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Period : November 17-26, 1999
In this issue : Metal Molly, dEUS, Limbomania, Old Spirit, Janez Detd., Paranoiacs, I Scream Records, Das Pop, Clouseau, Akyra, Toy.

November 26, 1999

Belgian band Metal Molly - the threesome that made a smash-debut five years ago, remember "Orange", and splitted after a short while - have not only reunited, they have now finished recording their new album.
This will be their second full album and the first one to be released on Double T Music.
The album was produced by Mark Wallis (who has worked with Iggy Pop, The Cure, ...) and was recorded at Loco Studios in Wales.
The release is scheduled for March 2000.

Island has just released a new, limited edition, of the celebrated dEUS-album "The Ideal Crash". The package consists of the album as we all have it in digipack-edition, with an extra cd containing the song "You can't deny what you liked as a child", a remix of the song "The Ideal Crash" by Soulwax, and the three videos that were shot promoting the singles of the album ("Instant Street", "Sister Dew" and "the Ideal Crash".

After 5 preselections in the five wind directions they know in Limburg, the jury of this talent contest has decided on the ten finalists. They are :
- Grimalkin & Mint (from the preselection in Neeroeteren)
- August & Harvey Lee (from the preselection in Genk)
- Belgian Breakfast (from the selection in Sint-Truiden)
- Cornflames & Polzki Fiat (from the preselection in Herk-de-Stad)
- Alias, Disfunktional & Temporary Closed (from the selections in Lommel)
The winner gets a gig at Marktrock, the three first get 40 hours of studio-time and a Roland-synthesizer. All finalists get a video-clip of their live-show. There will also be a guide with all data on the 135 groups that entered a demo in the contest (that will appear in February).
Place and time to witness the final : December 4, 1999 at 20:00 Cultureel Ontmoetingscentrum in Houthalen-Oost. tickets are 150 in presale.
More info at 011/23.72.70.

"Life begins at the age of seventy!", that's the motto of a brand new dance formation in Belgium. Julia, Georges & Jules together are 224 years old, which makes them undisputedly the oldest Belgian dance-band.
The project "Young Spirit" is an idea of Marc Cortens (guitarist for Will Tura and one of the people behind X-Session) who thinks this gimmick will sell like crazy (especially since Rob Vanoudenhoven wanted to launch the band).
The group consist of three elderly citizens who were picked up in Aarschot : Julia Vanstockstraeten (75), a retired teacher, Georges Goossens (76), a retired state-policeman, and Jules Vanden Panhuyzen (73) a clothing representative, have sung in a typical hitparade dance-song calles "Jump Jump" with lyrics that go "They say we are old, they say we are slow, but today we will prove, that they are wrong! Jump, jump, jump, jump".
More info on the Arcade-site, or listen to a realaudio file of the song here.

Janez Detd. (a part of the band Jane's Detd. that has changed label) has almost finished their new album, but they already are releasing a single : "Rock On".
After leaving I Scream-records, the punks have signed a deal with Cabalero, a new sublabel of Virgin Records, a label on which they can promote other bands in the future. The title-less album is scheduled for release in February 2000. It will contain loud rocking songs about the typical youth problems : school, girls & the frustration you get from these two phenomena.

November 22, 1999

After their surprise come-back "Back from Nowhere" of last year, the garage-rockers of The Paranoiacs are back big time: they have just released a full cd called "7 day weekend".
On the cd, there are all the six tracks that were released last year as "Back from nowhere", this summers' single "Dog Day Afternoon", and five new tracks including the current single "2009".
The band still carries the motto "We started this band to make other bands look stupid", and sure means business : "The band that once refused to play beside The Ramones, the band that gained fame in almost all of Europe as the Motörhead of the garagerock, the band whose name is mentioned within the same breath as cult heroes The Fuzztones and The Hard-Ons, well, that band thinks it has been long enough. It is time that rock reclaims its spot in Flanders. For too long, a concert has had the appearance of an art exhibition now."

Somewhat related to the previous news is that "I Scream Records", the current label of the Paranoiacs, is celebrating its fifth year of existence.
The label is the brainchild of Laurens Kusters, the drummer of hardcore band Deviate. He concentrates his efforts on punk, hardcore and heavy rock.
To celebrate the anniversary, the label has made a compilation that it's selling at a modest prize (about 300 fr.), with all the bands that feature or have featured on the label, including : Deviate, Gwyllions, Discipline, Paranoiacs, Convict, Down But Not Out, Jane’s Detd., Tech-9, Thumbs Down, Outside, Void Section, Looking Up and D.O.D ....
Tracklist and more info on the bands :

November 21, 1999

Das Pop have once again showed the world that it is no prerequisite to be British in order to produce a brilliant Britpop song : they have released "Electronica for Lovers" on single.
Just as their previous single "the Little Boy", this was produced again by David Dewaele of Soulwax. For the first time, there is also a videoclip that goes with the song.
The B-side features "My Suitor" of Bernthöler, the song which they did a cover version of for the late programme "Bassta". Earlier Buscemi - who won that "contest of new bands" - had also released his version of the song as a single.

Clouseau have deciced to donate the complete proceedings of their new single "Hoe lang nog" to "Worldshake". Worldshake is a project in which over 40 organisations ranging from youth-groups to the third-world movement act against the gap between rich and poor in this world.
The Clouseau-song will also be used as the theme-song for the campaign, which will run from now until the end of May.

During the recordings of the last Club Brussel in Koersel (with Orange Black, Reiziger and Bar.8), the bands that will perform in the next sessions were announced :
- on November 27 at the Nijdrop in Opwijk. Lill' Mill, Kolk, and Walter.
- On December 4 at Rastelli's Cinéclub in Herentals Club : Nova-star Joost Zweegers, Akyra, and Sons of Sinatra.
- On December 11 at 't Syndroom in Sint-Niklaas : Noordkaap and De Puta Madre.
- On December 18 in Zaal Belgie in Hasselt : Fat Cat, Chuck Prophet and Lunascape.

November 18, 1999

RCA has just released the debut album of the Belgo-British band Akyra (Marlon Waghemans, Mario Vaerewijck, both ex-Lowpass, and the charismatic British singer Nina Babbet), mixed by George Schilling (Stereo MC's, Teenage Fanclub, Primal Scream ...), Tony Platt (Led Zep, AC/DC ...) and Louis Jans.
After a quiet start with the demo-single "Future Culture" in the spring, things started heating up very much with their second single "Can't Be wrong". A video was shot for this single, with the Kamikaze Freakshow, and has been shown on TMF and MTV.
The album also contains a surprise cover version of "Requiem", a Killing Joke-song.
More info :

It was announced in this "Telex" before, but now it's no longer a plan: Belgian rockband Toy has released an "anthology", recapturing the song which made them famous in the eighties on cd.
On it, you can find most songs from the LP's "Bad Night" and "The Split", and some added songs that were only released as a single in the eighties or nineties (the band still exists today, although on a low level of activity). Of course, their "moments of fame" called "Sucpicion" and "Helpless Girl" are featured among the songs on the cd.
Info on availability :

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