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Period : August 31 - September 5, 1999
In this issue : Toy, Thou, 10000 Women Man, Leyers-Michiels & Soulsister, Crammerock, Noordkaap, Kolk.

September 5, 1999

Toy - best known from it's early eighties songs 'Suspicion' and 'Crazy Monday' - will release a cd with remastered versions of the original studio-takes. The title will be "Antoylogy" and plans are it will be ready for shipping from the beginning of October.
There will be 20 songs on the CD, all from the early period of the band, such as Not Your Friend, Tanz der Gilles, Un Dramma Di Sera, Son of Saint Mary, Crazy Monday, All American, and of course Suspicion. The cd will be accompanied by a 20-page full-colour booklet with the Toy-history (in songs and pictures). In the middle of October there will even be a oy-website online.
Those interested (count me in), can pre-order the CD from Payola Records at for a mere 483 Bef (BTW inclusive, mailing costs not included). You can contact them by telephone at 052-337661 (+3252337661 from abroad) or 03-8898666, by fax at 03-8898666 or by e-mail:

Koen de Sutter, director at Theater Zuidpool, has engaged the Belgian band Thou to provide the music for a piece called "De Drumleraar" (the drum teacher) by Arne Sierens. The actors Jan Steen and Marijke Pinoy will get a live-accompaniment by the music of the band. Thou will also perform a mini-concert after each show. "De Drumleraar" will have it's première at Theater Zuidpool on September 15th, and will run until September 25th there. Afterwards, the play will go on tour through Flanders from September 28th to October 30th.
Other good news from this band is that we heard the band is currently in London, where they are recording a second CD (releasedate not known yet).

September 2, 1999

No splitting bands today, on the contrary : an interesting upcoming band is the band "10000 women man", the new band of Marc Debacker, who was part of Mucky Pup and the famous Dog Eat Dog before. His band, which initially also sported Tony De Martino (ex-Channel Zero) have released a single "Down and Out", and now also full-cd (on Rana, distributed by HKM), filled with quite impressive rock, somewhere between alternative rock, heavy stuff and emo-core.
The band will present the cd, this Saturday, September 4th at Flanagan's in Brussels (The Spaceship, rue L'Ecuyer), with FIE (an all-girl band) as an opener and a party afterwards.

In this week of splitting bands, there is apparently also some news for more constructive news : Jan Leyers & Paul Michiels (of the band Leyers, Michiels & Soulsister) will very briefly join forces again : in October, there will be the release of a brand new single "Try not to Cry", as an eyecatcher for a double-best-of album that will be released a little bit later (just in time for the X-mas tree?).
However, the record company confirms that there are no plans to get the group back together again beyond that.

Although the festival-season has now shifted into a much lower gear (the schools have already resumed their activities this week), there still a lot of activity around. This Saturday, there will be the ninth edition of "Crammerock" in Stekene.
There will be two stages, one with the best of belgian hiphop ('t Hof Van Commerce, Sint-Andries MC's and ABN - a last-minute change because dutch rapper Extince can't make it), and one with the best of belgian loudmouths (Rubber Bullet, Red Zebra, De Mens, and the last gig of The Clement Peerens Explosition).
Tickets are 550 fr. at the entrance. More info at

August 31, 1999

More bad news from groups splitting up : in an interview with Humo today, the news was revealed that Noordkaap will throw in the towel at the end of March.
Ten years after the breakthrough of the band - winning the Rock Rally with their steaming Will Tura-cover of "Arme Joe" - the reason for this sad affair is that Lars Van Bambost, the guitarplayer and songwriter, has decided to leave the band (he will join Novastar, who will release their debut next month) Although Noordkaap has lived to serious changes in personnel over the years, this was the sign for frontman Stijn Meuris to call it a day. However, Meuris will continue with a dutch-singing band, together with the drummer and the keyboardplayer of the current group.
All this doesn't mean that the Noordkaap-story is finished here and now : in october there will be a release of a compilation album (possibly with a bonus-live-cd), with on top of that a brand new single ("Goed nieuws voor slechte mensen", not song from "Massis"). All the concerts that were scheduled earlier (and possibly also a big farewell gig at the AB) will also continue.
(source : Humo, TV-Limburg).

After a few schermishes in the spring, the band KOLK (the new project of Gerry Vergult - previously of Aroma di Amore - with Maud Verlynde and Luc Gulinck) is shifting in a higher gear : on September 13, the debut album "Nachtschade"will be presented, and now there is already a single-edit of the track "Uma" (there will be some remixes of this track later on, by Soulwax, Gus Gus and DJ Thimbles).
In the meantime, Kolk is also busy rehearsing with the prospect of live-gigs, the first one taking place on October 7 at "het Kultuurkaffee" of the VUB in Brussels.
For all further Kolk-info, Sonymusic is busy preparing a website that should be online starting September 10 at this URL.

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