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Period : July 25-August 2, 2000
In this issue : Buckweeds, Soeur Sourire, Eurorock, Will Tura, de Bossen, Marc Moulin, Marktrock, New Veins, IJslandsuite.

August 2, 2000

Self-labeled as being "Belgium's Premier (women friendly) porno punkrawk band", putting up a sticker their cd with "Advisory : White Trash, Explicit as Fuck!", coming up with a bunch of songs entitled "Fuck Shit Up!", "Thank Gawd For Wimmin", "Sittin' On My Face", "Fuck Me", "Rock'n'Roll Asshole" and more ... it shouldn't come as a surprise to The Buckweeds that the pressing plant is refusing to press the new album of the band "What's Wrong With Attitude".
The band will release this (their third cd) on the American label Fandango Records (which features bands such as The Hellacopters, and Adam West) and is going on a European tour with band The Huntingtons from August 10 onwards. Remarkeable fact is that no other than Marc Bell will hit the drums during this tour, a man who is better known under his alias Marky Ramone as which he played for years and years with The Ramones.
More info about the Buckweeds at their homepage.

Not related to the previous message AT ALL, is the news that a number of "devoted" fans of the late Soeur Sourire aka The Singing Nun aka Jeanine Deckers are trying to convince "the Belgian Post Group" to release a stamp with the image of the nun on it.
The petition was started by fans from Belgium & The United States (where the nun scored the only n°1 hit in the Billboard charts sung by a Belgian act ever with her "Dominique") and was signed by 63 people at the time of writing. Since a few months there's also a lively discussion group about the nun and her motivations or tribulations at E-groups.

According to an interview with Het Nieuwsblad, the doommetal and wave festival Eurorock in Neerpelt is a bit gloomy about their future. After a try at broadening the audience last year by programming more mainstream bands, they found out that the "average" music lover still wouldn't come. That's why they are going all out for a "niche" festival this year, but if this year's edition won't be a success, it's possible the books will be closed.
The edition has a free stage outside the festival terrain, where you can catch bands like Angels & Agony, This Vale of Tears, Gail of God, The dreamside, Malochia, The Breath of Life (Thursday), Yellow Fish, Supergum, Monaco-X, De Brassers, Guy Swinnen & Band (Friday), Amazing Discoveries, Disfunktional, Uncle Meat, Geschmacksverstärker, Gorki (Saturday) and Daddy Long Legs, 10000 Women Man, Wizards of Ooze, Travoltas, The Romans and The Bollock Brothers on Sunday.
The main festival on Friday w Institut, Sephiroth, Deutsch Nepal, Sanctum, In Slaughter Natives, The Protagonist, Raison d'être, Ordo Equilibrio, Cantar, Torn, After All, The Sins of thy Beloved, Haggard, Tristania, Therion, Tiamat.
On Saturday there will be Bellator, Aggressiva, Killing Miranda, Terminal Choice, After Forever, Theatre of Tragedy, Obverse Reality, Unknown, V-Lenz, Diary of Dreams, Goethes Erben, Zeromancer, Suicide Commando, Faith and the Muse, Moonspell, and as top-act The Mission.
On Sunday, the acts will be Sad CBA, Eisheilig, Project 1, Velvet Acid Christ, DIVE, Apoptygma Berzerk, Philtron, Massiv in Mensch, Heyaeb, Marc Almond, Alphaville, Propulsion, Oomph!, The Neon Judgement, The Fields of the Nephilim and as top-act Front 242.
More info about the festival from their website. If interested in news from this style of music, you also might wanna check out the Belgian wave-magazine Sideline.

August 1, 2000

Today (when you're reading this on August 2), Will Tura is celebrating his 60th birthday. For those of you that don't know the man, after a career of over 40 years of being the most succesful Flemish singer : think Cliff Richard with a little bit of dignity, a beautiful daughter and in Dutch.
Not the man to let such an occasion slip by without making the most of it, Tura is releasing his x-th CD at the moment, only 8 months after his double CD "Gospel & Kerst" of the holiday season. The title of the new album : "Ware Liefde" (True Love"). At least one remarkable track is a remake of his most famous song "Ik ben zo eenzaam zonder jou", with guitars by Kevin Mulligan & Blue Jerry. To top it all off, he also has a brand new single "Kom doe de line-dance" (come do the line-dance), which takes him to hillbilly territory.
If you wanna catch some of the festivities surrounding the birthday, tune in to Radio 2 today (Tura specials all day long, and Tura presenting favourite tracks from his collection, including Garth Brooks, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand, Gilbert Bécaud, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones & Louis Neefs, Aretha Franklin), or watch VTM's "Tien om te Zien", where Will performs three songs himself and have songs of him performed by Luc Steeno & Willy Sommers. Not quite "Turalura", alas...

July 31, 2000

No news is good news, goes the saying. Sometimes that's plain wrong : no news can also mean a sleeping reporter. Somehow we only found out today that de Bossen have released a new album (their second full-cd, and it was released June 23). Maybe the fact that they have left Kinky Star for a self-run label (Twilight Bark) has something to do with me not knowing it ...
Anyhow : the thing is called "Feel the beating ...", features a lot of "softer" songs than the trashrock of the previous album, has less "sex" on it than before, and apparently is quite good. It features at least one song that is catchy as hell and tells the story of my life ("Bones bones bones" - with the lines "Bones, nothing bones, I'm nothing but bones, 22 pounds in my head, 22 pounds in my breast, 22 pounds in my legs, 22 pounds in the rest, I'm nothing but bones").
More info from the site of the band , or from the interview (in dutch) in Cucamonga through which I learnt the very existence of this album, or go straight ahead to Frontstage to buy it.

Keyboard player Marc Moulin has signed a deal with the EMI-owned Blue Note label for a new project.
With this move, he goes back to the music he pioneered in through the seventies, with recordings under his own name and with Placebo (whose album was re-released on an English label just last year). His biggest claim to fame came however when he joined Dan Lacksman and Michel Moers in the crazy electropoptrio Telex, which to this day is counted among the innovators of the genre.
EMI quotes the singer (and radio-presenter for Radio 21) as "I want to combine my preference for jazz with my passion for electronic music. There have always been artists at Blue Note in particular who have latched on to the more modern forms of popular music and who have adapted it to jazz. So I feel close to artists ranging from Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Eddie Harris to today's US3, Erik Truffaz and St. Germain". The first results of the new cooperation are to be expected from Spring 2001.

July 27, 2000

After some negotiating with the organizers of Axion Beach Rock, who had the "exclusivity" of Novastar for the Belgian summer festivals, Marktrock Leuven has added this freshest gem on the Belgian scene to their already black-yellow-red-coloured line-up, as a replacement of the Dutch Anouk who's still ill. The full programme goes like this (take a deep breath):
- For Sunday August 13 : Babel, Abel (NL), Tröckener Kecks (NL), Mama's Jasje, Frank Boeijen (NL), Raymond Van het Groenewoud, Will Tura on the Grote Markt and Aiming Dishes, Rumplestitchkin, Blues Lee, Kane (NL), ABN, Seesaw (D), Eden, Zornik Breknov, Tom Helsen, Fence, Anton Walgrave, Son de Luxe, Betty Goes Green, Tydal, Indiana, Read, Mylan, Katou and Roy Cape & Kaiso All Stars (COL) on the free stages around town.
- On Monday August 14 : Metal Molly, Postmen (NL), Liquido (D), Zap Mama, Heather Nova (UK) and The Flying Dewaele Brothers on the Grote Markt, and Ultracowboy, De Bossen, Thou, Das Pop, El Fish, Clement Peerens Explosition, Alyce! (F), Aldona, AngeliCo, Travoltas (NL), The Romans, Magical Flying Thunderbirds, Contrast, Chameleon, Franki, Last Call, Cosmicart and Los Corraleros (COL) for free.
- On Tuesday August 15 on de Grote Markt : Dilana Smith (NL), Steve Wynn (USA), De Heideroosjes (NL), The Scene, De Mens, Arid, Novastar, Joe Cocker (UK). Scattered on the other three podia you can see :Venus in Flames, Freestyle Fabrik, Les Truttes, Starflam, Decoy (NL), Janez Detd, Gorki, Don Croissant, Coma, Kamino, Miles (D), Krezip, Mozaïek, Bettie Serveert (NL), Caroll, One One One, Ketnet Band, Fifty Foot Combo, The Dill Brothers, Coincidence and the weird and wonderful Wizards Of Ooze. (gasp for breath here)
To top the whole thing off, there is an extra concert on Wednesday August 16 with on the Grote Markt with no other than Soulwax and Beck (USA). Entrance for this day will be 500 Bef (the other nights it's 300 for that venue), and there are no presales.
All you could ever want to know about the festival can be found at their website at

July 25, 2000

Posing as a fifteen-year-old can have it's advantages, such as obtaining a cd with a number of interesting Belgian and Dutch bands for free. The maecenas in question is the sticky Pritt, who have assembled a team of 12-18 year old "Pritt Test Pilots" that get loads of goodies and are supposed to give Pritt some good publicity with their peers (such as in this little piece).
The CD "New Veins" contains songs from the Dutch Blimey, EC Groove Society and DJ Buzz & Theresa, and Belgian work by Flexa Lyndo (Birth of Sara), Atomic (atomic), Kris Dane (Goldmine), Orange Pecco (Morning Star), Fence (Bubba), Betty Goes Green (Major Crush), L.Santo (Me & The Morning) and PPz30 (Big Bag Theory).
Just mail me some pictures of your teen-age sister's first outing at a nude beach or any other valid reason why you should have such a cd, and you can have one of the 10 copies that Pritt sent me (put as subject of your mail "New Veins", please).

There's plenty of reason to go to Iceland these days (for example the great music : Björk, GusGus, or check out the totally incredibly awesome Sigur Ros) but in the old days the reason for going to Iceland were more prosaic : catching fish on a long and hard journey through cold waters. In 1985, a number of Belgian Folk artists assembled around the idea to make an "Iceland Suite", based on 130-year-old song by Edmond de Coussemaeker, thus keeping alive the memory of a heroic period that came to an end at the time. Contributors to this folk document were people from the group 1544 (with Dree Peremans, producer of the Radio1 folk-radioshow De Groote Boodschap, Kristien Den Hollander), Wannes Vandevelde, Alfred&Kristien, Paul Rans & Dirk Van Esbroeck of Rum, Paul Bessemans, Hubert Boone, Wim Bulens & Firmin Timmermans.
More than fifteen years after the release of this LP, this album has now been re-released on CD as "Island" on the Wild Boar label, who are planning on re-releasing more of these "classic" folk albums in the future. Apart from the songs from the original LP there are extra songs from 'Wat lijdt een zeeman al verdriet' and lots of historic photography of a voyage in 1912.

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