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Period : November 29 - December 5, 1999
In this issue : An Pierlé, Jacques Brel, PPz30, Present, Spanks, Zombie Birdhouse, Venus, Orphan, dEUS, Doe Maar, III Belgen, Cinérex, Antler's Christmas 2000.

December 5, 1999

An Pierlé has been invited to do two extra concerts at the Brussels Ancienne Belgique : despite the fact that she moves from the "club" to the big concert hall, the concerts will be held in an "intimistic" atmosphere, since for once there will be seats in the house.
Dates : March 20 & 21. Info : AB-concerts.
Meanwhile, An Pierlé has released a first single of the album "Mud Stories" (the title song), with the previously unreleased song "Hi!" and the quicktime file of the video for the song as extra's. The song is currently at n° 9 in de Afrekening.

At least that was the opinion of 1,000 randomly selected French people who were interrogated by the French newspaper "Le Parisien" : 30% of them put the romantic song of Jacques Brel in front.
The people that responded to the poll where certainly in a poetic mood, since the other songs in the list include Piaf's "l'Hymne à l'amour", "l'Aigle noir" by Barbara, "les Feuilles mortes" of Yves Montand and "la Mer" by Charles Trenet and "Avec le temps" by Léo Ferré and "Comme d'Habitude" of Claude François. Only two non-french-sung-songs made it to the list : the romantic "Only you" by the Platters and "Imagine" by John Lennon.
During the (almost) 2 years that this website exist, "Ne Me Quittes Pas" has certainly been the soundbite that has been most requested by the users.

Another Brussels-based alternative record label has something to celebrate : Carbon 7 is holding a "Pre X-mas party" in Brussels on December 10 & 11.
On the programme are almost all the bands that the label has in its current portfolio, an no less than four of these have a new album to present.
- Ppz30 will be presenting their third album "Beautifuel"
- Siren Circus (UK) presents "Songs on the Ghost of a Subject"
- Garrett List does "The New York Takes"
- Present (progressive rock from Brussels) will be unveiling "N° 6" (check out their website to learn more)
Other bands appearing on the two days will be Kris Dane, Greetings From Mercury, Aka Moon, Lula Pena, Hardscore and Macande, which makes up for an interesting mix of styles that ranges from fado to avant-jazz.
Place to be : La Bodega, 30 Rue de Birmingham, 1080 Brussels at 8 PM.

Get out your cowboy boots, shine up your leather coat, polish your sunglasses : The Paranoiacs are certainly not the only garage-rock band from the late eighties that's re-emerging (and btw : the Mudgang has been heard rehearsing together again)
On December 18, Lintfabriek in Kontich will be hosting a night with three bands from the genre:
- Zombie Birdhouse (a band from antwerp with people who used to play in eighties bands such as the Garbage Gang, the Magic Mistrals. They have a website)
- the Spanks (probably the best of the eighties lot in our country, now reformed!)
- the Nomads (legendary band and leader of the music trend at the time, from Sweden).
info on tickets : Lintfabriek. Tel: ++32(0)3-457.87.59 or e-mail

November 29, 1999

Venus, the group characterized by their acoustic instruments, rock-feeling and theatrical performance (their music has been called "chamber-rock"), are doing a promotion tour in Italy for their recently released album Welcome to the Modern Dance Hall. It was in that country that the band had its breaktrough and has signed a record deal, with Sonica Factory.
Fans from the band (which seem to be concentrated in the Southern part of the country), can follow their ventures over there because on December 1st, there will be a live webcast on the internet of the show they and Italian underground band "Marlene Kuntz" will be doing in Prato.
Date & Time : December 1, 21:30GMT
Url :

Orphan, the band of the brothers Cassiers, have just released a single that could provide the soundtrack for many a documantary in the coming months : the song is called and is about The Millenium Bug. The single is a first release announcing the album "Alien Insanity", which should be out in the shops by January 2000.
The song has lyrics that go that go "Why don't you stop you crazy bitfuckers, I tell you my brain is no hard-disk. Your mouse is not in control. Your virus won't contaminate my soul" and a message that is "Y2K is already in bad shape" and "The Millennium bug is inside your head".
You can download the full song in MP3, in no less than three different mixes, completely free from the Orphan-site.

dEUS (without Craig in Schotland) are currently in the studio recording a song that will go on the tribute to Dutch reggaepop-band Doe Maar. Tom revealed this during a solo acoustic session for "Club Brussel" on Saturday. The Album (including for instance Postmen, Blöf ...) will be out in the shops in January and will be called "Trillend op mijn benen" on the V2-label.
Somewhat related is the news that a number of Belgian musicians have recorded a track for "Glittering The Millennium", an album that will be released on PIAS in the beginning of next year : there will be covers versions of songs from the glamrock period (Bowie, Suzi Quatro, Mud, T Rex, The Sweet ...) by bands and artists such as Zita Swoon, Arno, Telex, Sttellla, Marc Morgan, Machiavel, dEUS ...

Rob Vanoudenhoven, the maker of the most popular programme on Belgian television, has launched a new musical project, in honour of the royal marriage of prince Philip (next Saturday December 4th).
He asked two of the most Belgian-feeling musicians, Arno & Will Tura, to write and sing on a new version of the Brabançonne. The temporary band listens to the name "III Belgen", the song to "Zwartgeelrouge".
The result, a mix of rock, opera & an anthem, was launched simultaneously on all public Belgian radio-show last Friday. Arno, who is busy wrapping up the last leg of his French tour, said he did it all for Rob, Tura said he did it because of his deep feelings for the Royal family. Rob said he did not do it for one of his "Twelve Works". All three said they have "het België gevoel" (feeling Belgian).

On Friday also, the public to the short-film festival "Leuven Kort" had the opportunity to view and vote for the best Belgian rock video.
The verdict that was announced by Raf & Ronnie was :
1. "I Spy" by Cinérex (Pieter Van Hees, who also picked up an award in the "regular" competion of short films).
2. "Too Many DJ's" by Soulwax, directed by Stephen Dewaele & Luc Martens
3. "Maria" by Zita Swoon, directed by Bart Verstockt
4. "Instant Street" by dEUS, directed by Tom Barman
5. "... Disco" by Zita Swoon, directed by Joeri Meij
More info about the festival was at

Warning message : if you're like me (allergic both to stale Christmas Kitsch and to overtly commercial music), you might be in for a rough time the next months. The reason : Antler is releasing an album called "Christmas 2000".
On it, all the current Belgian dance projects will be doing tracks in the Christmas atmosphere. There will even be a joint effort as the "Antler All Stars" singing "Do they know it's Christmas time" (the Band Aid single of 1984).
Boy, do I look forward to Nunca's "Merry Christmas", Zohra's "Little Drummer Boy", Absolom's "Silent Night", Astroline's "Happy Xmas, War is over", La Luna's "Last Christmas". Milk Inc. "Alone at Christmas", and Fiocco "The Music" have composed new songs for the occasion. And before I forget to add this sales argument : 2 Fabiola's "New Years Day" is on it as well !!
And those English DJ's thought they had it bad with Cliff Richard ...

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