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Period : February 27 - March 5, 2000
In this issue : Metal Molly, Clouseau, Walter De Buck, Novastar, Anton Walgrave, Zita Swoon, Neven, Arid, Humo's Rock Rally.

March 5, 2000

About four years after the short but sharp career that Metal Molly had, the foursome has released their first material in the new constellation: the single "Suncomfort International".
Metal Molly will release their second album "The Golden Country" at the end of this month. They recorded it in Wales, with producer Mark Wallis (Iggy Pop, The Cure, ...), where they apparently picked up the habit of four-o'clock tea.
Picture : Double T.

Although Clouseau earlier this year decided to halt all plans for touring this year, they are now releasing a cd with live takes. An advanced single is "Weather with you", a cover of the Crowded House song. The band will present the album with a "unique" concert in the Ancienne Belgique on March 9, with the complete "In stereo" backing band.
This is in fact the second Clouseau Live album, since they already released an album entitled "Clouseau Live" in 1991, at the height of Clouseau-mania. At the end of March, there will also be a live-video, a tape of the "Croky"-concert they gave in Ghent last year.

Now that folk-b(e)ard Walter De Buck has more or less retired from his own "Gentse Fieste", he is becoming very active on the release-side of things : only half a year after "Den Doender" he presented a cd "Te Land en Te Water" in Ghent.
The cd is an initiative of the Port of Ghent, who want to bring the company in a different light than the usual record-breaking cargo-load. Captain De Wilde, Director-general of the port-company GAB, asked Walter De Buck to look for old folksongs about the port, but the artist didn't only found those, he also wrote new songs about the sea, sailors, the lonesome wives, the fishermen. Apart from his usual backing group Clee Van Herzeele (see also Clee's Five) and Oswin Catteeuw, he got assistance from Jeroen Van Herzeele, Hendrik Braekman, Christof Steenhaut and Hans Van Oost in the Home Studio of Philippe de Chaffoy.
The album is out on Parsifal ( for availability)

The cultural enclave in the province of Limburg that is De Velinx in Tongeren, has just announced the programme of their fourth version of the usually interesting "Viva Velinx"-festival. This year, the line-up is half Belgian, half international.
The names : Fence (pixies-pop from Limburg), Radar Bros (stonger-fi from L.A.), Novastar (see below), Metal Molly (see above), Motorpsycho (hardcore with strings from Trondheim), Kitachi (british triphop/dub), Wizards of Ooze (cheesy funk) and last but not least Vic Chestnutt (over here best known from the tribute album Sweet Relief where Michael Stipe, Smashing Pumpkins etc.. introduced his songs)
The date = Sunday April 22, the prize is 400 fr in presale.

March 1, 2000

We don't have any real "newsy" kind of news for you, so we'd rather send you shopping today:
Be sure to pick up "Novastar", the long awaited album of Novastar, the Rock-Rally winners of 4 (four!) years ago. Crowded House, Michael Penn .... etc kind of crystal clear pop that you should know from the magical singles "Wrong" and "The Best Is Yet to Come". If you still can find a "Humo" of last week, you also should cut out the voucher in it and do a tour of "De Standaard" shops, 'cause the free acoustic 3-song CD they gave away is really worth the detour and trouble.
Another very, and i mean "very" interesting debut from just a week ago is "The Hum" by Anton Walgrave. This singer-songwriter from Leuven (ex The Same) has single-handedly made his way into the music bizz by going to London and performing there solo. On return to Belgium, he got a record contract with major EMI and has with Kevin Armstrong. Another case of "My producer is very famous" you might argue, but I can assure you that is even more a case of "My record is a thing of beauty".
Zita Swoon has released the CD-version of the music they made for the dance piece/theater play/concert "Plage Tattoo/Circumstances". The CD is mainly instrumental music, but carries a few songs by three of the Zita Swoon members, and has a 12-minute video impression of the play as well. This CD - wrapped in a cover with hundreds of photo's of people in their underwear - seems to be only a treat for the die-hard Zita Swoon fan, since the material on it is more obscure than the "Sunrise"-soundtrack they did.
This one is just a single, but a) a very very good one, b) a very very cheap one (only 99fr), c) one that carries the "Substitute for Love"-cover that often is the highlight of the Arid concerts. Meanwhile, the band seems to be doing very good on their tour with Counting Crows (which will now also include a gig in Belgium, but that is sold out already). The special concert at the Ancienne Belgique of March 10th has now also been sold out.

Watch out the "CD-review" section of this site in the next weeks for more about these records, if you're still in doubt, but I wish you all a big fat wallet anyhow, and a good cd-shop.

February 27, 2000

Sample-wonder Peter Claesen & friends (better known collectively as Neven) and their label Exit Recor are teaming up with (an indie online-music listening mall) : thus, the promotional single "Pornostar" - featuring a sample of Steven - El Fish - de Bruyn - and two exclusive remixes are given away to people with an internet-connection, enough patience and hard-disk-space via the website of atrecordings (scroll down to the bottom right).
They will also start selling the album "Bruxelogic" via that website three weeks starting March 6th, two weeks earlier than in the "regular" circuit. The album will be presented live on May 19th at the Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels.

Today, radio & tv-magazine Humo will announce the 20 semi-finalists of their famous rockbands-contest. These are (with comments from the journalists of the magazine itself) :
1st Semi-final (will be held March 11th at Hof ter Lo)
- Yearn (Heers) - "Een warme sound, twee erg mooie nummers, en een uiterst aaibaar zangeresje dat schrikt van de reverb op haar eigen stem. The Cranberries zonder teringgejodel, Texas, maar dan zonder een platencontract".
- Scarrots (Bunsbeek) - "Madness, maar dan pissed off. The Beautiful South, maar dan verre van beautiful."
- Mint (Hasselt) - "Beetje Echo & The Bunnymen, beetje House of Love, véél Crowded House.. Een goeie zanger, een strakke ritmesectie, één zéér goeie song (Half-lit cigarette) en een toetsenman die zo zeker van zijn stuk is dat hij al in het eerste nummer aan een solo-carrière begint).
- Admiral Freebee (Antwerpen) - "Vettig groovend en hogelijk interessant: rootsrock met een slag van de molen.".
- Disfunctional (Eksel) - "Red Hot Rage Against The Chili Machine - energiek, maar ietwat langdradig crossover gebeuren".
- Choky (Hasselt) - "Ian Curtis meets het Duracell-konijn op de bar mitzvah van Woody Ellen. Mauro Pawlowski meets Dweezil Zappa op een grasmaaierfuif in Borsbeek".
- Mintzkov Luna (Schilde)
- Zornik Breknov (Zonhoven) - "Wat een kuren, die aanstellers van Zornik Breknov. Doen jullie dat thuis ook?"
- The Exploding Donuts (Puurs) - "de beste punk wordt nog steeds gemaakt vóór het eerste schaamhaar doorbreekt".
- Hum (Mortsel)
2nd semi-final (on March 12th at the Vooruit in Ghent)
- Alma Luna (Kraainem) - "België heeft er een nieuwe pussy-magnet bij : de mense heet Caggiari ... heeft de Buckley-achtige stem en de Buckley-achtige cojones in huis om het helemaal te maken."
- Cranc (Aarschot) - "heeft het allemaal : de juiste samples, het beter riffwerk en de juiste songtitels - of heeft u recent nog een song geschreven die "things that go buzz in the night" heet?"
- Spaceman Spiff (Brugge) - "zet hier een strakke wham! bam!-set neer met een enthousiasme dat doet vermoeden dat ze op de vorige repetitie zowel de acid als het powerchord hebben ontdekt. Intrigerende en in een lekker volle sound gestoken indie voor en door goeroes met moonboots".
- Cowboys & Aliens (Brugge)
- Filibustas (Wilsele) - "Een op de wijze der gummiballen door elkaar springende hiphopcrew ... de flow van de chef rapper mocht er zijn, en bij hun derde song stonden we zowaar bijna mee te knikken. Bijna."
- Dr. Pepper Family (Ledegem) - "We weten nog niet zeker wat we van dit garagegroepje moeten denken; af en toe prettig gestoord, soms storend prettig, soms gewoon storend."
- Little (Balegem)
- Driver (Gent)
- Venus in Flames (Gent) - "Eén jongen, één gitaar, één venerische ziekte. Puike melodieën, goeie stem, en oerdegelijk ambachtelijk songwerk".
- Basics (Tielt).

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