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Period : May 28 - June 7, 2000
In this issue : Marka, Laurence Bibot, Zap Mama, PIAS, R&S, Rumplestitchkin, Chrome Yellow, Aiming Dishes.

June 7, 2000

In the last days of the previous year, Brussels-based singer Marka and his acting wife Laurence Bibot did a series of concerts/spectacles together, entitled "A Nous Deux" (for the two of us). Now, a number of the songs that were performed during these shows have been put together on a cd and released on Marka's label "Daring Records".
As Le Soir wrote at the time : "Pour leur premier duo scénique, la comédienne Laurence Bibot et le chanteur Marka goupillent quelques solides hits potentiels! En quinze mouvements, "A nous deux!" court du rockabilly au reggae et du rock métal à la chanson à texte. Sur la route, les deux artistes unis à la ville se croisent, se toisent et se soutiennent, avec une dérision et une simplicité à la hauteur de leur fougeux pari. Réussi!"
Marka has alse been selected to write the theme song for this years Francofolies festival.
More info on his official site

Zap Mama
have been able to record a song for the soundtrack of the blockbuster Hollywood movie and Tom Cruise-vehicle "Mission Impossible 2". The song that vocal acrobat Marie Daulne did was a cover of the sixties song "Iko Iko" (aka "jockomo", originally of James Crawford, but it has been covered hundred of times, best-known version probably that of Dr. John), amidst other contributors such as Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Butthole Surfers, Rob Zombie, Foo Fighters, Chris Cornell & Tori Amos.
David Byrne, ex-Talking Heads and currently co-owner of the Luaka Bop-label - which houses Zap Mama in the United States - on a visit to our country to announce the deal with Virgin for distribution of his label over here, affirmed that despite the fact that the song will only be included on the European version of the soundtrack, this could make a big difference for the band in the States, as it is much easier to promote "the band that was on the Soundtrack of Mission Impossible" than "the band of girls from Brussels with a Zaïrean background".

June 6, 2000

Sorry for the lack of updates during the last couple of days : lightning struck, and it blew my PC away ...
Things have (sort of) been reformatted, re-installed etc ... so you might see some new activity in here from tomorrow onwards...

May 30, 2000

"Major" move for two more "indie" labels : Brussels-based Play It Again Sam has taken a majority share of 51% in the Ghent-based label R&S.
Play It Again Sam (aka [PIAS]) was a label that grew from the Brussels underground (with acts such as Polyphonic Size, Neon Judgement and Front 242) in the early eighties, and now houses bands such as Thou, Soulwax, Das Pop ... It's main strength is are a number of distribution deals (Red Rhino, Vital, F-Communications ...). Last year, PIAS itself was bought by the German music-distributor Edel.
R&S-records stands for Renaat (Vandepapeliere) & Sabine, a couple that started out with beats in the early eighties and got a breakthrough with the New Beat (Code 61 with "Drop the Deal" was their first hit)The label has ever since been on the cutting edge of techno music, working with international top acts such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Aphex Twin, Ken Ishii, The Orb ....
The two labels explain the move by saying they had been thinking about possible joint ventures for years, and that this deal is the finalization of this.
Websites (without info on this) : PIAS, R&S-records.

May 29, 2000

As promised yesterday :

The band that finished fourth in the Rock Rally of 1998 now also has made their way onto cd, and on hearing this, it was about time. The Brussels-based Rumplestitchkin have an EP out on the label Oyster Records, which features 4 quite impressive songs named "oe-oeh" , "Honey's Dull", "Dwergen" and "Bigbag". The first song has already entered the Afrekening, last week. The band has presented this EP during two gigs with Dead Man Ray (on May 19 in Tongeren, and tomorrow during the postponed concert in the Botanique in Brussels).
As the bio says : "Rumplestitchkin has a taste for melodic guitarrock/pop, mixed in with a jazzy ballad, a dash of and some hyperkinetic excesses ... Synthesizer and organ prevent an excess of guitar violence and provide both sing-along tunes and the right fragile note". The jury of the RR had "Without mercy, Rumplestichkin hammered away all competition. The public succumbed to their very catchy songs which made a lasting impression, including a cover of Paula Abdul that was 'rumplestitchkind' without much ado. A firm rhythm-section and just the right amount of synth, an inspired singer-guitarist and songs that sound like a filly that just left the stable for the first time..."
Haven't been this sure about much in a long time, but I'm sure about this : Rumplestitchkin is a name you will (or at least should) be hearing a lot of!
Info : Oyster Records.

Quick Note :
- Today, May 30 at 22:00, you can watch on TV the concert that the punkrockband Janez Detd. gave in the Ancienne Belgique a while ago. On the Flemish music-station TMF, that is.
- Even better is the news that the concert that Dead Man Ray gave on the very same spot, will be broadcasted live through the same channel, at the same time, one week later from now. If you have difficulty containing your urge for live Dead Man Ray music, you can feast on a real-audio broadcast of an interview and show that the band gave last week for the Dutch VPRO-radio-show Club Lek (fast forward to minute 21 for the music to start).

May 28, 2000

One, by one, the finalists of the Rock Rally of 1998 are putting out their material onto cd's. Fence had an album last year, Das Pop had a bunch of terrific singles and is currently recording their debut album, The Nothing Bastards changed their name to "L. Santo" and had two singles which didn't produce much ... Now two more of the talent, cuvée 1998, have made their cd-debut. Tomorrow, we can present you Rumplestickin. Today it's :

With producer Dirk Blanchart, Chrome Yellow has recorded four songs onto a mini-cd called "Experimental Box". The band, who started out as a trio in 1993 and took their name from the Aldous Huxley book "Brave New World", came third in the RR of 1998, but went through a number of changes in personeel afterwards. Chrome Yellow was compared most often to Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins or dEUS, but now shows they also have a more "poppy" side (eg. the title song "Experimental Box" ).
The four songs on "Experimental Box" (which isn't a box, btw, just a single) were all recorded at different places and times ("smile slash fuck you" even dates from the first demo of the band, which was also produced by dirk Blanchart at the time). Chrome Yellow has no record deal yet, so they released the cd themselves, on a label they named "Snooze Music".
Boeken van Chrome Yellow kan via Backbeat, tel & fax 09 / 232 19 69 .

Tonight, Monday May 28th, at 20:00 C.E.T. (that's GMT +2, or so I believe), at, you can chat with the boys from Arid.
The band is currently at home, writing new material, as no ideal tour to have a crack at the States has been found yet (plans were to do a tour with Catherine Wheel, but Traci Bonham ended up having that). The band is also present at as much performances as possible of "Dansen op mijn graf" (dance on my grave), a theater play in Ghent for which Arid has written an new song.

Staf Verbeeck is best known for his work as a piano-player and producer of multiple Belgian Bands (e.g. Metal Molly, The Romans, Neeka, Kadril ...), but the man is also an active musician himself. Formerly, he was part of the Candy Dates. Together with Fred Maenhout (The Office, also ex-Candy Dates), he has founded a new band, and they are about to release their first cd.
Aiming Dishes is the name of the duo (who are supported on stage by Luk de Graaff, of BJ Scott's backing band, and Nico Van Calster ex-Noordkaap), and "Vertical Divine" the title.
Aiming Dishes will present their debut album on June 6th, after the concert of Tragically Hip, in the club of the Ancienne Belgique.

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