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Period : May 21-25, 2000
In this issue : Kamagurka, K's Choice, dirk Blanchart, Da Reverend, Toots Thielemans, Hooverphonic, The Hangovers.

May 25, 2000

"Oh Sabrina, what have you done with my moustache", "No, my dear, you're not too fat", "The Homeless Architect" or "There's always something hanging on your face" ... are just some of the (translated) titles on the new release of Kamagurka "De Tactloze Top 30".
The CD, again a coöperation between cartoonist/comedian Kama and his faithfull musical compagnon Johan de Smet, also features two guest-appearances of the other co-stars of the radio-show Studio Kafka that hosts the "tactless top 30" : Herr Seele (rapping on "the hygienic gigolo") and Eddy Wally (in English, please, wow, on "Butterfly", fantastic). There will even be a single from the album, with the tracks "O Sabrina (wat heb je met mijn snor gedaan)" and "De onbaatzuchtige buffel" (the unselfish buffalo).
It could be argued that the best thing about this cd are the wacky lyrics, and for the fans of those, there is also good news, as K plans to publish a book with all his lyrics by September.
The album is out on KassaNova Records, distributed through Zomba & VAR. More info :, Studio Brussel.

K's Choice
, the brother-sister rock-folk-outfit from Kappellen who had a go at world-fame with "Not an Addict", have finished recording all the material for what will become their fourth album (to be released in Fall). At the moment, Tchad Blake (who has worked with acts of the stature of Pearl Jam or Crowded House before) is finishing up the last bits & pieces of the album.
Next Wednesday, May 31, K's Choice will bring a live performance on the radio (and it will even be captured by the test-channel of TV1) where they will be performing some of the new songs for the first time in public. The occasion is the tenth anniversary of the daily radio-newsshow "Voor de Dag" of Radio1. The occasion is somewhat symbolic, as that same day, 9 years ago (during the 1st anniversary of that same show), Sarah Beth was given the first opportunity to perform in front of a large audience.
Also performing on the show : Novastar. Tune in between six and nine. Alas : A.M.

May 24, 2000

After a few quiet months (which sadly included the bankrupcy of his record firm Via Records), Dirk Blanchart is back on track for some good things to come.
First of all, he has taken on an alter ego, named dA ReveRend. As such, he has just released a promotional single "Mantra 21", a reworking in four-languages and even more musical styles of a track that already featured on his most recent cd "Schietstoel". The B-side is "Deng Deng", an interlude on the same cd, but now a full-blown song that will feature on the soundtrack of the British movie "Inbetweeners". As da ReveRend, he will also release some new material in September, in a new project called "Icon-O-Mix" which also features Vincent Pierins (bass with RvhG ...) as dr. Nebula. The pitch : Kruder & Dorfmeister, Air, Massive Attack, Moby.....warm thinking man's dance'n'roll.
This summer, dB will be part of "the Ode Band", an outfit of musicians (Wigbert, Kathleen Vandenhoudt, Sabien Tiels, Philippe Robrecht, William Reven en Nico Van Calster (ex-Noordkaap, drums) who will do new versions of songs by dead Belgians (think : "Amsterdam" of Brel with a hip-hop beat, "Dag vreemde man" of Ann Christy à la Neil Young ....). In december and January, this programme will also go on a tour of cultural centres.
More info : the dirk Blanchart-website.

Not only has he successfully coped with the presence in his lovely house of the dreaded Ivo Niehe. We were already starting to question his mental health as he was talking about "broodjes" (sandwich rolls) all the time when referring to his harp, but now we can see he got his act still together : one of the most respected of Belgian Musicians and probably worlds' bestknown harmonica-player, Jean "Toots" Thielemans, is on the net now.
A few weeks ago, a new "Best Of" album of Toots has come out, featuring all the more popular tunes classics that earned him his current stature. The album "The Very Best of Toots Thielemans, Hard to say goodbye" includes everything from the theme to the series Baantjer or the film Turks Fruit, to some friendly bossa's or the inevitable "Bluesette" and even a cover of John Lennon's "Imagine".
Website address :

May 21, 2000

If hooligans permit and Helmut Lotti is kept at a distance, the kick-off to soccer-tournament Euro 2000 will be held in Brussels on June 10. Alex - I talk therefore I am - Callier has written a song especially for that occasion : a 12-minute long track track that comes when you call it "Visions". The song will be used in the opening ceremony from the "King Baudoin"-stadium.
Even better is the news that a first new single of what will become Hooverphonic's third album has been released : the delightful "Mad About You" . The full-cd will be called "The Magnificent Three", and is planned for release in August.

The final cure for a hangover has finally been found : the split. The Hangovers in question are a rockabilly band from Overpelt, or better, were a rockabilly band from Overpelt, since the Hangovers are no more.
Last Saturday, singer Dietert Bernaerts, bass-player Jean-Marie Winters, guitar-player Yves Teuwens & drummer Michel Elst gave their farewell show, in café 't Kanske in Houthalen. This pub-band had been busy in rock'n'roll for almost 12 years. In 1998, the band went into the studio with Mark Thijs to record "Last Call for Rock'n'Roll", which featured the song "I would do anything for a Gretsch" (although the cover pic had a "Gibson" on it, the reason being "a Gretsch sucks big time. It fweeps and feedbacks all the time. But we didn't know that when we wrote the song") and a cover of Elvis' "Hound Dog" ("Our producer wanted a track on the album to sound very fifties. Well, this one sounds so fifties that it's almost fourties").

In the Flemish coasttown of Knokke-Heist, the 69-year old Marie-Louise Deschacht has died, and was buried without much ado. This Marie was the "Marieke" who was made famous by the song that Jacques Brel wrote about her (and all Mariekes) "Aïe, Marieke, Marieke, je t'aimais tant, entre les tours, de Bruges et Gand".
The identity of this "Marieke" was revealed by journalist Johan Anthierens (who also died, earlier this year) in his book "De Passie en de Pijn". Brel met her as a girl (she was born in 1930 in Bruges, raised in Stalhille). The two of them spent a lot of time together, and the girl told Brel a lot of stories she had learned from her gouvernante.
Marie-Louise Deschacht met Brel only once after he had become a celebrated singer, after a concert he gave in Knokke. They kept in touch for some time, until they had an argument about "Les F..", the song which heckled Flemish nationalism.
More info : Marieke in Arnold Rypens radio-series "Brel, Mijn vlakke Land

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