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Period : September 24-30, 1999
In this issue : Stricktly Rockers, La Muerte, Mustang Cobra, Rock Anzegem, Filmfestival Ghent, Soulwax, Studio Brussel, De Nieuwe Snaar.

September 30, 1999

Under the guidance of master-producer Jean-Marie Aerts, a new band with old people has recorded a brand new album: "Manalog" will be the title, "Stricktly Rockers" the name. The mysterious members : jan vön braedt and mister K.
Already on the radio : the single "supercybersexy".
As the bio says, the sound is "a mixture between dub-reggae, lo-fi pop, frippertronics and simplistic kraftwerk electronics". The whole thing was recorded with tiny-liliput guitar amps, toy synths and beat boxes, to create a very intimate,warm and wet atmosphere, resulting in "a surrealistic cross between Pet Shop Boys, Guided by Voices and Tom Waits in a rub-a-dub-stylie".
More info : stricktlyrock.htm

September 29, 1999

Under the name of "Mustang Cobra", currently there can be seen a curious band of somewhat older men in leather trousers and dark glasses doing a small tour of some Belgian clubs. Although the fake bio says that this is a Japanese band influenced by Kyuss & Blue Cher ... it turns out that this is nothing less than the reunited Brussels' trashbluesmetalrockband La Muerte who are shaping up for a return on the scene "en grandeur".
This Friday at Magasin 4 in Brussels, and on October 8th in the Democrazy in Ghent. The "undisguised" return is for Rock Ternat on October 10th.

From October 6 to 15, Ghent will once again be under the influence of the "Internationaal Filmfestival van Vlaanderen", 26st edition. The theme of the official competetion of the festival again is 'The Impact of Muziek on Film'.
The 15the "Night of the Film", on October 9, is also dedicated to music. The traditional handing out of the Joseph Plateau awards - undoubtedly the most important award for Belgian movies - will be combined this year with a concert of Flemish filmmusic, with the likes of Raymond van het Groenewoud, Els Helewaut, and Jan Leyers.
These guys also come to promote a cd that was just released, put together by Jos Van der Velden and Roel van Bambost from the Radio1-programme "de Melkweg".
'Cinema Musica: Het Beste van de Vlaamse Filmmuziek' is a double CD of which the first half consists of songs (vb. "Brussels by night", "In love", "Why don't you try me", "Sailors don't cry" van Raymond, Elsje, Sarah Bettens & the Blueberry Hillbillies, Arno), and the second part with themes and instrumentals (vb. "4 mains" by Wim Mertens, music by Dirk Brossé and the revered Frederic Devreese.
More info :

Rock Anzegem : small but beautiful
As they say themselves the "cosiest festival from the after-season", Rock Anzegem, presents it's 8th edition this weekend. The festival - only 250 fr from Friday evening 'till Saturday night - is shifted into gear with the local bands The Junes and Horus. Then come "virtuose madness" with Trancejazztical (a remainder of the group Word which had Piet - Ozark Henry - Goddaer earlier, his brother is still in it), the unimitable Daan, the girls from Eden and the drum ’n bass, French disco-techno, house, hiphop, jazz and triphop of Buscemi. All this mixed in with some deejays and a party.
More info :

September 27, 1999

Difficult to have a pop-news page these days and avoid the subject "Soulwax". Here are just a few items in which the brothers & co pop up :

- they remain on top in the "Belpoptop", the chart from the visitors of this site. Few changes in the top once again, although Arid comes stormin' in with their new single "Life". Down below there's plenty o'cookin' : newcomers are Clement Peerens with "Asbak", the brilliant Wizards of Ooze with "Bustin' Loose", 10000 Women Man with "Down & Out" and Ozark Henry with "Ocean".
There are also plenty of new suggestions for the next editon, such as Fence with "Always Ultra", Praga Khan's "Breakfast in Vegas", the weird Kolk with "Uma", a new Axelle Red, the danceable Belle Perez with "Hello World" and the brilliant "Wrong" by Novastar ...
Small real-audio excerpts of all these and more, your chance to win a cd by "Think of One" by voting ... on the Belpoptop-page.

- It's official now : Soulwax will have a go at conquering the United States. They have signed a deal with the company Almo Sounds (the new label founded by Herp Alpert and Jerry Moss - see for the groups they represent). The band has just played at the CMJ-festival (a New-York showcase for new talent with some 1000 groups in four days all through the city). The first single that will be released in the States is the title track of "Much Against Everyone's Advice". The album itself will be released on October 18. The band will also be heading over there to play live gigs from November on.

- Studio Brussel present their new weekend schedule : Chantal Pattyn will now be hosting "Club Brussel", from smaller venues & clubs. The first edition, this Saturday from "De Werft" in Geel, will welcome Fence (introducing their brand new album "The Return of Geronimo"), Ozark Henry (who nowadays seems to have earned the title "most underrated Belgian artist") and Spoon Man (the one Soundgarden once wrote a song about). The only really new programme in the schedule is 'Het Collectief Geheugen' in which the audio-archives of the VRT will be mingled with 30 years of pop-history selectioned by Frank vander Linden. And Soulwax in all this ?? The Flying Dewaele Brother will be spinning their vinyl each Saturday between 13 and 14 o'clock in "Hank The Deejay".

September 26, 1999

DE NIEUWE SNAAR "The fourth bar"
The musical comedy-company "De Nieuwe Snaar" has just premiered their new programma in Strombeek-Bever. In good Snaar-tradition, you needn't panick if you have missed that one : the group now starts an extensive tour through the Flemish theater halls. (29 dates have already been confirmed from now to December in Heist op den Berg, Roeselare, Geel, Hasselt, Aalst, Brugge, Heusden-Zolder, Evergem, Overijse and Turnhout). Info : 02/657.24.30.
As always, de Nieuwe Snaar have come up with a completely new creation. On the stage, they play no less than 32 between the three (or is it four now ??) of them.

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