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Period : June 12-19, 2000
In this issue : Jo Lemaire, DAAU, Walter de Buck, Soulwax, Free VDAB-cd, Poppunt, Monster Talent Hunt, Neon Judgement, Katastroof.

June 19, 2000

Feeling hot, hot, hot. And dissapointed, ...ointed, ...ed.

June 14, 2000

Jo Lemaire, the talented singer who was the female idol of the eighties rock and wave generation, is venturing more and more from rock's roads these days. After the huge success of her show with Edith Piaf songs (also on CD as "Une Vie"), she announced that she is working on a new show, which will consist of religious music : psalms, gospel, and christmas songs (as the programme will be staged for the first time around the year's end. The backing music will be done by the Flemish Radio Choir and accordionplayer Rony Verbiest.

De Standaard went to visit DAAU when they opened for Matt Johnston in Brixton Academy in London. Apparently, the gig was kind of lousy (no soundcheck, bad sound). Die Anarchiste Abendunterhaltung are in the middle of recording what will eventually become their third album, but were invited to do this gig as they also contributed a song to The The's "Shrunken Man" EP.
The four guys have taken on a fifth member into the band : Adriaan Lenski, the older brother of Buni and Simon, who has just graduated from music academy on piano and hopes to bring some harmony into the eclectic mix that DAAU represents. The new material, which they are recording in a home-studio, involves some dub and even drum'n'bass. The album won't be released on the Sony Classical album, since that experience was not an altogether happy one. The most likely candidate is Columbia, the most likely time October.

Filmmaker Juul Vandevelde (a tutor at the academy of Ghent in the departments of art film and photography) has shot a film about Ghent-based cultural icon Walter De Buck. The 30-minute portrait of the bearded folksinger and sculptor was done by following him one day (from breakfast till midnight) during the fortnight of party extravaganza that is the "Gentse Feesten". As De Buck talks in the local dialect, subtitles are provided.
Première on July 8th, during the Dekenijfeesten in Ghent (Vrijdagmarkt & Sint-Jacobs).

Over a year after it was released as a single over here, Soulwax are upping the attack on the UK market again by releasing a third single from their second album. "Much Against Everyone's Advice" . To promote the single (also available in blue vinyl), the band has shot a new video for the song : it features the band on the run in the streets of London for some giant-sized and quite agressive letters which together form the lyrics to the song. The video has been picked up by MTV already.

June 13, 2000

As reported a few weeks ago, a cd is in the making to promote the "startbanenplan", a employment plan for belgian youngsters. From the 120 or so demo's that were sent in, a jury selected thirteen bands which can now record a track at "De Rockfabriek" in Brussels.
The selected bands are : Nailface (guitarrock), Disfunktional (previously Limbomania-winner, crossover), Cunzi (no nonsense guitarrock), Dirty Dogs (blues), Spaceman Spiff (indierock from Bruges), Crosseyed Monkey (fine female voice), Dijenik (best demo) Phuma (Jazzy slow-funk), Paralyze Funky (tense, swinging, groovy), Bolchi 'n Imagu (sultry and funny), Garçons Débilles (frithop from Aalst), The Heartaches (streetpunk), The Jamdown Experience (haven't left school yet).
The cd will be finished only by July 15th or so, and will be handed out a number of summer festivals in Flanders (Marktrock, Gentse Feesten, Pukkelpop, Cactus). However, you can also get a cd by simply visiting the website that was set up with info on the Startbanen at the VDAB.

As last year, the organisation Poppunt (providing info of all sorts to , best known for organizing "Popverdorie" in Leuven), will be setting up an open stage at a few of the summer festivals once again. An ideal chance to present your unknown band to an apathic audience that is fleeing from the noise of the main stage ;-)
The organization provides the instruments and sound equipment, you'll have to provide the songs and the sounds.
For Werchter (June 30-July 2) and the Dour festival (July 6-9), you need to have a ticket to the festival itself. At Suikerrock in Tienen (July 29-30) or Marktrock in Leuven (August 13-15), there's no ticket to pay. Inscriptions at, or at the actual venues.

TALENT HUNT ANYONE ?, the American jobnetwork with a Belgian site, is also trying to grab a bit of attention through a music contest.
The setup here : demo's can be sent in (to Monster Talent Hunt 2000, Koningin Elizabethlaan 54, 1780 Wemmel). A song from the 10 best demo's they will receive each week will be put online and will be the subject of a public and jury vote. The 2 most favoured bands of each week that the contest runs (from June 19 to August 11) will go to a preselection, a live gig at either the Botanique in Brussels on August 27 or the Vooruit in Gent on September 3.
The eight best bands of these preselections will be able to take part in one of the festivalhappenings of "Festival van Vlaanderen", and will be invited to the closing show of that classical festival, which is announced as a "boundary breaking" project.
More info :

June 12, 2000

No news, good news ??
Reason for this sudden dip in info-bytes seems to be that all eyes are aimed at Euro 2000 (hope that they didn't all see the opening ceremony, cause that featured Hooverphonic giving a new meaning to the word playback : the sound that Geike was singing to must've been over 2 seconds earlier than the image that reached us) and at the books everybody seems to be having in front of 'em.

A few short bits :
- The Neon Judgement, who split up only a few years ago and went their seperate ways with Bonjour Micro and Neon Electronics, have decided that there's no place better for a reunion than the Eurorock-festival in the North of Limburg (a festival that was accused by the Sisters of Mercy of being too doom, too Goth and too new-wave ...). Not only will the electronic duo be there, they will also play a set consisting of eighties material ...
- Boterhammen in het Park (sandwiches in the park, a yearly happening that used to take place in the Brussels royal park, but nowadays on a square in the city-centre and features a number of flemish artists giving concerts around noon) will be held this year (there was some doubt about that earlier in the year). The programme features a tribute to Wim De Craene "Nu laat ik je niet los'' and concerts by El Tattoo del Tigre, Fluxus, Olla Vogola, Naft, Gorki (with assistance of members of DAAU), Zakformaat XL, Roland en Wannes van de Velde, Michel Bisceglia, Geert Houtekiet en Frank Boeijen. Entry is free for all of these concerts. Info : 02-548.24.24.
- Katastroof have already sold over 15,000 pieces of their anthem for the year 2000 "Zuipe" (boozing), which is good for a golden single. In the slipstream of the success of that single, the guys from Antwerp are giving their previous best-known song "Met de Wijve niks dan last" also a beat-treatment. Will be released at the end of June. The "best of" that the band release earlier this year has also earned gold status, which may lead to a "Best of ... part 2". Don't say we didn't warn you ...

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