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Period : May 11-17, 2000
In this issue : Jacques Brel, Dour, Marktrock Leuven, The Schmutz, Milk Inc., Buscemi, Startbanen-CD, Geschmacksverstärker.

May 17, 2000

"Rest in Peace", is an engraving that stands on a lot of gravestones in this world, but certainly not on the one of celebrated Belgian singer Jacques Brel.
Belgian newsagency Belga reported today that there has been a new episode in the quarrel between Brel's family (and his daughter France Brel in particular) and Maddly Bamy (the woman he spent much of the last years of his life with).
When Brel was buried on the island of Hiva Oa after his death in October 1978, Maddly attached a plate to the gravestone, with on it the profiles of Brel and herself. Last year, France Brel made a visit to the island, and replaced that with two placques, a poem and the saying "six pieds sous terre, tu chantes encore" with the intent to "do justice to history" (see report of August 4, 1999).
Now it turns out that this was not the end of story, as Maddly has passed by the Haïtian island herself again, and apparently has removed the family-engravings and replaced the old one. She claims she had the support of the local community to do so. The Belga report says the local population is divided on the issue.
To be continued? (It would be handy if someone could install a webcam there, no?)

- the first ones were announced for Marktrock (to be held in Leuven, this year from Sunday August 13 to Tuesday August 15). The confirmed ones are :
for Sunday on the main stage : Abel (, Tröckener Kecks (still going strong), Raymond van het Groenewoud (50) and Will Tura (just had a Nekka-tribute). On other places around town : De Bossen (new cd shortly), ABN (just released a new cd), Eden (new cd in september), Zornik Breknov (Rock Rally finals) and Fence (new single, out now : "Always Ultra").
For Monday on the main stage : Liquido, Zap Mama, Heather Nova. On other places : El Fish (new cd, just out), CPeX (new single, just out), The Romans (Split only a week ago, goodbye show??), Cosmic Art (one of the acts from "de grote prijs Bart Peeters, 'member).
On Tuesday on the main stage : Steve Wynn, De Heideroosjes, De Mens (currently on tour with Jan Leyers, apparently this will be their only summer gig!). Around town : Gorki (big in Holland!), The Dill Brothers (ska from Antwerp) and Kamino (big in England!).
Site :

- Even more names were announced for the Dour Festival (July 6-9) : these include Jacques Lu Cont (Les Rythmes digitales), Titan, Jazzanova, The Stranglers (huh?), Jah Wobble & Bill Lasswell & The Invaders of the Heart, Gorky's Zygotic Mincy, Campag Velocet, Hitch, Mud Flow (Melodic guitars, album "Amateur" worth discovering), De Puta Madre (raging rap from Brussels), Run-Amuck (hardcore), The Flying Dewaele Brothers (Soulwax dee-jay-ing), Buscemi (see 4 messages down), Sharko (wayward S.O.B.), Daniel Hélin (chanson with a twist) and Yo La Tengo.
These new names add to an already impressive list of names including (but not limited to) : An Pierlé, Bad Company, Buzzcocks, Covenant, Das Ich, Dead Man Ray, de Heideroosjes, Derrick May, Einstürzende Neubauten, Fishbone, Fu Manchu, G-Love & Special Sauce, Kevin Saunderson, Janez Detd., Louise Attaque, Metal Molly, Motorhead, Osdorp Posse, Paranoiacs, Primus, Rinocerose, the Sheila Divine, Venus, Violent Femmes and Zita Swoon).
site :

May 16, 2000

- Milk Inc., who are currently on the verge of a n°1 in the Belgian hitparades with their newest single "Walk On Water", lose the female appeal : Ann (Vervoort) has decided to leave the band from September onward. She is planning on moving to Ibiza, and start a record label there with her husband (which is Pat Krimson of 2 Fabiola). In a letter to the press, Regi Pinxten stressed that this will not mean the end of Milk Inc., since they plan on a new full album (after "Apocalypse Cow", which was the best-selling dance album in 1999) with a new singer.
- Patje as 2 Fabiola himself stil features Medusa very much, and has a new single called "Summer in Space".
- The MacKenzie (best known songs "Angel", "Innocence", "Out of Control") will also change the female front-end of the act : The MacKenzie Featuring Jessie becomes on the shortly to be released "Can You Feel It" The MacKenzie Featuring Loyd (a new discovery of the team of producers behind the band).
- The Poco Loco Gang is now known as Poco Loco (had a bunch of Venga-boys-kind of hits last year with "Let's Go To The Party", "Tropical Paradise" and "Come Along") and has a new single : "Sunshine on A Rainy Day" (a song of Sven Maes and Yvo Donckers). The front-end to the band now consists of Kirsten, a 21-year old Dutch beauty, with dancers Marco & Mendo.

I suspect this news item won't cause the same amount of waves as the tour-de-force of Dutch Idols Doe Maar did, but next weekend, The Schmutz will re-unite and perform live. The Schmutz were a band who had a go at electronic pop in the middle of the eighties, with as best known songs "Love Games" and "Straight from the Heart". The Schmutz wil do 2 songs, and talk about their "success-period".
The event can be heard on the Radio in Limburg, since Radio 2 will be broadcasting the thing live from Café De Beurs in Maaseik, this Friday, May 19 (17-18:00).

That's no news, of course, but now "the Flemish Offspring" have found a more legitimate reason to ask for it : Janez Detd. are still busy shooting their video, and are now urgently looking for some punkettes (and slightly less punkers) to feature in their next movie for an upcoming single (i suspect this will be the A-Ha "Take on Me"-cover"). The casting is this Thursday in Brussels, the shoot next Monday. Inquieries at 02/514.50.40.

May 15, 2000

Drum'n'bass from Lommel. If that sounds about as attractive as hard-rock from Poelkapelle or swingjazz from Diepenbeek ... think again : cause the music is sweet and tropical, the man that's doing is it Dirk Swartenbroeckx, and the name of his project is Buscemi.
Buscemi has today released it's second album, entitled "Our Girl in Havana", which aims to be "an original mix of electric jazzgrooves, percussive downbeat, bossa house and beautiful girls, all contributing to the caracteristic warm Buscemi style and sound". On the album are a number of new tracks, some tracks that were earlier last year on the "Angel of L.A." 12", and the single "My Suitor" (which won them last year's Stubru-cover contest). True to his dance audience, the album is also available as a double LP (but that one does not contain the Bernthöler-cover).
Buscemi is a guest in tonight's "Puls" on Studio Brussel, 19-21:00. Other news about him can be found via the revamped and nicely "flashed" website. Full version real-audio's of his previous work can be found at the site of
"Our Girl in Havana" is for sale at Frontstage for 529 fr.

Renaat Landuydt, Flemish minister of Tourism and Employment, has launched a initiative to shed some light on a new sort of employment-project, the "Startbanen" (also known as "the Rosetta-plan"). All frightfully interesting unless you are searching for a job, but the initiative mr. Landuydt has taken is to go in the music production business.
Since the plan is aimed at "starters" and youngsters, some marketing-brain has come up with the idea to give 10 starting bands a chance to record a cd-track ("in professional circumstances"), which will be handed out (amidst info on the startbanen) this summer. There are no limitations as to genre or such, the only prerequisite is that the members must be less than 30 years old, not have a record-deal, and that the package is in before the 1st of June.
Demo's and a bio with contact information should be adressed to Startbaan CD, Communicatiedienst VDAB, Keizerslaan 11, 1000 Brussel.

Another new release from the Province of Limburg that reached us is the first-born of a duo named Geschmäcksverstarker. The band with the unusual name (the german word for food additive or "taste enhancer", but so difficult to spell that the band has put an award (an icecream in Hasselt) up for the first journalist that writes it correctly) was first noticed two years ago, when they won the contest "Technomania" (that is "Limbomania", but in a techno edition).
On "Blow Your Cover", the band serves "a mix of digital computerbeats with fat, pumping basslines and screaching guitars, combined with grooves that come from the belly. All this - with exciting vocals, both held-back and superfuckedup - is labeled by the band itself as Pop-corn Punk. Electronic (ultra)weirdness ...", says the bio from Labelman (Ultracowboy, Fence, Kamino ...), and that this is no exaggeration is a fact you can witness yourself by listening to this excerpt ("Blow Your Cover",). Think : Vandal X goes Atari Teenage Riot.

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