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Period : October 2-7, 1999
In this issue : An Pierlé, Rock Ternat, Arcade-webradio, Club Brussel, Viva Musica, TMF-Awards, Praga Khan, Jean Blaute, Jan Leyers.

October 7, 1999

Reading Flemish newspapers/magazines or listening to Flemish radio, it is difficult to escape the fact tomorrow (Friday October 8) is the release-date for An Pierlé's much anticipated debut album "Mud Stories".
Radio : On Studio Brussel, she will present the tracks of the album today, Monday she'll do a studio-session and interview in the programma 'Puls', and on October 30 she'll perform in "Club Brussel".
Live : the two gigs she'll do at the Ancienne Belgique (November 29 & 30) are already sold out. However, there are other dates in Belgium planned (Velinx Nov. 11, CC Spinoy Mechelen Nov. 17, Monty Antwerp Nov 19, Vooruit Gent Nov 22, Cactus Bruges Dec 4, Stuc Leuven Dec 12 ...), and it has also been announced that she'll do a short tour in Holland opening up for Zita Swoon.
CD : the album is self-produced (attempts with Arto Lindsay & Tony Visconti didn't substantiate), a few sessions were recerde with Jo - Technotronic - Bogaert. The cover and cd-booklet are filled with drawings by the artist herself. Apperently it is a rather sobre album. Fast buyers will get a free poster with the cd.
Tv/Theater : Nice coincidence is also that this Saturday, at 23:30, the programme "Plankenkoorts" on tv-station Canvas will air the theater play "Bernadetje", the show that held her from finishing up the album for almost 2 years.

This saturday, the small town of Ternat will host it's very own "Rock Ternat 1999". Sadly enough, the festival is dedicated to the memorey of one of the organisers who died in a car crash returing from last year's edition.
The programme :
- Grandma's Kitchen (al slaat ge me dood ..)
- Neeka (folkie girl, probably the most quiet moment of the day)
- Golden Green (another oyster-records band)
- Gorki (berichten uit Wippelgem)
- Janez Detd. (Beaver Fever)
- Liquido (germans with the hit "Narcotic")
- Noordkaap (this gig is announced at the "last rock gig" of Noordkaap, because the gigs that remain until the split in March will all be in theater-halls).
- La Muerte (back together !! - see below under September 29)
- Dog Eat Dog (now without their belgian guitar-player Marc De Backer -> he's resurfaced with 10000 Women Man, but that won't spoil the fun)
Tickets are 400 fr, info at :

Today, Belgian record company Arcade will start with it's own web-radio station. Surfers on the website can choose three real-audio streams : a "pop/rock/r&b"-channel, a "stricktly dance"-channel and a "Vlaamse muziek"-channel.
Needless to say that the content of these "radio channels" will be filled with new releases of artists from their stable (Arcade and sublabels). However, it will be updated daily with the newest singles and albums. The company wants to emphasize that this initiative is not aimed to compete with existing conventional radio-stations.
More-over, there are plans to start web-broadcasting video's sometime soon.
More info : in general, or directly on the radio-page.

October 5, 1999

Club Brussel, the programme aired on Saturdays from 18:00 to 20:00 with Chantal Pattyn and short live gigs from a lot of local talent, has announced it's schedule for this month :
- On October 9 they will be at at the Decascoop in and around the Ghent Film Festival. With Arno and Hooverphonic. DJ 4T4 (turntablewizzard with 't Hof van Commerce) will sample some soundtracks. Local hero is Captain Moon. Other guests are Patrice Toye and Barbara Sarafian.
- October 16 : Theater de Schaduw Ardooie. Wizards of Ooze, Plastiks Soundsystem. Local talent performing live wil be Lt. Sprüdel and hiphop-posse E9 (pronounce: 'Enough' !).
- October 23 in Mechelen (cc Spinoy) : Vandal X and Kamino (who premiered their "donut" on this site), Eavesdropper (presenting a new project called "Flash Didact", drum & bass, made in Belgium). Local hero is hip-hopper 2Zwaard.
- On October 30 the programme will be aired from Essen (zaal Rex). Not all is known for that show yet, but certainly An Pierlé will be there, and the dutch band Daryll-Ann.
Luc de Vos, singer of Gorki, will be reading a column on each of these occasions.

From Thursday October 21 until Sunday 24, the mausoleum called Congrespaleis/Palais des Congrès in the centre of Brussels, will be the stage for a new fair : Viva Musica
It aims at the general public (10,000 visitors is the goal), and the companies exposing will come from the Belgian music sector : organisations promoting and educating music, concert & festival-organisers, record producers, instrument-builders, government, websites (such as Poppunt, but fear not : the "Belgian Pop & Rock Archives" will not be present) ... all kind of genres will be present.
Entrance will be 250 fr (students & children get deductions). Info on the organisation and organisations that wil be present :

October 4, 1999

TMF - the dutch clip-station broadcasting in Flanders - has just announced the nominees for it's first "TMF Awards".
In the Belgian section, these are :
- for best female singer : Jessy (MacKenzie), Zohra (2 Fabiola, solo now) and Sarah Bettens (K's Choice)
- for best male singer : Koen Wauters (Clouseau), Tom Barman (dEUS) and Gene (X-Session)
- for best pop-band : K3, X-Session, Clouseau
- for best rock band : Eden, Soulwax, Zita Swoon
- for best live act : Soulwax, dEUS, Praga Khan
- for best rap-act : Hof Van Commerce, ABN, Sint-Andries MC's
- for best dance-act : Nunca ft. Pat Krimson, MacKenzie ft. Jessy, Milk Inc.
- most promising new band : K3, Arid, Eden
- Best single : Nunca "House of Doom", eden "Star" or Clouseau "Heb ik Ooit gezegd"
- Best album : Eden "Seafood", MacKenzie ft. Jessy "Angel", Zita Swoon "I paint pictures on a wedding dress"
- Best video-clip : Praga Khan "Lonely", Soulwax "Too Many Deejay's" or dEUS "Sister Dew".
In the international section, artist such as Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Steps, Guano Apes, Backstreet Boys, Robbie Williams, Will Smith, Scooter, Sasha, Westlife, The Offspring ... are among the nominees.
The prizes will be handed out (broadcasted live) on October 22 from the Zillion in Antwerp. Tickets are 1.050 Bef from On-Line with Rock. During the ceremony, there will be "gigs" from Simply Red, Westlife, Volumia, Vengaboys, Soulwax, Eden, Clouseau, Zita Swoon, Milk Inc, Hof van Commerce, 2 Fabiola (première of the new version with Medusa as the new singer) and an after-party with The Flying Dewaele Brothers.
More info :

October 2, 1999

Now that he can finally stop whining about how "underestimated" he is in Belgium, Praga Khan can safely go off to America once again. He will start a tour there in November, both with the Praga Khan and the Lords of Acid-projects. Next stop : "Breakfast in Vegas".
To try-out the Lords of Acid show, he's organising two "secret" gigs, Wednesday October 6 at "De Pomp" in "Hove", Thursday October 7 at "de Media" in "Eeklo". Tickets can be got by emailing, mentioning in what gig you're interested in.
Other Praga-news is that he is about to release a remix-album "21 Century Skinned", on which all the songs from the "21st century Skin" album get a new version.
More info :

Although it is well known that the Beatles & their firm Apple never give authorisation to use Beatles-tunes for commercial purposes - except for that Yellow Submarine thing - there currently can be heard a radio-spot for telecom-company KPN-Orange which clearly has "Hello Goodbye" in it.
The catch is that Jan Leyers and Jean Blaute have recorded the songs anew, and changed the key in which the song is sung. So technically speaking, only the words are the same as the original, and for those, they have the authorisation of Sony & Michael Jackson (who once bought the Beatle-catalogue in between the purchase of a new monkey and a nostril).

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