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Period : September 14-23, 1999
In this issue : Roland van Campenhout & Wannes Van De Velde, Eddy Wally, Novastar, dEUS, Sttellla, De Puta Madre, Les Nuits Botanique, Lio.

September 23, 1999

Under the name "Wannes & Roland", the monuments in Belgian rock and folk Roland van Campenhout and Wannes Van de Velde Wannes will join their forced in a theater tour across the country. "Wannes will sing the work of Roland and others, Van Campenhout will sing Van de Velde and others. In English, in Dutch, in Antwerps, in French ... And both will show their favourites across all musical frontiers : black and white folk, country, chanson, rhythm and rock, a capella - and even then the end of the emotions is no way near. Certainly no copycats, but new flavours with the backing of a small but rich company of musical centipedes. Two monuments, permanently on the move, in a series of surprising concerts", as the press-release of the tour says.
The avant-première of this show - later on all across Flanders - will be held this Saturyday in "het Candelaershuys".

The campy flemish Pop Star Eddy Wally has found his ultimate recognition : a collection of his costumes has been put on display in a museum. Under the title "Eddy Wally's geweldige garderobe", a lot of his most outrageous clothing's will be shown at the "Stedelijk Modemuseum" in Hasselt until October 24. (info : +32.(0)11/22.17.73)
The singer himself will be present at the museum to chat with his fans on September 26 and October 10. On October 13, he will even give a "spetterend optreden" and will auction some of the clothes on display - proceeds will go to a child cancer fund.
Picture from Eddy DoubleYou's site.

September 21, 1999

Although - and because - their incredible single "Wrong" is currently doing so well, Novastar is postponing the release of their debut album to the spring of 2000.
The winners of the 1996 version of the rock-rally (with the money frontman Joost Zweegers bought a studio where groups such as Zita Swoon, Noordkaap, Nemo & Soul Sucker have recorded), have been signed by Warner, and they have decided to remix the album entirely. This will be done by no other than John Luongo (Aerosmith, Fine Young Cannibals, Midnight Oil ...).

gh the ticket-craze of the beginning of the year seems to have died down a bit (the AB set records selling out three concerts of dEUS in no time), the "Halles De Schaarbeek" will host not two, but three nights wit dEUS in the middle of next month.
The programme for these gigs has more than dEUS :
- on 14 october, there will be Guided by Voices, Color Humano and Les Rhythmes Digitales.
- on October 15 - sold out already - Color Humano, Up, Bustle & Out and Les Rhythmes will assist
- on October 16, thee will be Les Rhyhtmes Digitales, Add N to X and a bunch of Deejay's.
Tickets (950 Bef) for this extra gig can be bought via 0900/00750 (payphone!), but luckily also through the shops from the chain FNAC.

September 20, 1999

The enfant-terrible of the South of the Country - Jean-Luc Fonck and his ever-changing group Sttellla, has been to the America's (in Québec to be more precise), and was followed on that trip by a tv-crew. The film that was shot there will be broadcasted by the RTBf this Friday in the programma "Intérieur Nuit".
The film will portray the man who toured with his programme "Il Faut Tourner L'Apache", his band, and the "life on the road".
More info :

De Puta Madre - one of the best Belgian french-rapping hip-hop crews with Pee Gonzalez and DJ Grazzhoppa - will finally release their second album early October. It'll be called "TECHNIQUE STONIC", and will be released - on Cd and LP of course - on 9MM Recordz (distribution Bang!). The production of the album was done by No Sleep Nigel, known for his work with The Herbaliser, KLF, London Posse, Blade ...
At this moment however, De Puta Madre has already a single out in the shops : "Vandal".
More info about the band (and soon about the new album) at

September 19, 1999

This week, most musical ears in Belgium will be pointed towards Brussels, because there will be a new edition of the fine festival "Les Nuits Botanique" over there. The packed programma this year contains :
- On Tuesday September 21 : Maurane, Philippe Lafontaine (with a chamber orchestra), Supergrass, Paradise Lost, Vanilla Coke (winners of the talent contest Concours Circuit), Scott 4, Radar Bros, Jacno (see Lio), Etienne Charry, Cryst@l Palace, Paco Ibanez and Gianmaria Testa.
- On Wednesday September 22 : Compay Segundo, Iva Bittova, Hubert-Felix Thiéfaine (qui ?), Vincent Venet, Marc Morgan, Venus (see news september 9), Beth Orton, Sodascene, Dionysos, Balthazar, Austin Lace, David Shae, Dhruba Gosh.
- On Thursday September 23 : Jacques Higelin (Beverly Jo Scott covered his "Mona Lisa Claxon" on her last CD), Daniel Hélin (very good singer-songwriter), Keziah Jones, PPz30, The Walkabouts, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Sweet Jane, Salaryman, The Grand Piano (ex-Juniper Boots), Pierre Bondu, John Cunningham, Calc, Mister Hank Harry.
- On Friday September 24 : Tindersticks, Whistler, Moby, Ozark Henry, Jerôme Minière, Dominique A, Moxie, Reef, Priba 2000, Copier-Coller (project with Scanner, David Shea, Kreidler, To Rococo Rot ...
- On Saturday September 25 : "Nuit Jeanne Moreau", with the actress herself and tributes by Alexandre Varlet, Melon Galia, Amina, Ignatus, Polar, Pascal Comelade, Jérôme Minière, Julien Baer. Also : Daan, Mitsoobishy Jacson, Sharko, Lula Pena.
- On Sunday September 26 : The Pretenders, Mud Flow, Placebo, Flexa Lyndo, Joi, State of Bengal, Rinôçérôse, Les Clones, Bochon.
The "Telex"-special that was announced earlier is nowhere to be seen.
More info about the festival :

September 14, 1999

Het Nieuwsblad & AFP report that Lio - the Belgo-Portuguese singer who had a number of hits in th eighties with cheery pop songs such as "Banana Split", "Amoureux Solitaires" etc.. - has had a not quite "amicalement vôtre" encounter with her own husband. Reza Azadane apparently has already been convicted to six months jail, of which four on probation.
The news was made public after Lio had to cancel the première of a new musical in the Folies Bergères in Paris (Sept filles et sept garçons - an adaptation of the story in Seven brides for seven brothers). Instead, she went to the police station to report a plaint against her partner for fysical violence she had sustained. Lio was supposed to play the main part in the musical, and will probably be unable to work for about ten days.

Tomorrow, a new Virgin-megastore will be festively opened in Liège. Richard Branson will of course fly in - he usually performs some sort of a stunt when he opens up a new store - and will open it at 11 o'clock. He will present a number of in-store gigs : Gay Dad, Zita Swoon, and the local band Starflam. After that some sort of a party is promised.

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