitress, The Daddy Long Legs, Zippy Zoo.
- on Saturday October 9th at CC Genk: Abundanza, August, C.O.E.M., Harvey Lee John, reshmann Quartet, Magic Midget, Nevergreen, Sigi Aron, Spacepunks.
- on Saturday October 16 at De Manège Sint-Truiden : Atra, Belgian Breakfast, BI.F.F., Death's Bride, Electrified, Giggz Rhymedealaz, The Dodgems, Yearn, Marco Zanetton.
- On Saturday October 23 at De Markthallen in Herk-de-Stad : A. Bennet and her Beautifulls, Blanket, Cornflames, Groove-less, Honeysimple, Polzki Fiat, Porcupine, Prejudice, Shadowlife, V-BRA-FX.
- On Saturday October 30 at De Moffel in Lommel : Acces Denied, Alias, Disfunktional, Gubblebum, Lowgrade, Pentathedron, Stingray, Temporary Closed, Velvet Monkey, Yellow Fish.
More info on the website of the Limbomania.

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