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Period : February 3-13, 2000
In this issue : Brussels Burning, Windorock, Kamino, Nest & RvhG, ABN, dEUS, An Pierlé, Soulwax, Arid, Noordkaapk, Nekka-nacht, Belmondo.

February 13, 2000

In the weekend of 25-27 February, the festivities surrounding the fact that Brussels is "cultural capital of Europe" this year, will have their kick-off as "Brussels Non-Stop".
The program for those days is rather interesting, since there are literally hundreds of events taking place, all over the city, and visitors can go from one place to the other with one ticket, costing only 350 Bef.
The musical side of things will be held at four places :
- Les Halles de Schaerbeek, which will have an evening show called "Brussels Burning" on the 26th, with Manu Low, Mister Hank Harry, Flexa Lyndo, Be Plouvier, Jef Mercelis, Sweet Jane, Sacha Toorop (Zop Hopop), Marc Huygens (Venus), Hugo Race (ex-Birthday Party, Australian), Bright Eyes and Daan in Room 1, and Perfect Human Conflict, Orange Black, Vanilla Coke, Priba 2000, PPz30, 10000 Women Man, Mardi Gras (D), and Sharko. More info : 02/218.21.07
- Distorted Media, which will do modernistic things at Ten Weyngaert (with Köhn) & the Lunatheater (with People Like Us, Tony Conrad..). info :
- Recyclart will do a program with the subject "on the road to imaginary cities" with installations, graffiti, performances all day, and in the evening a "transurban party with sounds & visions of imaginary cities", including DJ Olive & guests (dj Low, Bump&Grind, David Shea ...). On the 27th the will have a program about "invisible cities" with Daniel Hélin, Manza et le Diamantaire ... Info :
- Theatre les Tanneurs, where there will be all kinds of activities related to the hiphop-culture in Brussels. Info : 02/512.17.84
The official website of "Brussels cultural capital" is

The prize for the first complete summer festival-line-up in 2000 goes to WindoRock in Oosterzele, although there is some logic in it since the festival will be held in the Easter weekend (April 21-23) already.
The actual festival windorock is preceded by Windodance on Friday, and Windoretro on Saturday. The line-up for Sunday includes a rock-stage with the four finalists of the Windorock talent tropy (Naked and Famous, Double Youth, Wrong in The Garett en Misses Bombie), followed by Barn Wolf, Def Value and Groove Grocery. The big names are De Heideroosjes, Eden, Orphan, The Vipers, The Kids, Betty Goes Green and Gorki. Headliners are The Sheila Divine from the States (first European gig), Feeder from the UK and as top of the bill Dog Eat Dog. There is also a Metal stage with bands such as Deicide, Immortal, Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Dark Funeral ...
The festival has a website at

February 8, 2000

Kamino, the gentle poprocking band with an ancestry in nANcy*, have just released their second single "Tuduptup girls" (so cool, my hair uncurls). The catchy song features guest-vocals by Wim dB & Ineke 23 of De Bossen, and was a production by Jo Francken again.
The band is even joining the "Let's make it abroad" atmosphere that reigns Belgian rock right now, since they struck a deal with the English label "Pet Sounds" and Anglo Plugging (the promo firm of Oasis, Muse, Travis & the likes). At the end of March, their first EP "Donut" will be released in the UK, accompanied by a number of club-gigs in London.
The band also owns a website now, at

Rapcrew ABN have announced the immenent arrival of the second ABN-album in March. The disk will be called "Seriewoordenaar" (serial worldplay), and features guest-appearances of all kinds of people, such as Ya Kid K (Technotronic), Luc De Vos (Gorki), Janez Detd (rock on), Sint Andries MCs, Phillibustaz and even Def P himself.
Meanwhile, the other half of the duo that made the first ABN-album Pita has his own band NEST now, with the cd "Grenzloos" (borderlezz) on the Dutch DJAX-label. The single "Dans met mij", the funny cooperation with Raymond van het Groenewoud, is getting great reactions. In Holland, the track is currently "single of the week" on VPRO-radio.

February 6, 2000

It was announced on Studio Brussel last Friday that Craig Ward, the Scottish guitarist who replaced Rudy Trouvé in dEUS in 1995, will be leaving the band. Craig declared he wanted to spend more time with his family, leaving no room for extensive touring. Speculation in the dEUS-mailing list is going rampant, with the most bets on young Tim Vanhamel (previously with Evil Superstars, but already on stage with them on the Ideal Crash-tour) or Rudy Trouvé returning to the stable.
There were also other troubles for dEUS the past weeks, since their contribution "Pa" to the "Doe Maar"-tribute hasn't made the actual album : the reason for this was that the rights of a sample of Trio's "da da da" couldn't be "cleared" in time for the deadline of the project. It's still possible the track will be included on the Belgian release of the album.

Fans of pianoplaying An Pierlé needn't despair now that Muse's "Muscle Museum" has pushed her "Mud Stories" off the n°1 spot in de Afrekening today, since national TV has some goodies in store for them : next Saturday, Canvas will air a 45-minute recording of the concert An did at the club of the Ancienne Belgique earlier this year.
The programme is "Plankenkoorts", the date February 12, the time 23:10. Plankenkoorts will later on in the season also broadcast concerts by Willem Vermandere, Wannes van de Velde, Kris de Bruyne, the hand-outs of Humo's Pop Poll, and folk-bigband Olla Vogola.

February 3, 2000

Soulwax have set off on an impressive European tour. First, they will doing four concerts in Switzerland and Germany (as headliner, but in clubs). Then comes a tour in England Britain, with 10 gigs as support-act for Muse between February 13 & February 25, and a second tour of the same region immediately after, with fifteen gigs supporting The Wannadies between February 28 & March 16. Also, it has been confirmed that Soulwax have captured a spot at the Printemps de Bourges, the main French rock-festival on April 20.
In Belgium, the current single is "When Logics Die", but in England, they will release "Conversation Intercom" on February 28, and the full-album on April 3rd.

A few months after Zita Swoon & The Seatsniffers were invited to the Dutch live-music program "Paradiso Life", Arid will also perform there. In two special episodes, a number of singers & bands will play along the "Metropool"-orchestra, conducted by Dick Bakker. Jasper Steverlinck will perform special versions of Arid-songs with the orchestra, in arrangements by Martin Fondse, David Dramm, Onno Krijn, Willem Friede and Klaas ten Holt.
Taping of the show will be done on February 9, but it won't be aired until March 5, on the Dutch third net. Check out the Paradisolife-site for tickets.

If you want to catch the very last Noordkaap concert ever, better hurry to get your tickets for the gig at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. Tickets are only 300 Bef, and the date is set for April 1, exactly 10 years after the group won the Rock Rally on the same spot.
Meanwhile, the current tour of Noordkaap in the theater halls of Flanders is almost completely sold out ...

If you want to catch the first public performance of the new group of Stijn Meuris (of Noordkaap, see previous alinea), you'll have to go to Nekka. Apparently, the groupname is "Belmondo".
On Nekka, the main guest this year will be Will Tura (another Noordkaap-link, since they started the Turalura project). Other performers will be Jo Lemaire (in Dutch), Khadja Nin (in Dutch), Kadril, Kommil Foo and Voice Male.

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