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Period : April 24-May 3, 2000
In this issue : An Pierlé, Praga Khan, Schoolrock, Beachrock, Ultracowboy, Nerorock, le printemps de Bourges, Boogietown, Das Pop, Studio Brussel Buiten.

May 3 , 2000

An Pierlé is releasing a second single of her critically not very acclaimed but publically warmly welcomed album "Mud Stories". The choice that has been made is the song "Tower".

Something we forgot to mention in our article of yesterday about the Praga Khan "Mutant Funk" offensive, is an initiative that he and Studio Brussel have taken.
On his website, he has made public ten different tracks of the song "The Power of The Flower", which you can use to make a remix of that song. The winning contribution, that will be chosen by the 27th of this month, will be included on one of the next releases.

In accordance with the Ramones-punk song, the college of Saint-Rita in Kontich, has again found the energy to organize a new version of "Schoolrock".
On the menu, on May 6, is a rather mixed bag of bands on two podia. The acts on the main stage are Netbrake, Xaman Ek, Kris Dane, Groove Cartel & Starflam.
More info at the Schoolrock-site.

... might be the motto of this year's line-up of the Beachrock-festival in Zeebrugge.
The acts that the 2nd ranking festival has gathered so far are: Bloodhound Gang, Novastar, All Saints, Alanis Morissette on the main stage, Moloko, D'Angelo and Angie Stone in a tent and Leftfield, Darren Emerson and Carl Craig in the Cyber-beats area. Another dance-tent will include dj Krush, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala and Goldie.
Slowly but surely the festival is growing towars a two-day event, cause the "Midsummer concert" the night before is taking festival-proportions as well, with bands such as Guano Apes, Cranberries and Iggy Pop (two more names will follow).
Date : July 14/15. Tickets & info : 0900/00.565

May 1, 2000

Praga Khan are gearing up the promo-campaign for their newest release "Mutant Funk", which is in the shops as of May 2nd. The concert on the roof of the VTM-building with Kanaal 2, Club Brussel & De Maxx at Stubru, almost all of TMF this week ... difficult to escape the mutated techno-beats of Praga Khan these days, which in the case of "The Power of the Flower", "Meditation" or the awesome "Sayonara Greetings" is not even a bad thing.
For the quick deciders, there is an added bonus to "Mutant Funk" : with the first 12,000 comes an extra cd that contains some remixes (by Junkie XL, The Program, Dave Angel ...), a screensaver, and not less than 5 video's in quicktime (Breakfast in Vegas, Lonely, Visions & Imaginations, The Power of the Flower, and "My mind is My Enemy, live in Provicence, USA).
Over the next weeks, Olivier Adams & Maurice Engelen will be going in their studio in Aarschot again, to record a new album for Lords Of Acid, which should be released in the early Fall. Praga Khan also features on the line-up of Werchter this year (as the headliner on Friday night), and plan another US-tour in the Fall.

Buy "Mutant Funk" at Proxis

April 27, 2000

Peter Houben (the cool-as-fuck and ugly-as-hell singer/guitarplayer of the sadly defunct poprock band Nemo, and one third of Mitsoobishy Jacson) has joined forces with the electronica-wizard in Remo Perotti (Sjamajee!, Neon Electronics, Mixman Reemoh ...), and entitled the new outfit Ultracowboy.
The duo has a first double A-sided single out, which features the poppy "The Song that Says Fuck You" (a song that says much more that that alone, by the way) and a dreamy "Star With My Name".
There are a few gigs planned in the next month (Krestke in Nieuwerkerken on May 5th, Libertad Leuven on May 18, Muziek-o-Droom in Hasselt on May 27). Check'em out.

- Starting this weekend, Studio Brussel will start broadcasting via the internet! In conjunction with Telenet, there will be high and low-quality audio streams available from the website So, now all you foreign lamers have got no more excuses to miss out on all the action in Belgian pop & rock anymore.
- Dead Man Ray has a second single out from their spanking new album "Trap", the "at the drop of a head" song "Brenner". Moreover, they are starting a tour right now through Belgium and Holland, starting tomorrow in Diksmuide and stopping ... (who knows). Tourdates at their official website.
- It looks probable that yet another Belgian band will be added to the Werchter line-up (after 10 others that were confirmed already - see news of April 17), as we were informed off-ze-record that the band opening the main stage on Friday will be the acoustic rock-outfit Venus.
- The Hoeilaart-based festival Nerorock is organising their yearly preselection, in which new bands can earn a place at their festival in September. Amidst the contestants feature two band which have a demo page here : Soul 4 You, Skirmish, Hubbub, Tim's Favourite Band, Tongue, Act, Nefast and Alma Luna. This preselection will be held on May 12 at CC Den Blank in Overijse. Band that are already confirmed for the "real" festival are Raymond van het Groenewoud, Clement Peerens Explosition, Betty Goes Green and Groep Jezus.

April 25, 2000

Over the last five days, the French town of Bourges was the scene of the interesting festival "Les Printemps de Bourges" (the spring of ...). On the line-up where a number of belgian bands, and they apparently stood the test with flying colours (blue, white & red was the choice of the day).
In the series of concerts called "Decouvertes" (Discoveries), the show was stolen by the funny and tenderly anarchistic chansonnier Daniel Hélin, who has recruited a new guitarist (Jean-Yves Evrard) and a French drummer and was hailed as "Homme à la sincérité exemplaire, il déploie sur scène une parfaite harmonie avec son public, ce qui perpétue ainsi l'esprit du cabaret, qu'il tourne parfois rock, où planent les souffles fantomatiques de Brel, Brassens, Ferré ou Sid Vicious (!) mais aussi ceux des vivants : Beaucarne, Arno, Annegarn... Merci au vent du nord pour cette bise cinglante".
Last year, it was another Belgian band that made their breaktrough at the same festival, the band Venus, who are currently close to being a hype with our Southern neighbours. Other Belgian acts that played at Bourges were Arid and Soulwax, and the inescapable Arno (who did a concert for Amnesty International and invited friends such as Adamo, Miossec and Stef Kamil Carlens).

For the seventh time, this weekend the little town of Court-Saint-Etienne (near Louvain-La-Neuve) will be the scene of the interesting bluesfestival Boogietown. Since last year, the festival is spread over two days, of which Friday is destined for local bluestalent and Saturday is filled in with the big (mostly American) acts.
On Friday, the line-up includes The Patoelies (beginning bluesrockgroep), Marc Lelangue Blues Band (respected blues & jazz-musician since the middle of the eighties), The Bo Weavil Blues Band (bluesboogie), Andre Williams (USA, subtitle The Black Godfather), and last but not least the "Amazing Atomic All Stars Blues Band". This last project is a ad-hoc-band with some of the best belgian bluesmusicians : Fred Lani of Fred & Healers, Steven Debruyn & Filip Casteels of El Fish (did I mention they will be releasing a new cd shortly, called Wisteria), Wilfried Maes (Electric Kings), René Stock (Last Call) and Roland van Campenhout (the Bluesworkshop, Charles et les Lulus...).
On Saturday, the podium is opened by the inexhaustible Don Croissant (since the sixties on stage, then as "Little Jimmy"), and then the honour goes toThe Bottle Rockers (USA), Michael De Jong (Nl), Wayne Hancock (USA), The Paladins (USA), Lee Rocker (USA), Flaco Jimenez (USA), The Fabulous Thunderbirds (USA) and Willy DeVille (USA).
A weekend ticket costs 1.100 fr, the first night 250 fr, the second 1000.
All info at the meticulously organized website

April 24, 2000

While the cover they did of the Rubettes-song "Tonight" for the compilation Glittering 2000 is slowly but surely creeping up the ladder of "De Afrekening", there is more good news to report about the recently deposed winners of the Rock Rally 1998, Das Pop.
Record Company PIAS and management are spreading the news that the boys have just hopped over to England to record their first album with producer Phil Vinall, a man best known for his work with bands such as The Auteurs and Placebo. The recordings are done in the Chapel Studios, near Nottingham. Plans are to return in a couple of weeks with enough material for a full-cd, which should be released just after the summer.

Widespread panic among the presenters and other personnel of the youth-oriented radio-station Studio Brussel, when the Boss came up with the title "Studio Brussel Buiten". However, it wasn't the closure of the station or massive lay-offs he was announcing, it was the name of the second time the radio station is coming out of the studio's to meet their public (just as last year with "Studio Brussel Werft".
They have put together a program with all kinds of workshops (DJ, rap, lyric-writing, tattoo, grafitti, radio), games (music-quiz), sports (snowboard-jumping, trick-bike), a CD-auction and a free podium.
There will of course also be some live radio, such as Hank the Dj (with DJ Love Boat), Club Brussel (with Praga Khan, Thou and Mintzkov Luna) a Dee-Jay set of the Flying Dewaele Brothers, followed by a "was het nu 70, 80 or 90" party.
Place to be : Het Eilandje (Kattendijkdok), Antwerp. Date : Saturday April 29. Entrance fee only after 18:00.
Complete info at the Studio Brussel-website.

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